Starting a Pizza Shop

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This article is intended for those who have their sights set on starting their own pizza shop. Find out what pizza business is all about. Learn some pointers that may come useful as you go about starting your own pizza shop.

No one can discount the immense popularity of pizza.

tips to make fresh pizza

In spite of competition, pizza shops have managed to get a foothold on the food-service industry. Indeed, pizza has a universal appeal. Young and old, everybody hankers for this delicious food product.

The demand for pizza shops has never been higher. In today’s fast paced and on the go world, most people prefer to dine out or have their food delivered at home. Why? People nowadays simply don’t have the time to cook and prepare dinner.

Do you want to open your own pizza shop? To help you get started, here is brief overview of the pizza shop industry.

Pizza shops can be classified into quick service, midscale, and upscale. The quick service or pizza-by-the-slice shops hugely reduces the customer’s waiting time. Quick service pizza shops have pre-cooked pizza on display so the customer’s wont have to wait for the pizza to cook. The number of pizza variants sold here relies on the capacity of your food warmer. This is the least expensive among all the pizza shop categories since it doesn’t require big space. A kiosk type outlet with a counter and built in stools will suffice.

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A midscale pizza shop offers the casual dining experience at an affordable cost. As the name implies, this category is the bridges the gap between a quick service pizza shop and a fine dining pizzeria. Here, the dining patrons can choose from a more substantial menu as compared to the quick service pizza shop. Typically, customers place their pizza order at the counter and get their food at their table.

Quality of food and excellent ambiance that is what upscale pizza restaurants are equally known for. Upscale pizza shops have the highest product price range. Typically, this restaurant category is more formal and patrons are often required to dress according to the ambiance. Pizza is their specialty but their menu contains a selection of Italian pasta, salad, soup, and desserts as well.

Additional tips:

Since pizza will be your main product, it is important that you know how to prepare and cook delicious tasting pizza. If you can’t cook yourself, make sure you hire an excellent pizza chef.

To keep your edge above the competition, see to it that you get only the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

A successful pizza shop owner has the passion for the cuisine and likes dealing with people. As a pizza shop owner, one of your main responsibilities is to act as a host to your patrons.

You will be tasked to manage the full operation of your shop. Among your many duties are bookkeeping and administrative tasks, complying with local and state government regulations, developing menus, managing your employees, marketing and promoting your pizza shop, purchasing supplies and food stock, and so on.

Remember that your end goal it to serve excellent food and excellent service. These two aspects are essential to your success. If your customers are pleased with your food and service, they will surely return to your pizza shop for more.

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  • 1. FSW said on 7/15/2009 11:22:05 AM
    There is a lot of specialized equipment needed for a pizza business and your best bet is to find a solid distributor.
  • 2. Bokhodir said on 12/22/2009 3:22:05 PM
    Hi, I want to open my own pizza shop, but I never worked. And I need some information about it. What's my fist step to open it? And probably how much will cost me?
  • 3. PizzaDreams said on 1/14/2010 2:51:01 PM
    Pleasanton, California, USA. Hard working and driven, but no experience in the pizza industry. I want to learn and open my own business, a quick shop, by the slice with great tasting pizza. What's the best path to learn, and then open my own business?
  • 4. soman said on 1/17/2010 7:25:59 AM
    I am planning to start a pizza shop in coimbatore, india. Which is the best location? and what is the estimated capital needed?
  • 5. Chandru said on 1/20/2010 10:05:12 PM
    Soman, Have you started your pizza shop in coimbatore yet? It requires knowledge on how to make delicious pizza and how you setup a proper menu. I can help you with it. Email me on I am basically from coimbatore, but live in Sydney.
  • 6. jimmy said on 1/22/2010 5:40:35 PM
    winnipeg, mb in canada. i have no experience in pizza business but have managed other types of businesses, any help would be appreciated
  • 7. craig said on 2/7/2010 4:23:03 PM
    Anyone wanting to learn the pizza business needs to start by realizing the amount of time and money required. Work weeks 60+hours, capital 80K + operating expenses to get you through the first few months, operating expenses include things such as payroll, utiities, insurance, food supplies, rent, accountant, etc. One of the best ways to really nail it all down is to find someone who owns a shop and is willing to show you the ropes and the how to's of daily operation.
  • 8. RJ said on 3/15/2010 6:10:46 AM
    Hi, I've always wanted to open my own Pizza Shop. I've worked in Pizza restaurant for like 4 years and one year as a team leader. I recently moved to a small town in Southeast KS near Pittsburgh and is considering to open a pizza shop but not sure what I need to do?
  • 9. Robert Harris said on 3/23/2010 5:04:21 PM
    I've been in the Food Service Business for years. I would like to open an authentic brick oven pizzaria in Rochester Hills Michigan. Would like your thoughts on gaining grants or funding to start up the process.
  • 10. Raj said on 5/3/2010 8:12:09 AM
    Hi friends, I am in New Delhi, India. I wish to start a NEW business of PIZZA Delivery. Do not have any knowledge about Pizza making or delivery, can you guide me where to get details with full Business Plan? Thanks for your time. Co-owner VAT PIZZA Site coming soon, Cheers! Raj :)
  • 11. Raman said on 6/7/2010 7:52:09 PM
    i want to start pizza business but know nothing. help me, i want to open it in Calgary, alberta, canada t2c2z8
  • 12. arefa said on 6/16/2010 12:34:17 AM
    hi i live on the outskirts of the large city of Surat in gujarat India. The village is quickly being surrounded by fast growing towns and an industrial area. I love making my own pizza, actually i was brought up in the west and we always made our own pizza so over the yrs i fine tuned my recipe now i would love to start my own little business from home. I know there is a demand. Advice will be welcomed.
  • 13. Josh Keay said on 6/22/2010 6:02:31 AM
    I would like to know how much, to the last square millimetre, of cheese you put on your pizzas. many thanks x
  • 14. rupert said on 7/4/2010 7:30:30 AM
    I am a chef. the key to a great pizza shop is great pizza. learn how to make simple pizza dough, and play with the recipe until you have something unique and delicious. as for start up cost, your oven is probably going to be your most expensive initial purchase. and don't expect cushy hours. pizza may be cheap to make, but you have to sell a lot to make a nice profit. so have fun. gutentaag
  • 15. Harry said on 9/8/2010 7:05:40 AM
    hello, i am a student at a school, and for my gcse i'm working out how much it will cost for me to start up a pizza shop in a rural, urban and inner city area, any help? many thanks
  • 16. Pascal Rodrigues said on 9/24/2010 7:55:41 PM
    I am Pascal Rodrigues work in fast food industry like Domino's pizza, Mamamia's pizza, Italian pizza 16 years Any one want to open pizza shop or fast food corner i can help who have interest in food corner pls contact me i can make all kind of pizza dough and KFC roast i can make without oil this item good for all this oil free this my e mail id ,
  • 17. sam kamau said on 10/1/2010 5:19:52 AM
    I wish to start a small pizza place in Seatac area, Seattle,Wa. What is the cost of starting such a business and what licenses do i need? Thanks
  • 18. kalpesh said on 10/2/2010 5:18:34 AM
    i am thinking to start a pizza shop but i am little confused abt a pizza ingredient like a dough.... pls let me know that how can i get the dough for pizza . it is for gujarat.ahmedabad thanks, kalpesh
  • 19. PATRIC said on 10/10/2010 4:00:57 AM
  • 20. Greg said on 10/27/2010 1:09:46 AM
    Murrieta, California, Riverside County. I am interested in opening a quick serve pizza shop. What kind of a budget should I plan?
  • 21. Rag said on 11/11/2010 12:07:00 PM
    I want to start kiosk slice pizza business in INDIA. I do have a little knowledge about making pizza. But i'm looking for good food suppliers like pizza dough or pizza base, Indian taste sauces, chicken and lamb Toppings, And good pizza oven disturbers. If any one know please mail
  • 22. MICK GRASS said on 12/1/2010 12:56:52 AM
    Me like Pizza real good. Me need help with pizza,and new shop tips for money to make pizza right? How do pizza make thin crust dough good? Dough good cheese and sausage.Help.
  • 23. rose said on 12/4/2010 12:45:38 AM
    hi my name is rose i'm from mauritius i've been 2 years in sydney i just came back and i want to open my own shop so if u can plz help me how to start what i need to do. first thing the shop is not in a main road so i want to work very hard and make my client . thanks your sincerely, rose
  • 24. Joy Lopes said on 12/11/2010 3:11:46 PM
    Hi Rose if you want to open pizza shop i can give you some more details and your shop not on main road no problem but need your pizza quality and your best service also image is important and this pizza business you can do free home delivery i am this pizza filed almost 15 years if you need any idea or help also pizza dough management you can contact me this is my e mail ANY ONE WANT TO OPEN PIZZA SHOP I CAN WORK FOR THEM PLS CONTACT ME
  • 25. Vinod said on 12/24/2010 3:26:19 AM
    Hello All, I am planning to setup one pizza stall in hyderabad, India. It would be great if any one of you help me by giving inputs on how to start-up and also sharing your experiences. Thank you !!! Please write to me on
  • 26. Lee Hood said on 1/6/2011 12:22:05 PM
    My son would like to open a pizza business in New York City. What is the best way for him to proceed or where can he get more information to starting his business?
  • 27. B said on 1/6/2011 4:39:14 PM
    My husband and I own a small pizza shop. We are looking for the best advertising method to promote our business. We have tried magazines, newspapers mailers,etc. with little response. We are thinking about renting a billboard. We have a great rating on Urban Spoon and Yelp, but we are struggling to stay in business. We have almost been in business for one year. We feel that the lack of sales might be do to not enough advertising, but really don't have the resources. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • 28. sandeep said on 1/17/2011 10:18:42 AM
    hi i want to start a pizza shop and how much it will be cost to start please kindly send the details to my id.
  • 29. Inayat said on 1/19/2011 9:03:57 PM
    Hi Arefa, where u from. I am from Kosamba. Now living in Malton. I also want to open a pizzeria. I think if you can make good pizza, the rest of the steps should be easy. Rent a place, buy an oven, get some chairs and tables and start cooking. Once you get started, you will get the hang of the rest of it. Would love to hear your's and everyone else's progress on the pizza shop. Inayat.
  • 30. George said on 1/21/2011 5:54:24 AM
    I am starting a pizza business and need help and tips to be very successful. Some of the things I need to know are very crucial in getting customers.
    (1) How do you make the dough? Do you use a machine?And how do you make it taste good and be cost efficient?
    (2) What equipment do I need?
    (3) I want a sit down or take out restaurant serving by the slice and by the whole pie.
    (4) What is the best way to start off as a pretty small shop?
    (5) I will be in a area with lots of foot traffic any tips on what to attract people even more?
    Please email me at Thank you
  • 31. Ruche said on 1/22/2011 9:57:52 AM
    Hi! I want to open a pizza shop in Delhi, India. Could you please suggest me how to start and how much profit is there in pizza business
  • 32. Sean P said on 1/31/2011 10:01:07 PM
    I am a restaurant consultant in the Philadelphia/Tri-state area. I have helped several people open pizza shops in a relatively inexpensive way. I specialize in marketing and sanitation for existing restaurants. In the Philly area I am known as the Happy Ramsay. Drop me a line if you need to open your first pizza place or make your existing shop better and more profitable. References available. or check out my new site
  • 33. Nirup Kundu said on 2/2/2011 5:29:34 AM
    I live in New Delhi, India, and would like to start a Pizzeria, with THIN CRUST BASE 8", 10", 13", 15". Please let me know how to make the Best Tasty THIN CRUST BASE, PIZZA SAUCE. What are the Ingredients of the Base, the Measurements of the Ingredients of the Base, Yeast, Sugar,etc. etc.
  • 34. pizza art beginner adviser said on 2/12/2011 12:55:20 PM
    Hi everyone. i am director of pizza art in india. here is something about us. we are dealing in the real thin crust italian pizza made in the real fire wood oven ,and not only pizza but also pasta ,salads and desserts. we are doing a full project to open your pizzeria in one month time and this includes: designing and constructing the fire wood oven of any size, pizza making tables, supplying all the machines and items required to start the business, teaching and training our secret recipe, and keeping in touch till the business booms. For more information please mail us ( )

