Where to Advertise a Business

Online advertising has evolved as a very important medium, especially for small and medium enterprises. It is fairly cheaper than other advertising mediums.

But the traditional mediums are still as effective as before, and can not be just done away. Herein are advertising mediums for everyone’s needs and budgets.

Online Advertising-

  • FFA (Free Advertising pages)- This used to be very effective medium when it was first introduced, but when millions of competing websites suddenly evolved like an avalanche, its impact was diminish considerably. It has now a poor rating as an ads medium.
  • Bulk Email- Its reputation as ads medium has deteriorated. Due to overuse and deceiving forceful ways of senders, some unsolicited bulk emails are blocked by some ISP’s. These emails are sometimes used to swindle some of the recipients. This powerful ads medium has been given a poor rating because of these.
  • Safe List- It is found out that internet visitors who agreed to be in this list and became member of some websites, never read message nor bought anything from the said websites. This ads medium has also poor rating.
  • Banner Online Ads- This medium is fairly effective, depending on the marketing strategy and website design of the advertiser.
  • Rented Email Addresses- This is a good medium for online ads. The recipients of emails are screened, and only those who have shown interest are in this list.
  • Paid Search Engines Submissions- This is another good medium, but needs a sizeable advertising budget. This also needs expertise to maximize the use of this medium.
  • Pay per Click Search Engines- This allows the advertiser to pay only when someone clicks his site. This is an ideal medium if your product is not in very competitive field. An example of this is www.goto.com. This has a good rating as online ads medium.
  • Ezine Advertising- Many have found out that Ezine advertising as very effective, though its cost is rising. The set-ups of Ezine are mostly profitable for many individual needs.
  • Personalized Email Series- A powerful online medium that can be used by an online advertiser. A freebie is offered by a website, and if the visitor claims it, the latter is added to an email address list. Personal follow-ups on said visitor through said address can produce fantastic results for the advertiser.

 Vinyl Stickers- This is one of the cheapest and most effective medium for outdoor advertising.

Touch Digital Screen- This interactive advertising medium has been with us for the last tree years, and has made its importance felt.

Outdoor LCD Screen- This type of advertising medium is very effective, but its durability can be affected by the climate and weather condition of the locality.

Outdoor TV Box- This medium has an advantage over LCD Outdoor Screen, because of its durability and long life; though its picture quality is less than that of the LCD pictures.

Brochure- This is an effective traditional medium for advertising, but its impact has been diluted due to superiority of new advertising mediums. But can be still be effective, if the content is attractive enough, and it is directed to targeted recipients.

Special Limited Time Offer- This is an effective form of advertising directed to the consumers that want discounted prices or savings.

Promotional Conferences and Meetings- Trade fairs and others of similar activities are also directed to targeted potential customers.

Photo Exhibits- It is also a good medium of advertising


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