Where to Register a Business Name

Registering a business name is an indispensable part of opening up any entity that provides products or services. Whatever is the type of your business, you are required to come up with a name – one that has never been used before and have it registered. Doing this is relatively easy so long as you comply with all the requirements.

The important thing that you have to determine is where to file your application for registration. The office for registration of different business names usually depend on the structure of the business that you will open. Read on to know more.

Why Register in the First Place?

Your business name will serve as your identity or that of you entity and the products and services that you offer. Before you can ever get the permits and legalities of your business, you will need to have a business name that has legal personality. This is not only to validate your succeeding transactions but also to make sure that no one will be allowed to copy that and steal your business’ identity. Don’t worry, so long as you come with complete papers, registration will not take that long. To avoid hassle, do a little research. Find a name that is both unique and descriptive of the products and services that you provide.

For Sole Traders and Partnerships

There are different structures to a business that one can decide to have. If you opt to provide capital and run the business alone, you fall under the group of sole traders. There are also partnerships if you are having a business with another person or group of persons. In this case, what binds you is your common interest. In both sole trade and partnerships, you will be required to register usually in the trade office of the state where you will be operating. If you want to avoid the hassle, you can operate using your surname or one of the members of the partnership’s as this is allowed.


If you are opening up a huge business that involves several stockholders, your business name along with your by- laws should be approved by the board first. After this, you have it registered with the state’s securities office. When the papers get approved, you will be allowed already to deal using the corporation’s name for a particular period of time. Before its expiration, you will be asked to renew the registration.

Multinational Companies

If you are in for something really big like a company that will operate in different places and different countries, business name registration is a little different. Here, you will be required to apply for registration in every state or country where you intend to operate. This way, your business name will be granted a trademark in all this countries and you alone will have the right to use it.

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