How to Create a Business Website

This is a step-by-step guide in building a business website that can help you to boost further the potential of your company.

This article will also help an amateur businessman like you to understand what makes a powerful business website and what you need to do to maintain the Internet traffic that goes along with it.

A business website, by definition, is an online web address that usually represents one’s business or organization in the World Wide Web. It is where a particular firm discusses its products and services for the online audiences ranging from other businesses, advertisers, professionals, and the public.

In building your own business website, you need to understand how things work online. Everything in the Internet is based on the number of hits a site gets from the online community. The number of hits in a particular website dictates whether the business is doing well or not. The more popular the website becomes, the more potential for company to grow.

The top two things that a businessman or business organization needs to have to build a website are:

A domain name ( or

The domain name, otherwise known as URL address, will give the online audience an idea on what your website is all about. Remember, the shorter the domain name, the better chances of being remembered by the online audience and the more chances of getting more hits.

A web host service.

Web hosting is a type of Internet service that allows a particular website to be accessible to the users in the Internet. Web hosts are often large companies that provide leases or rentals for a server space so a website can be connected to the web.

If you have already decided on what domain name and web host you will use, the next thing you need to ask is: What does your business website need?

Here are several things that you need to consider before you decide on the actual form of the business website you want:

  • What will be the end result? Make sure that the website you will create will help you meet your goals. Your business plan is always the final answer to the question. So, build a website in line with your company’s goals.
  • What are the supports needed? These usually include phone lines, business e-mail, and business address to where customers can communicate with you.
  • Who am I competing with? You should bear in mind that there are already millions of websites all over the world. You should ask yourself, what can help my website standout from others. Explore things that have never been explored before by other business.
  • What are keywords? These are words that are most commonly used by online users to search for particular product or service online. Know the psychology of the people and the product that you are offering then find the right connection that will help direct them to your website.
  • What are the additional supports needed to maintain the website? These are the regular maintenance checks and feedbacks from people who are frequently viewing the website. This can be done after reading e-mail, comments, and blog entries from users.

If you follow these instructions, you can never go wrong in developing your own business website.


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