What makes a Good Business Analyst

In today’s business world, the designation of an employee bears little meaning as compared to the tasks an individual perform.

A business analyst is a liaison that works among the stakeholders. The job description is very broad and enough skills are required.

Being a business analyst is such a complicated yet rewarding job. However, this kind of job is not for everyone. Before you decide to apply for a job of business analyst see to it that you are armed with special skills in order to perform the job well. Perhaps, you will think that executing the duties of a business analyst is very easy. If you are planning to land a job of a business analyst make sure that you possess all the profiles and skills to be a good one. On the other hand, you can attend skills training in order to achieve knowledge about the job description of a business analyst.

Characteristics of a business analyst

Being creative is one of the characteristics that make a good business analyst. He should be willing to work in relation to business and at the same time problem solving. A business analyst serves like a walking encyclopedia in such a way that he should know everything about the company he is working. Oftentimes, a business analyst is a part of the IT department that is why it is important to know and understand technology and at the same time has the ability to generate usable remedies for small tasks. Thorough understanding about the technology developments and platforms is very crucial in order to deliver the best result.

Aside from having excellent communication skills, a good business analyst should possess the ability to analyze, extract and validate specific requirement in a right method. As much as possible he or she can pinpoint the problem, understand the various options in solving a problem and choose the best solution that is good for the business as well as the target systems environment. In this sense, a good business analyst should be at home in the working environment where he performs his work. He should also focus and understand how business models operate in the business environment.

To sum it up, a good business analyst should be a self-motivated person who can work comfortably in any business environment and can work well with different people. He should have excellent communications skill as well as leadership ands management skills. Taking into account the various skills of an effective business analyst, one may think that it is impossible to find such human creature. Nevertheless, for many large companies hiring an excellent business analyst is worth investing in order to ensure that the company would be in the right path. Keep in mind that business analyst will be on the frontline of your business.


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