  • 35. David Fisch said on 2/22/2011 2:33:47 PM
    My name is David Fisch and I'm from Atlanta, GA. I've been working in the pizza business for 25 years. I have experience in every facet including opening and managing pizza restaurants, recipe and menu development and the most important ingredient in a great pizza the pizza chef on how to make the dough...and from there the perfect pizza. Available for consultation. Will travel. Email for more info. Email David Fisch at
  • 36. Adam Lewinsky said on 4/5/2011 12:44:52 AM
    - Place to rent average monthly payment.
    - What permits are needed and how much is cost Average CANADA WIDE.
    - Monthly average Cost in Flower, Sauce, Meat...
    - Average Cost of new equipments or Used...And is used pizza equipment are a good thing to start with??? And the maintenance do they brake often???
    Please this is the information WE NEED WHEN WE ASK ABOUT A PIZZA PLACE TO OPEN, Thank you for the hints yet this article dose not answer the main QUESTION OF MONEY HOW MUCH IT COST THE MIN AND THE MAX IN CANADIAN DOLLARS PLEASE... Thank you all
  • 37. mustapha said on 4/6/2011 5:41:02 AM
    what is the first thing to get started in pizza business in mallaysia
  • 38. maha said on 4/30/2011 7:18:16 AM
    hi .. i want to open italian restaurant in dubai and am looking for very nice name please help
  • 39. surendranathan pillai said on 5/11/2011 6:26:15 AM
    Dear sir, We planned to open an pizza corner in kerala. I have no experience in restaurant. So please guide me and send me full cost details
  • 40. Vikas Pandey said on 5/12/2011 1:14:17 AM
    Dear Sir, I am planning to open a Pizza Shop in Pune. I have worked in Pizza shop in London. But i have no idea about how to start it. About purchasing the equipment. The total cost. So please guide me and send me the full cost details.
  • 41. ashishvig said on 5/29/2011 8:16:16 PM
    i want to get into the pizza business but don't know from where to to learn it myself the art of making pizzas. please let me know the various schools teaching authentic italian pizzas. i am from panchkula, india.
  • 42. pizza art beginner adviser said on 6/2/2011 2:53:49 AM
    Hi . it is always great to know the product you going to sale so it will be great to learn the secret of doing the real authentic Italian pizza made in firewood oven.any way this type of pizza is new in India but it is moving very fast because it is made fresh on the spot and nothing stored,so there will be no any type of chemicals involved. About teaching schools i don't know right now if there is any but we are planing one in the next 6 months in the main time we are doing all is needed to help the people in low prices so we can give the people the real taste of pizza. about the cost to open a pizza shop it will be around 20 laks this including ( fire wood oven and all the equipments needed-setting up the decor and furniture-pizza boxes and 2 delivery bikes-plates , spoons, and setting up the kitchen for pasta ,salads and Italian desserts - the recipe and trading for all these-marketing and supplying workers if needed ) excluding the building.

