How to Choose a Business Name

You might be wondering how important it is to know how to choose a business name. The challenge for you is to not only choose a name, but a great name that would attract customers just from the mere mention of the company name.

Choosing the perfect business name takes a good deal of thought, and once you succeeded in selecting a winning name, you just knocked out one obstacle to a successful business.

If you want to learn how to choose a business name, you can follow some very simple steps that we have prepared. Before starting out, make short statement about the type of business you or the products and services you are offering. Make this list as simple as you can. Think of words that you can use to describe your business. The perfect business name should be unforgettable but easy to spell. Its not important alone to have a stand-out name that customers can remember, but they also should be able to find it in the phone book or online. Remember that you have to make it unique but its spelling should also be easy to remember. Keep it short so that it can fit on a business card. This business should also look good on a sign, or an advertisement. The perfect winning name can even be your domain name should you decide to create a website for your company. It is a big advantage if your business name would show up well if searched online.

Another way to make our business name easier to remember is by thinking of a name with a visual element. Customers should be able to visualize something when they hear your company name. When they do, you can be sure that customer’s can attach a picture to your company name making it easy for them to remember your company.

You have learned how to choose a business name, but is that enough? A winning business name, while easy to remember should have a positive connotation at the same time. A name can have an impact while at the same time convey a negative connotation, so although people will remember your business name they will have a negative picture associated to it. What you need to focus on is finding a name that has a big impact and a positive connotation at the same time.

Your business name should give your target customers an idea what your business is all about. Since you are just staring out, you cannot expect everyone to know about your company, so giving them a hint on what you are offering would be a big plus for you. The information that you include would also be a great aid when customers are looking you up in phone book, directories and even online. Added attraction for business names are colors, choose colors that would evoke strong emotional associations when used for your logo and promotional materials.

One last thing to remember, when choosing a business name is to make sure you create at least two or three choices, that way when you register it and your top choice may have already been taken, you still have other choices to use.


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