Where to Donate Business Suits

Are you thinking of proper places where to donate business suits? If you don’t know the places where you can donate your business suits, we have the list of well-known outlets that accepts donations for business suits so these used clothing can be used by others who most in need.

For others, donating business suits is a sign of goodwill. Others think that they just don’t need it and it has no more room in their cabinets and closets.

The Reasons Why People Donate Business Suits

Certain wives also donate the business suits of their husbands who just passed away. To sum it up, what really drives these people to donate their business suits is the desire to help others who deserves to own their valuable belongings. However, most of the donors don’t know where the proper channels to bring these precious clothes are and sometimes they are afraid that it can be a sort of business to others. To avoid the scenario that others will use the donations on their own cause, we have the list of well-known outlets that surely will take care of your valuable business suits.

Where to Donate Business Suits and How to Do It

Before you donate your treasured business suits, check it first if the suits are still worth to wear. Remember that the suits will be wear by others in their business appointments like job interviews. If there are signs of rips, slashes, and slits better fix it. It is also proper to make it sure that the clothes are well-washed and dry clean before sending it. It is also good if you can ask your friends and relatives to join you on your intention. Just in case that there is large amount of clothes, organize it by separating men’s wear from women’s wear. This is appropriate since some organizations accept clothing for men or women only, not unless that they accept for general clothing.

There are three well-known outlets that accept donations of used business suits according to sources. One of them is the “Dress for Success”. Founded in 1996 by Nancy Lublin, Dress for Success is a non-profit organization which is recognized by its suiting program for disadvantage women. The aim of the organization is not only to provide business suits but the purpose is to bring back self-sufficiency to women as they look for a job. Their main office is in New York and has affiliates in other 40 states in United States, as well as in 8 other countries worldwide. The Women’s Alliance is another outlet that provides professional attires for low income women plus the opportunity for career skills training. You can check the member locations on here so you will know where you can bring your donations. Career Gear also shares same goal as the “Dress for Success” and “Women’s Alliance” but their suiting program is underserved job-seeking men. Its main headquarter is in New York and has affiliates in 8 states.



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