  • 43. Mm! Mm! Pizza said on 7/8/2011 10:22:13 PM
    I've been in the business 9 years I own my shop and employee about a dozen people. I will advise you on some very important issues that you will have to deal with.
    1. Employees are going to be the biggest issue. When you first start out be prepared to work alot! Unfortunately you'll be dealing mostly with teens and young adults. Be prepared to go through a lot of them. You are not their career job, you are a stepping stone in their life, so they are going to come and go. When you do find a good one treat them well and pay them well. If a real good employee who has been with you a while does something wrong, say they ate something and didn't pay for it. Are you going to fire them for that infraction? If they are a real good employee all the good they done should out weigh this one bad item. Think about things through and through before you make a decision. You may go through 10 more people before you find another like them.I have 2 employees, a driver and a cook that have been with me since day one!.
    2. Location, location, location! Ive seen some pizza shops over the years move into bad locations where customers can't get in and out easily. It may seem insignificant but it does matter. Try and locate where you can be seen. Also when picking a location, for example. My brother opened his shop in a location that formerly was a pizza shop, mine also was also a former pizza shop. He had all the duct work still in the ceilings and running out the back to the exhaust. Mine was missing and I had to spend $11,000.00 to have it installed. That's alot of money. So when hunting for a spot and your lucky enough to know someone in the business take them with you. Their opinion is very valuable. Just don't ask them if your thinking of locating in their area, your the competition.
    3. Product. You are either a cheap inexpensive pizza or a quality pie with quality ingredients. There really is no middle of the road. Its extremely hard to compete against the national pizza chains. You don't have their money and your not going to get your product for the same price that they pay for theirs. Plus, most people don't like the national brands. They all lack real pizzeria taste. Everything they buy is premade, pre-cut, and frozen. It's not fresh and made in store and that will be your biggest advantage. We cut and blend our cheese, we make our own pizza sauce, we make our own dough, we buy our produce our self and prep all of our vegies. We slice our own lunch meats for subs, cook our own steak for subs etc. The only items that are frozen in our store are our appetizers. People will notice a difference and like they say, you get what you pay for.
    4. Advertise. I advertise evry week. I believe in 9 years I only missed 2/3 weeks. I believe its very important. The more pizza shops in your area the more you better be advertising. Also don't spend evry dollar you have and open up with no money in the bank to pay for bills. When I opened I had $5,0000.00 in the bank. Your first food delivery will be huge and after you filled the shelves you may have to write a check immediately until you develope a relationship with your vender. That check could easily be $4,000.00! One last thing. Don't think for even a second this is an easy thing to do. If you have alot of food service experience you know what I'm talking about. If you don't spend you money on real estate. I look at my shop as a living and breathing entity. My pizza shop dicates to me what it needs and my job is to deliver. Food, employees, bills, everything. Its kind of like a child an as a parent you have to look out for it. It can't do its self. These items are valuable pieces of information, good luck in your adventure!
    One last thing. Partnerships don't work. Go it alone
  • 44. abhishek said on 7/27/2011 6:58:28 AM
    thanx for those valuable advice.... i am planning to open a pizza shop in india (city : ahmedabad, state : gujarat).. so i need deep knowledge of that.. also i want to know about set up of my pizza restaurant (installation of machines mainly cost etc.) please do it as soon as possible.... i urgently need some valuable advice on above..
  • 45. Montaut J H said on 8/21/2011 12:48:07 AM
    Hi.. i am from pondicherry. I have 5 years experience in the pizza business. I specialise in fire wood pizzas, grills and pasta. Let me know if u need help in india setting up a business.
  • 46. umesh kumar said on 8/24/2011 2:14:10 AM
    i have a shop at prominent location. its dimension is 10x12'. i want to open pizza outlet/delivery point at aforesaid location kindly send me the price list along with the capacity and photographs operated either by gas or electricity
  • 47. Ravi Chaturvedi said on 9/5/2011 5:18:49 AM
    i want to start business of pizza outlet/delivery in agra at prime location, i have the outlet with the space of 120 sq ft, plz provide me detail information about the investment and document required to taking the franchisees of Dominos Pizza's
  • 48. aaron beginner adviser said on 9/5/2011 9:06:47 PM
    @Adam Lewinsky, Number one, you seem very rude to be asking for free advice. Second, just seeing the questions you asked tells me that there is no way in hell you are ready to open your own place, I mean f**k dude, you can't even spell flour the right way. Don't be lazy, you obviously have internet access, start googling.

  • 49. rupali said on 9/13/2011 8:42:06 AM
    I wanna open a pizza shop. The one with the fire wood thing but i dont have any training on it. So can u please tell me where can i get my training done in India
  • 50. Nancy said on 9/16/2011 7:01:48 PM
    I'm trying to help my son gather information on opening a pizza shop in Waleska, Georgia 30183, USA. Where is the best place to start looking for grants or small business loans? He already has 15 yrs experience and makes a killer pizza. Just needs financial help. Thanks
  • 51. firoz kazi said on 9/20/2011 5:46:40 AM
    i wish to start pizza outlet ,i wanted to know what basic equipment required for preparing pizza
  • 52. dilipkumar boinwad said on 10/1/2011 6:00:14 AM
    i want to start pizza corner with low cost at the rate of Rs.30/-oR Rs.35/- at hyderabad is it possible to serve tasty pizza with this price. please give me guidance where should i purchase these pizza machine. thank you, regards, b.dilipkumar. hydearabad
  • 53. najeeb said on 10/8/2011 3:46:09 PM
    This is Najeeb based in Pakistan ,we deals in commercial equipments , i want to buy used pizza gas conveyor oven to sell in our country ,i m visiting to Washington next week i want to find any good auction warehouse to select good restaurant appliances , so kindly help us thanks for your time
  • 54. syam said on 10/9/2011 11:46:19 AM
    @Montaut J H, can i have ur contact details, i'm planning to open a small pizza business in andhra pradesh. my id is `
  • 55. sunil said on 10/21/2011 8:23:57 AM
  • 56. irene said on 11/1/2011 7:12:35 AM
    from the philippines. to Mm Mm pizza; what a great and wise advice, though i'll try to compromise myself on that employee who dip his hand on a pizza. If only I can afford to hire you to come help us open a pizza business. thanks for taking the time to share your experience.
  • 57. pizza start up said on 11/6/2011 5:17:02 PM
    MONTAUT J. H. SIR , I AM in the beginning stages of opening a wood fire pizza place. i would very much be grateful for a chance to talk with you. thank you
  • 58. antonio said on 11/7/2011 5:52:00 AM
    Professional italian pizza baker available for training and possibility to built a fired wood pizza oven. I'm in Pondicherry.
  • 59. prem said on 11/13/2011 12:49:35 AM
    hi, nice to read yr articles on web. i want to open a pizza shop small one, please tell how much it cost as i have no experience in this field how much i can start off is it possible i can start few thousand $
  • 60. zhaowenhong said on 11/28/2011 7:36:48 AM
    hi , nice to read ur articles on web, but I wish the articles can help me , but I still have no ideas. I would like open a pizza restaurant in Jinlin of China . but for me I dont know how to find suppliers , for example good quality cheese . now I live in Spain .
  • 61. neeraj janyani said on 12/16/2011 4:06:19 PM
    hello,i want open the branch in bhopal (m p)india ,so u can send me to open 00971506521547its my cont. no thanks.
  • 62. asif said on 12/26/2011 7:44:26 AM
    i want to open pizza shop in gujarat at navsari. i know how to make pizza and i have worked for 2 yrs in london at pizza shop. i dont have any link in india and dont know how to decide price. i just need anyone help to start my own business. plz help me to make better future.
  • 63. Sandy said on 1/2/2012 6:03:38 AM
    I would like to recruit a fresher who is willing to put in his best for my smoothie and juice business in Hyderabad, India. Since its my start up I would be willing to experiment with a new guy who has the passion for good food and would also reduce my budget. He must be innovative and creative. Pls let me know asap.
  • 64. Sarah said on 1/4/2012 4:17:51 PM
    Hi, I want to learn how to make pizza as well its operation. Does anyone own a pizza shop that is looking for a weekend/evening helper? I'm a very responsible and reliable individual who live in Mississauga/Brampton are. Please email - Thanks!
  • 65. Raj said on 1/16/2012 2:54:16 AM
    I'm located in Ambala Distt Haryana guidance. Thanks India is opening a pizza store came back from Canada is looking for Ovens and other related equip. available in India I have work experience of 5 yrs working with Pizza Pizza Pl. let me know about the pizza equipment. from where i can get in india i m looking for conveyer belt oven. Need yr
  • 66. saravanan said on 1/21/2012 12:49:41 AM
    i want to start a pizza shop in tamilnadu in india send me the details of capital investment. and contact details
  • 67. Flakey said on 1/30/2012 5:28:11 AM
    Thanks Mm! Mm! Pizza for the great advice! I have managed and owned bars and clubs for many years, and I worked in the pizza business as a driver (and pizza maker of course) for a few years during the college days, both in national chains, and real pizzerias. Reading some of these kind of sites is kind of intimidating, but your post while precautionary, was helpful and positive. One thing I might point out is has several books on opening pizzerias and on making pizza, might be a good idea to order several of them.
  • 68. Eric said on 2/1/2012 9:45:09 AM
    Fantastic ! I am very appreciated all post their advice here, so frank ! I would like to start pizza shop and now write a proposal to my investor. thanks
  • 69. pravin rawat said on 2/22/2012 5:57:56 AM
    i want start my pizza shop in agra india, of taj mahal please can you tell me complete detail about it how to open and get success in this business.
  • 70. Vishal Sharma said on 2/24/2012 2:05:35 AM
    I am interested in starting my own pizza place. Not have any previous experience. Would like to know about the equipment required to start a small place. Email : Thanks
  • 71. frank said on 2/25/2012 8:58:22 AM
    i want open a pizza shop in chongqing china. but i don't know anything about it. somebody can tell me how to open and get success in this business. my ID
  • 72. teresa said on 3/1/2012 2:53:33 PM
    Fulton, KY I want to start pizza shop in home, already make a great tasting pizza and was delivering but dont know about laws on working out of home.
  • 73. sumeer said on 4/26/2012 8:38:01 AM
    Hi guys, My name is sumeer and I'm having a Pizza restaurant (take away and delivery) business in France, paris. I have opened it 2 years before. I did a diploma of pizza in italy and I'm teaching how to make a real italian pizza with italian flour. I'm planning to come back to india to open a pizzeria with good quality Italian products and authentic recipes. I am looking a place/commercial area.
  • 74. Skumar said on 5/7/2012 4:24:42 AM
    Hello friends, I want to open my own pizza shop but I don't know how to establish a new business ! I don't have any financial problem, I can invest maximum 20 lacs rupees so can anyone give me good tips abt this business ? One more thing is where I am living its not a city area but it's a taluka place so do you think should I open my shop in this place or not?
  • 75. sumeer beginner adviser said on 5/7/2012 4:14:23 PM
    @Skumar, only suggestion i can give u is to find a best location with lot of passage of people, good quality products with authentic recipes . at first try to open a small restaurant as u dont have much experience. for the recipes i can advise u. even i am planning to open in india.

