How to Design a Great Ad

If you want to design a great ad, you will need to follow certain guidelines. It’s not really hard but as long as you can keep the ads simple, straight to the point, unique, and concise, you will surely attract a lot of attention.

Great ads can attract potential customers that can eventually increase your sales whether you’re selling a product or service.

Starter Guidelines

It’s really impossible to be in a place where there are no advertisements. Ads are now found almost everywhere. These things can catch the attention of people and is an excellent way to familiarize people with a certain product, service, program, etc. You use these guidelines in order to come up with a great ad design. The very first thing that you have to keep in mind is to keep your ads simple. Most individuals lack patience in sifting through cluttered ads or visuals. If you want, you can use while space and some clean visuals to generate attention. The ads should be kept short and direct to the point.

You can tell stories through ads. In fact, this is really common these days. To catch attention instantly, you can use photos, visuals, and other graphic elements. Create interesting and unique visuals. Don’t give the features outright but just show your customers the benefits that they can get from using such products or services. People are not really interested in your products or services; they are more concerned with the benefits that they can obtain from using such product/service. Try to focus your ads on the product benefits.

You should be able to show that your product is better and you should not limit yourself in simply telling this to the audience. You need to use examples so that the audience will know what your product/service can do, which others cannot. Don’t push the virtues if your product because this will only irritate the audience. Your potential clients should also easily understand what you’re selling and one way to do that is by using metaphors. Metaphors can easily connect with the meaning of the product. Avoid using clichés because the audience will just groan at them.

If you have a business site, try to encourage online users to take action. Use a compelling name for your business. Use unique color combinations and don’t copy the designs of competitors. It’s also not a good idea to load ads with a lot of texts. Deliver the message in a concise manner. Blinky ads can be irritating and it will affect the way you deliver the message. Whether you’re advertising on the web or in your local area, you need to follow these guidelines. This will serve as your perfect guide to creating effective designs and ads. Designing is not that hard especially if you make use of the available tools.


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