    Pizza Business Consultant

  • 76. Joy beginner adviser said on 5/16/2012 12:22:55 PM
    @Skumar and @Sumeer pizza business only depend on your quality, service, image, best delivery and need a corner or circle place for pizza shop if you are not in city then open a local pizza type if you want to open standard pizza like Domino's pizza. Pizza hut,Pizza Inn,Papa john's then you need all quality equipment's and good pizza dough recipes I'm this pizza filed almost 18 years if you people need idea about pizza expert please contact my e mail id || Pizza Shop Consultant

  • 77. sumeer beginner adviser said on 5/17/2012 4:23:13 AM
    @Joy, thanks for your advise. But do you think that Pizza hut and dominos are selling the good quality products in india? There is a big difference between a quantity conscious and quality conscious. And all these american fast food chain are quantity conscious.

    Pizza Business Consultant

  • 78. Joy beginner adviser said on 5/17/2012 5:13:13 AM
    @Skumar, thanks for your reply and sir Domino's and Pizza hut they are standard company and they have standard quality product like cheese, sauce they do not use local only use branded and sir pizza business quality and quantity conscious both need but taste depend on quality not in quantity and this company use accurate scale for each quantity product || Pizza Shop Consultant

  • 79. sumeer beginner adviser said on 5/17/2012 6:01:13 AM

    @joy, Freshly prepared ingredients taste better as compare to frozen products even with an accurate scale of each products. I'm working with only fresh products and taste better as compare to frozen one.

    Pizza Business Consultant

  • 80. Joy beginner adviser said on 5/17/2012 8:26:04 AM
    @Skumar, Hi sir, Pizza Industry what are fresh ingredient ? only vegetable and hand made fresh dough Any how I'm happy sir you are work for fresh product good job.... keep it up and please give me one best fresh product recipe || Pizza Shop Consultant

  • 81. sumeer beginner adviser said on 5/17/2012 2:40:38 PM

    @Joy, fresh ingredients don't mean only with vegetable and pizza dough, you can have a mozzarella, meat. If you want some recipes then I can give you my website and you can check some recipes with 95% of un frozen products. Do you think that fast food chain use fresh vegetable? Base of a good quality pizza is with dough, fresh mozzarella and tomato sauce and basil leaf. I am on a project to open a Italian pizzeria in india (delhi).

    Pizza Business Consultant

  • 82. Joy beginner adviser said on 5/17/2012 5:26:34 PM
    @Sumeer Good luck sir please give me your web site with fresh pizza recipes and I'm from India but now in middle east for open 5 new pizza shop in Saudi Arabia soon I will be India when done my job || Pizza Shop Consultant

  • 83. Girish said on 5/18/2012 11:26:26 AM
    Hi I am planning to start Pizza Store in Pune, India. I have basic knowledge of preparing Pizza sauce, dough and Pizza with thin & pan crust. I am experimenting with recipes to get a perfect taste. Also finalized the location, pizza oven type(Conveyor Gas/electric). But I don't have any kind of food industry experience. Could you please tell me exactly what should be the action plan to follow to run a successful Pizza store. Kindly let me know any Pizza Training in India or Canada. Thanks in advance.
  • 84. sumeer beginner adviser said on 5/18/2012 2:50:54 PM
    @girish, I know some pizza school but in europe. If you want then I can give you the contact information.

    Pizza Business Consultant

  • 85. Joy beginner adviser said on 5/18/2012 3:22:19 PM
    @Mr Girish, for run successful pizza store
    1)best quality product
    2) excellent service
    3) brand your image
    if your pizza recipe tastes good to customer then make sure that you serve each and every order same taste pizza. this is very important in pizza business this is the best action plan. And for quality pizza you can use conveyor oven(middle by marshall or lincoln impinge) for best quality pizza this oven are costly but try for used on good condition oven. if you need best pizza dough use heavy duty dough mixer (Hobart dough mixer) and last about pizza training, I think not use full-time better work in any standard pizza shop and get some useful ideas ...Good luck || Pizza Shop Consultant

  • 86. Girish said on 5/18/2012 8:35:00 PM
    Thanks for the Reply. Please also tell me the combination of cheese used for Pizza. What precaution need to take for preserving the dough. what is the shelf-life for dough. Which oil should we use, do olive oil is mandatory? what kind of cheese Pizza hut or domino's uses? Any suggestion are welcome at
  • 87. Joy beginner adviser said on 5/19/2012 3:10:39 AM
    @Girish mozzarella cheese is best for pizza Domino's & Pizza hut use mozzarella cheese from USA brand they do not use local cheese but India have Amul or Indian Dairy mozzarella cheese if you need import mozzarella cheese and your dough is fresh or frozen? for shelf life your dough depend on your recipe and oil for dough olive oil is best but costly you can use corn oil.... || Pizza Shop Consultant

  • 88. sumeer beginner adviser said on 5/19/2012 4:02:26 AM
    @girish, I agree with what joy said, but if you will import cheese from foreign country you have to follow lot of terms and conditions and its not a easy task while dealing with indian authorities. Best way to make pizza is with olive oil but its easy to import olive oil in india. If you are busy a virgin olive oil in india it cost near about 600 to 1200 rupee a litre but in italy you can buy it for 195 rupee a litre. you can even import Sicilian tomatoes sauce from italy for not so costly. But for the Pizza base I suggest you prepare fresh base because frozen base once defrost, you can't keep it for more than 48hours(hygine problem) but with the fresh base recipes you can keep it for more then 1 week. More time you base will take to inflate and more it will be good in taste. I'm using my pizza base after 5 days of preparation but I can keep it for 7 days.

    Pizza Business Consultant

  • 89. A.M.SHATHEEK said on 5/20/2012 7:03:48 AM
    i am shatheek from tamil nadu in kanyakumari dist, i want to start pizza rest in nigercoil town, pls advise me what is the investment needed for this, i know to make the pizza. regards, a.m.shatheek
  • 90. Girish said on 5/21/2012 10:27:28 AM
    Thanks @Joy & @Sumeer!!! As I told you I am experimenting with the recipes... I tried Mozzarella then combination of other cheese with Mozzarella like Montery jack, Parmeson, chedar etc.. but still I am not getting exactly the sticky effect of cheese after baking at 500 degree Fahrenheit.. I guess I am using good quality cheese coz currently I am in Canada..
  • 91. sumeer beginner adviser said on 5/21/2012 4:01:51 PM

    @girish, u r in canada and i'm in france. normally fresh pizza base require 320 degree of temperature and there is a big difference between real mozzarella and mozzarella used by fast food chain like pizza hut . actually they r not using the mozzarella but an artificial cheese and in france we call it as protein of cheese. to have a good proportion on ingredients , all ingredient you put on pizza including tomato and mozzarella should not exceed 1.5 time the weight of your dough.

    @sachin, sachin, i'm coming to india very soon and i'll call you.

    Pizza Business Consultant

  • 92. Joy beginner adviser said on 5/22/2012 5:01:14 AM
    @A.M.Shatheek for pizza shop need good quality equipment most important just try to Indian equipment price list and what type equipment use your budget then where you want to open pizza shop city or local city add your rent amount shop investment depends on your equipment and your city where you want to open pizza shop. good luck || Pizza Shop Consultant

  • 93. Pedro Gutierrez said on 5/24/2012 2:29:20 PM
    I want to start my business I know of Italian food and pizza by wood fire . I live in chicago east. I look for job. please call me at phone 1773- 703-3871
  • 94. Angelo Pereira said on 5/25/2012 2:21:45 AM
    I want to start my own Pizza business by wood fire in Goa India as I have my own shop. Since this business is totally new to me I need all the guidance from A to Z. Please can somebody help me even if I need to learn how to make pizza or enroll myself in some catering institute etc.
  • 95. Angelo Pereira said on 5/25/2012 2:26:18 AM
    Which is the best training institute for Pizza in India or Italy or any part of the world. Please let me know in order to know the recipe and the trade knowledge.
  • 96. sumeer beginner adviser said on 5/25/2012 3:34:58 AM
    Hi angelo, there is no such type of school ever open in india but there are 2 reputed school in France and few in italy. I have done a 1 month diploma from france and italy and I am coaching partime in my restaurant how to make pizzas.

    Pizza Business Consultant

  • 97. Raj said on 5/26/2012 2:01:45 AM
    Hi I want open pizza shop but I know nothing I am living Penticton bc Canada please help me thanks
  • 98. Jose Bon said on 5/26/2012 1:13:56 PM
    Hi there, great site!. I want to start my own pizza business here in Chile in the NYC slice pizza idea so I want to know what should be the tips to get into these kind of pizza dough I mean: soft and tasty. So please help me with the initial tips and I will send yo the photos of the store opened ASAP. Thank you
  • 99. sumeer beginner adviser said on 5/26/2012 2:59:19 PM
    @Jose Bon, Does slice pizza means that you will prepare a big pizza with dimensions of 60X40cm and you can sell it in 8 slices?

    Pizza Business Consultant

  • 100. Joy beginner adviser said on 5/27/2012 4:06:43 PM
    @Raj first of all you have to know how to make great quality pizza for this you need great pizza recipe then all pizza equipment best pizza shop location also some knowledge about pizza product industry if you want to start really pizza shop I will give you step by step training Good Luck Mr Raj..... || Pizza Shop Consultant

  • 101. Jay said on 6/6/2012 3:46:00 PM
    Wife is relocating us back to Ohio (Dayton area). I already make pizza from scratch at home and like to experiment with different toppings. I make a killer thin crust at home on a small scale. How do I go about starting a shop that features primarily thin crust pizza? I have a number of ideas for specialty type pizzas along with offering calzones and stromboli. I have taught high school for the past 11 years and this will be a definite career change, but one that I think would allow me to use more passion in my work as I love to cook. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  • 102. saurabh said on 6/19/2012 4:21:10 AM
    @sumeer I am from Indore soon I am going to open a Pizza restaurant here. I am looking to open a dine in here. Need suggestion from you. can i have your email id ?
  • 103. sumeer beginner adviser said on 7/4/2012 9:05:10 AM
    Hi @saurabh, i'm coming to india next week and if u want then v can meet and discuss about ur further project.

    Pizza Business Consultant

  • 104. Mr.Sami said on 7/11/2012 8:00:16 AM
    I am planning to open series of Pizza small and big shop model providing real thin crust Italian pizza style made in the real fire wood oven with quality, best service and images. Also including free home delivery service. I collected much information about hardware + Ingredients of the Base + the Measurements of the Ingredients of the Base, Yeast ..etc, but still I lack of information what menu items is preferred in Saudi People. So I need from expert people to help me to create standard shop interior design + Images for procures and creating my own dough process with standard taste. So please contact me at
  • 105. francis said on 7/28/2012 7:29:31 AM
    all talking about pizza dough making the pizza tasty and all crap , The important question is how much liquidity required , to open a delivery outlet it will cost you roughly 70000/- dollars with the over all costing of staffing, equipments , licensing, and rent includes if the area is not expensive . If a dinning it will depend on the Area and how many packs u plan to open if it is double dinning single dinning , then your cost of everything goes 3 times the amount for delivery , and just few tables then just add 25% extra to the previous cost. Regards Francis
  • 106. sam said on 8/7/2012 8:29:31 AM
    Hi, I have a project of opening a Pizzeria in india. I am looking for a partner. If any one is interested please email me.
  • 107. Anil Kanda said on 8/30/2012 1:40:06 PM
    For @Sam, on 106. I am from London but I am a Indian. I would love to know more about the partnership you have on offer. Email me on
  • 108. sam said on 9/1/2012 3:56:24 AM
    Hi anil, I am living in paris and running my own pizzeria. I am planning to open a italian pizzeria .
  • 109. mahipal said on 9/1/2012 9:15:47 AM
    i want to do research on fire wood Italian pizza so kindly help me in tza restro in jodhpur
  • 110. sam said on 9/2/2012 2:48:51 AM
    hi @mahipal, the best italian wooden oven GRAND MERE, MORETTI
  • 111. sumit said on 9/18/2012 5:07:20 AM
    Hi, I am Indian and my wife is from Europe, we are planning to open a pizza shop here in Delhi, as she makes original italian pizzas. We need some info, how much investment it requires to start the business, and about professional gas oven or wooden. Any other advice, experience or suggestion is appreciated. Please, mail me on Thanks
  • 112. sumeer beginner adviser said on 9/18/2012 11:58:36 AM
    Hi @sumit, First thing is to find a good location. I'm living in europe and also planning to open a pizza resto in delhi. I am running my own pizzeria in europe from last 2 years. please email me to discuss further :-

    Pizza Business Consultant

  • 113. Malti Mistry said on 9/20/2012 3:05:50 PM
    I would like to start a small home pizza business in Surat India. Please advise me where i can acquire training and equipment. Thank You Malti
  • 114. sumeer beginner adviser said on 9/21/2012 1:48:58 AM

    @Malti Mistry, I don't think that in india you can get a proper training because lots of pizzeria are working with frozen products.

    Pizza Business Consultant

  • 115. revathireddy said on 9/22/2012 9:42:37 AM
    hello .. i am very much interested to start food business veg and nonveg in hyderabad... and also fast food shops .... anybody interested to join with me... please share your ideas and please i need suggestions from you people... thank you...mail me at
  • 116. wiilliam said on 10/11/2012 9:54:13 PM
    i have an older building near Lubbock, Texas - want to turn 1st floor into a pizzeria - want to rent it to someone approved by pizza chain as a lessee - or has loads of experience in the business and can handle design etc. I can forego rent for 12 months or so - for someone that can do lots of manual work to get it ready.
  • 117. Jack beginner adviser said on 10/20/2012 9:09:29 AM
    @revathireddy, you should decide on the menu and then start planning ahead, and the menu as per the demand in the area you wish to open. Two things Menu and Location. Let me know when this is done || Pizza Shop Consultant

  • 118. Jack beginner adviser said on 10/20/2012 9:29:23 AM

    @Malti Mistry, Instead of looking for training in India, you should spend the same time working in a pizza shop, in any of the various brands out there. Then also parallel research on various ways of making fresh dough for pizza's. It would take a few months but you will help you go into business much wiser. || Pizza Shop Consultant

  • 119. praveen said on 11/9/2012 5:22:51 AM
    Hi , I would like to open my own pizza shop in secunderabad with less capital can you suggest what will be the minimum cost to open a new pizza shop ,do you have any consultants for this, please let me know .
  • 120. Varun said on 11/24/2012 11:13:51 AM
    Hey Guys, i'm Varun from Coimbatore. Looking forward to go ahead with a pizza start-up. On the keen look-out for any help that any of u guys can offer. Shall be thrilled to hear from u email id-
    @Sumeer- Hello dude, any help?! :)
  • 121. sumeer beginner adviser said on 11/30/2012 11:57:23 AM

    @Varun, Hi varun, if you are planning to open your own pizza restaurant not a franchise than its not so complicated. But first you should learn to prepare good quality dough. Base of a pizzeria is good quality pizza base , tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Your recipes should be different, innovated to attracted more clients. 

    Pizza Business Consultant

  • 122. jim said on 12/16/2012 10:56:54 AM
    TO "101. @JAY". Your story sounds very similar to mine, would be Interested in hearing how things are going now...
  • 123. prasad said on 12/29/2012 12:08:59 PM
    hello all, am planning to start a Pizza restaurant in chennai. I don't have any past experience in pizza business or in food industry, but am very much fond of and passionate about doing it. Please help me to know how to start this business and what are the key factors i need to consider before i start. Also, would like to know the operational cost per sqft. Thanks in advance. Please send your advices and suggestion to this
  • 124. Joe Santamaria said on 1/4/2013 7:41:19 AM
    Hi everyone, I am an experienced pizza chef. I have been in the industry since 1978. If there is anyone who wants to set up a nice and good quality pizza shop I am happy to assist. I am based in Sydney Australia, My email Regards Joe
  • 125. Mahesh said on 1/11/2013 10:50:28 PM
    Hi everyone, I am planning to open my pizza place in India, I have been working in pizza place for 5 years in New Zealand, Please help me if any one know from where to buy used equipment. and which company provide good mozzarella cheese available in India thankx. My mail id is
  • 126. khurram said on 1/26/2013 4:55:42 PM
    Hi Every Body i am looking a small takeaway in London now a days desperate to start new Business. i need Pizza chef Partner. any one interested send me email.
  • 127. ajay raheja said on 2/4/2013 6:09:53 AM
    Am in new delhi looking to start pizza delivery business, would like to know where i can learn cooking and about equipments and how much will be the cost of equipments.
  • 128. Bhuban said on 2/12/2013 2:10:12 PM
    Hi, I want to start a Pizza business in Bhubaneswar, odisha. Can u give me some idea regarding that business.
  • 129. umesh said on 2/27/2013 4:19:38 AM
    i am looking to start a Pizza Business at banashankari. some idea regarding business would be helpful. you can call me @ 9916705947
  • 130. Adrian said on 2/27/2013 7:13:00 AM
    Hi. I am from HK, I would like open a take away and take away delivery pizza shop, do u think use franchise name will be better than set up a new pizza business? This a lot
  • 131. carmine said on 3/5/2013 10:41:08 PM
    HI, my name is Carmine and I am from Italy ,I have 17 yrs of experience with Pizza I ITALIAN style , wood fired is preferred. if somebody need help to open something different or just a question can i give my knowledge. can send a email
  • 132. bradi said on 3/15/2013 12:45:34 PM
    Hi, my name is Bradi, and I'm from Yakima Washington. My family and I have been considering opening a pizzeria out in Tampico (a rather large community on the outskirts of town), I know there is a very high demand, and there is an old restaurant that we may be able to rent for very little. I am still putting together a list of expenses and any help would be very much appreciated. My email is
  • 133. tim roth said on 3/25/2013 6:32:00 PM
    I am planning a new wood fired pizza oven restaurant in Port Townsend,WA. I love the idea of Neapolitan style but I am concerned about not having my crust crisp enough. I have been looking at Stefano Farrara ovens. I really like these ovens but are they too hot to produce the crisper crust that I desire? What oven would you suggest? I am a chef with 35 years experience but need more knowledge in this department. thanks. tim
  • 134. avinash Singh said on 4/14/2013 8:47:34 AM
    Hi, i am also one of those who are planning to open a pizza shop. i want to know how much would be the approx initial cost for a small size, say capacity of 20 people, shop. I am planning to Open one in Vadodara/Ahmedabad Gujarat. plz mail me your suggestions @
  • 135. SUBHASH CHAUHAN said on 4/25/2013 5:36:13 AM
  • 136. SANTOSH K SHETTY said on 4/25/2013 8:42:56 AM
    I am planning to open Shettys Pizza Corner having my own bldg shop 2100 sq.ft in 1st floor at Manipal end point road beside Manipal University & medical college. Karnataka state. Please advice me for the best interior designer and the kitchen set up persons and how to get the best chef of pizza. Kindly advice me how much it costs me. Awaiting for ur favorable reply with packing materials availability of all stuff materials and the workings force with experience. I mean is there anyone to set and give the full business. Thanking you.
  • 137. erlet xhixha said on 4/25/2013 6:15:56 PM
    I'm 19 years old, i live in milan, Italy. I working now in a restaurant only in weekend like a waiter and i'm going to learn how to make the itlian pizza because my uncle has a restaurant - pizzeria shop and i have the opportunity to learn. This is a good idea to work n london (love london) but i don't have a basement for starting to realize my dream. I want some tip before to start. Please help.
  • 138. Joy beginner adviser said on 4/28/2013 2:16:29 PM
    @Santosh K Shetty Regarding pizza business you need good place and you have it Manipal good location for pizza shop maybe there is other pizza brand also available like Domino's or Pizza Hut and your shop size good for dining Mr Santosh you want to open pizza shop like branded or local type if you want to branded like Domino's or Pizza hut that cost you more investment that kind of equipment all are USA brand but India all equipment available and Pizza Chef you can get Mumbai or I will give you one best Indian chef and pizza equipment details send you step by step send me your e mail id || Pizza Shop Consultant

  • 139. Andrew said on 5/6/2013 1:41:46 PM
    @erlet xhixha, Hi, I'm an experienced pizza chef. I've been working in the italian pizza takeaway in Working (not far from London). If you need help to open pizza shop or just a question I can give my knowledge. Can send an email
  • 140. c said on 5/12/2013 1:45:13 AM
    I've owned a VERY busy pizza place in va for over 30yrs. Know what you are getting into. hard work, long hours, and the worst thing employees, nobody wants to work anymore. I'm willing to turn my place over to an employee in a few years. but nobody wants it. Don't get me wrong I love what I'm doing. But I am starting to get to old for the hours.
  • 141. Uday said on 5/26/2013 4:51:48 PM
    Hi, i want to open a wood fired pizza shop in pune. so far i have come across set which costs around 20 lacs which is too much for a 1st timer to invest. I am in search of a good consultant who will help me in setting up a pizza shop which will be more earthy, affordable and good quality.
  • 142. x said on 6/17/2013 7:04:09 PM
    Hi, i am planning to open a first pizza school in india. Looking for some investors. email me at
  • 143. Devender Singh said on 7/5/2013 4:11:05 PM
    Hi, i am planing to open a pizzeria, in Rewari a city in haryana. in city there is already DOMINO, S. It will be good for me or not. please advise me. thanks.
  • 144. mahipalredy said on 7/27/2013 2:03:23 AM
    Hi i am starting a new pizza restaurant in Hyderabad. i don't no where to find dough&toppings you guise if u know kindly find me location thanks
  • 145. sridhar said on 8/19/2013 6:59:40 AM
    i want to open pizza shop in chennai i have no knowledge i want to know how much capital needed and
  • 146. Richard Munyikwa said on 9/26/2013 7:04:08 AM
    Good day My name is Richard a young vibrant Zimbabwean pizza chef with 6 years experience worked with wood fired oven plus 2 years of renting a restaurant, but now working as a supervise head pizza chef living and working in south Africa. I am now looking for a business partner who wants to open a restaurant or a pizza shop with woodfired oven I have passion for pizzas everything to do with from pizza dough recipe, many more costing so anyone who need help my email cell no 0027768693948 I am interested to relocate to countries at anytime.
  • 147. james hartigan said on 10/1/2013 9:24:26 PM
    me love pizza. pizza good. me want to open pizza place. show me how to pizza.
  • 148. samuel wood said on 10/2/2013 1:23:20 AM
    Hi i am sam would like to open small pizza counter in My home town in A.P, India, would like to know what is the investment what i have to buy and how to start kindly suggest. thank you. Sam.
  • 149. DEANNE WHITEHEAD said on 10/2/2013 11:12:46 AM
    Hi i just started my on little pizza business at my job, what i do is take my ingredients and so on to work and during the slow hours staff would ask me to make pizza for them and at the end of the shift i would make about $400 to $500 in cash just making my pizzas i sell them in three sizes small medium and large sometimes one staff member will order about 4 to 6 pizzas from me in one night. am thinking seriously about opening my own small pizza shop also i make pastries and sell in work too and make about $120 and up in sales with my pastries.
  • 150. Sourabh said on 10/16/2013 12:11:43 AM
    Hello, I am planning to open an outlet in my town. A casual dine for pizza & snacks, already finalize the location for store.. kindly let me know what things to focus on initially. you may contact on 9039308244
  • 151. Jedi Princess said on 10/16/2013 10:27:28 AM
    Okay i'm a 15 year old girl, looking to start my pizza business. How much would it cost to pay my full time chef? I have never worked before... thank you
  • 152. Deepak said on 11/17/2013 5:10:28 PM
    Please contact me by email regarding to provide services to open my Pizza business in Punjab, India.
  • 153. Ravi said on 12/5/2013 2:37:56 AM
    I am planning to start my own pizza restaurant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Location is ready in my mind. Can you help me from where I can hire a pizza chef? I am having a trouble to find a good cook and all equipments for cooking. Please help me on this. Any one who is interested in partnership please contact me on and 09898068784.
    @Jack and @Sumeer, Guys please help me on how to find a good cook. Please advice me about cooking equipments and from where I can buy it.
  • 154. Pizza Madness said on 12/21/2013 2:44:12 PM
    I've been seriously planning to open a wood-fired Pizzeria in The Puget Sound region with a focus on the Pie not the Brew. While brews are a real necessity it will not be the focus. Have researched several trailered (event based sales) and fixed ovens and the possibilities of a brick and mortar location (Corner Pizzaria)and have several options. including a new franchise opportunity from one of the best wood-fired pizza makers Ive experienced in 10+ years. I am hoping to find partners to share the work load and costs of bringing this to fruition. As I see it "The Pies The Limit." Anyone out there
  • 155. Claude Edmond said on 12/27/2013 5:37:58 AM
    I would like to start a pizza business in Kenya. One am looking on where i can pizza conveyor belt oven in South Africa. Any body who knows the company that is dealing with the pizza conveyor belt oven please help me find one. my email address is Regards Edmond.
  • 156. Joseph said on 1/15/2014 11:12:28 PM
    I am intending to start a small chain of restaurants in kenya which has a lot of potential, i need advise from the experts on how to start it small and grow.
  • 157. Noemie - Ape said on 1/22/2014 11:16:36 PM
    Guys! Try our 3 wheeled commercial vehicle. Piaggio Ape is ann italian brand which is assembled in India. This is perfect for mobile shops like food shops (i.e pizza) You can customize the unit what ever modification u want.. You can e-mail me at if you're interested. Philippine Setting, Noemie. Sales Consultant - Motoitalia Greenhills
  • 158. Ashok AWat said on 2/12/2014 5:59:49 AM
    we want to open own pizza shop but we don't have any knowledge of making the pizza so how can I start up the Pizza shop without any pizza chain franchise concept plz provide the details Can I get the Training from Any Pizza Training Centre
  • 159. Ashwin said on 3/12/2014 11:34:44 PM
    I have been living in US for 8 years and i am thrilled with the kind of pizza business is going on here. As i come from a business family back home in india i always have a passion to start a business when i go back to India. I want to open a local pizza joint and now that i am here what would be the starting point for me here like going to pizza learning classes etc. Is it easy to find a distributor in India who supplies the ingredients and equipment?
  • 160. vaibhav said on 4/6/2014 3:40:09 AM
    I want to start pizza shop near a pune city, but i have no experience but i would like to do this. i am interested in this business. please give me a suggestion.... vaibhav
  • 161. Rick said on 4/13/2014 3:34:41 PM
    I'm in muskegon michigan and I'm opening a pizza shop. I was wondering what i need to deliver pizza. Do I need anything different than the licenses i already have to open? Thanks!
  • 162. vandu said on 4/24/2014 1:47:42 AM
    I want to open my own pizza store in calgary alberta canada plz send me information thanx
  • 163. dhruv said on 5/14/2014 1:28:48 PM
    Hi this is Dhruv from Mumbai I want to start pizza outlet, So how to start in mumbai. ?
  • 164. arjun said on 5/15/2014 6:38:42 AM
    I want to start pizza shop in my home town, but i have no experience but i would like to do this. i am interested in this business. please give me a suggestion.... arjun
  • 165. Alted De Asis said on 5/16/2014 5:34:43 PM
    My business location is in the Philippines. I want you to send me an interior design for a midscale and kiosk
  • 166. saravanakumar said on 5/22/2014 6:42:25 AM
    pizza restraint in chennai, cel no. 9524727994
  • 167. subbu said on 5/23/2014 12:25:00 PM
    hi 2000 sq. ft commercial space available...all the necessities will be fulfilled if u are interested in launching you popular n esteemed pizza shop in our locality ...situated in the main road, containing important landmarks such as banks schools showrooms and colleges, it remains a good commercial place to launch your restaurant . thank you n waiting for your precious response ..
  • 168. Kalpesh said on 6/6/2014 1:12:07 AM
    Hi @Subbu, I have fully complete project to open Italian style pizza, including all delicious recipe.. I am looking for space 2000 sqft in Mumbai.. Can u tell me what is yr location? Contact me
  • 169. Chitra said on 6/12/2014 2:44:06 AM
    Hi. I am software employee. I want t quit job and start small pizza shop initially at Bangalore. Initially I want to buy pizza base from outside and do different types, veg and non veg. I don't have any experience. Pl suggest items required, types of pizzas that v need t have, and do I need to go for any classes for this... Please please reply ASAP.
  • 170. Rajesh R said on 6/26/2014 10:35:04 PM
    Pizza cafe is a upcoming hot market in India. We are a upcoming new pizza+ icecream food chain in India. We have launched 3 restaurants 2 food carts( in corporate houses) & 2 kiosk models at initial stage. Was are inviting franchisees only at investment cost @ 7 lakh. Interested friends can mail me at or call at 9891703145. Or visit our stores with appointment.
  • 171. balaji kumar said on 7/6/2014 1:08:53 PM
    We are starting a pizza shop) need requirements for that like machines and teaching for making pizza) my cell number balajikumar(language known - telugu,Tamil,English) - 9840753340 and murali(speak with only telugu language)-
  • 172. balaji kumar said on 7/6/2014 1:22:59 PM
    Need to learn pizza making and should learn all types of pizza types veg and non veg) and to buy pizza making machine)need full details about machine cost) my email address and cell number#9840753340 and cell 9092514393
  • 173. Mohammed Hasan said on 7/8/2014 5:01:47 AM
    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I am currently working towards opening a pizza place in downtown halifax and I'm just wondering what a typical local pizza place pays for materials a month. Such as, Dough, cheese, spices, topping....etc. I am trying to provide my investor all the costs i need to open a place over there. please help!
  • 174. KKMohanty said on 7/25/2014 12:28:16 PM
    I am interested to start a small pizza manufacturing unit in bhubaneswar. I am totally new in this field. Kindly give me guidance in this line.
  • 175. rajiv sharma said on 7/30/2014 11:44:58 PM
    hi my name is rajiv and i want to start my own pizza shop in gurgaon along with bakery. i have my own space in sector- 15. i have experience but not perfect as i work there only for few months. but i know every bit of it. please guide me from where i can buy good and imported machines.
  • 176. Nitin said on 8/6/2014 8:39:59 AM
    Hi, I am planning to start my own pizza shop in Mumbai, but I have never worked in a restaurant and I am totally new in this field. Please advice me on how do I learn to prepare pizza, What equipment do I need and the cost associated with the equipments, vendors who will provide me the ingredients at a cheaper rate and how to get the best chef for pizza. Kindly advise me how much it costs. My email id is
  • 177. Aris said on 8/7/2014 11:41:17 AM
    Hello all. My name is Aris. I am an Italian Pizza chef; 48; well experienced in this business. I am looking for a business partner to open a Pizza-Wine Bar in London. My project will need around £80,000. If you are interested in send me an email:
  • 178. ujjwal said on 8/24/2014 12:55:41 PM
    Location with good no of passers by in a suberb in pune , india
  • 179. Pall said on 10/9/2014 2:24:21 PM
    Hi every Body I am Living in europe and would like to planing come back in india. Can you guide me about Pizza. training School in Delhi or punjab
  • 180. satpal kumar said on 10/26/2014 5:37:31 AM
    Hi rajive sharma, my name is satpal kumar i from gurgaon india i want to meet you personally to talk start pizza shop please call me 9560065692.thanks
  • 181. k.anguthan said on 11/1/2014 12:17:15 PM
    Hi i'm anguthan i have done BHM i want to work in any pizza shops i can work as job training also can. I'm looking forward to learn pizza making dough pls anyone help me? My mail id
  • 182. sameer said on 11/1/2014 3:20:11 PM
    Hi, am Sameer from Darjeeling, and am looking for a job in any pizza shops. have an experience of 16 long yrs. am good in particularly italian types. interested people can contact me.
  • 183. singh said on 11/3/2014 5:45:29 PM
    i can pizza pasta thai germany food and more have 10 years exp but need partner in canada now am in germany
  • 184. joy briks said on 11/4/2014 9:05:27 AM
    I want to start up my own pizza store in Nigeria. Nigeria is not quite filled with this kind of business and it might not be very easy so i need tips on how to start up in such area. i need to know what equipment to get
  • 185. Sunit Malhotra said on 11/20/2014 2:29:44 AM
    I have a up and running Pizza outlet in Pune. I have been doing well and supporting itself from day one. Lot of loyal customers and the business is growing. We make specialised and original thin crust Pizzas that have been welcomed by our customers who have sworn these are the best pizzas they have tasted. Even people who have been and stayed abroad have appreciated the unique taste and flavour. I am looking to open another outlet in Kalyani Nagar/ Viman Nagar because of the demand from that area. I am looking for business partners who have space and willing to invest in the set up equipment and know how. We could work out on partnership terms and royalties accordingly. This is a really good opportunity for those looking to start up with an established brand. Interested? Mail me on Cheers
  • 186. priyadarshan negi said on 11/26/2014 1:57:43 PM
    Laziz pizza in dehradun but i want to know the right price of all equipment.
  • 187. dhruv pal said on 12/4/2014 2:24:12 AM
    Hi friend's I am from Mumbai and I want to open a pizza outlet in meera if any body want to join with us so call me. I have my own cook and some experience if anybody want to start with me so just mail me.
  • 188. Ricardo Rodrigues said on 12/7/2014 7:39:53 PM
    I would like to start a Pizza or take away outlet in Goa near Old Goa. I have the place but I need a partner who is the chef and who would look after the quality. write
  • 189. Hema said on 1/11/2015 7:40:26 PM
    Planning to open a pizzeria in a busy location in Hyderabad. Looking for a well experienced chef and Pizzeria manager to work with us. Prior experience in pizzeria is a must. Looking for committed persons to grow with us. uhemalatha 0 @
  • 190. Amarnath R Mettu beginner adviser said on 2/1/2015 2:45:13 AM
    I am Mr. Amar Mettu from hyderabad,i can setup Pizzas'N'Burgers outlet contact me at || Consultant

  • 191. krishna yedida said on 2/7/2015 1:42:48 AM
    hello my dear sir, i want information about pizza corner in less amount, soo plz help with your valuable suggestion. i am started pizz corner in andhra pradesh, india. i hope you are helping in this task through my mail id. i need information about pizza ingredients, equipment, space, and expenses and which type of pizza we are prepare in less price and etc. THANK YOU. have a great day. i am waiting for your valuable suggestions.
  • 192. Iqbal khan said on 2/10/2015 12:00:06 AM
    Dear sir, I am from lahore pakistan, Nearest to open my cafe and bakery shop. i need a best chef who can make best kind of pizza and burgers, Secondly i need a chef who can make all kind of bakery item in best quality. Please contact at or 03333944052. If anybody can provide me best pizza and bakery receipts please contact to me
  • 193. Iqbal khan said on 2/10/2015 12:01:26 AM
    Any body can provide me pizza and burger sources receipts.
  • 194. Ketaki said on 2/12/2015 1:45:07 AM
    Hi, I am starting my own Pizza shop in Pune. Anybody who has experience in pizza business please let me know about the training (pizza with fresh dough). I will need assistance in opening the shop. Planning to open ASAP (15 days). Please contact me via mail( or mobile +91 8007888472.
  • 195. Joy beginner adviser said on 2/21/2015 5:49:41 PM
    Pizza Shop Business This Steps Most Important
    High Quality pizza equipment's. [ electric oven , cooling storage , freezers , etc ]
    - Best pizza recipes and related recipes like pasta , calzones etc
    - How the business is working ?in your location
    - How and where I can find an experienced pizza chef and chef's helpers ? what is the best nationality for chef.
    - How many persons\employee I need in my small pizza cafe' . ( or just take away point \shop )
    - policy and procedures in my pizza cafe.
    - Quality Product, Service and Image & Branding, Parking
    For more details and training email me || Pizza Shop Consultant

  • 196. Ketaki said on 3/11/2015 10:58:06 AM
    Thank You Joy!!!
  • 197. Howard said on 3/18/2015 11:02:22 AM
    We are looking for anyone would like to open their own Brozinni Pizza franchise in India. We will go to forgo our 15 lac franchise fee for the first operators. All training and equipment for success will be provided. If you would like more information contact me via email at
  • 198. sameer said on 3/22/2015 11:21:46 AM
    hi, sameer here. anyone looking for a pizza maker with experience can contact me. +919641566165,
  • 199. Amal said on 3/26/2015 11:55:20 AM
    I am planning to start one pizzeria, Preferably Italian pizzeria in Bangalore. I need help like information about ingredients suppliers and some training And other equipments Highly appreciable if someone can help me out. My contact no 08722465678, Amal
  • 200. Amal said on 3/28/2015 1:51:04 AM
    Who supplies italian pizza toppings. Kindly contact me Amal, 08722465678
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