What is the Minimum Wage

The minimum wage of a person is protected in the International labor laws and labor laws in states.

The Minimum wage law mandates that a worker be given the minimum wage per hour as long as he is not included in the stated exempted individuals.

 In a country, it is important to know the average amount that will let a man survive a day. In a day, a person would have to spend on several things to survive. The first of all of these expenses would be on food. A person is said to be in good condition of living if he can eat at least three times a day. That is why in computing for the minimum wage, knowing the possible foods that a person can buy at the lowest amount is gathered and is computed for thrice a day. You will see there that the prices of the food necessities such as vegetables can also affect the prediction of the minimum wage. Next thing in the list of expenses of a person is his board and lodging expenses. Not all individuals are blessed to have a house and lot of their own. Most probably they are renting a house or a room because that is all they can afford at the moment. Included in this area of expenses is the total amount of for the payment of bills such as water bills and electricity bills. The third of the expenses would be the transportation allowance of a person from home to work. The fare of a person is affected by the oil prices as well as the taxes that transportation companies have to deal with. Another expenses to be considered is the medical and health expenses. One can never tell when he or one of his family members gets sick. That is why the salary of a person must also give provisions for these incidents. Those are just some of the considerations to be observed in realizing the minimum wage of a worker.

There is this enacted law called the Fair Labor Standards Act or the FLSA. It is specifically implemented in the United States to deal with matters of compensation and minimum wage. It may also be related in this Act the provisions on overtime pay, bonuses, child labor policies, and many more. The country’s federal law set a minimum wage for their workers at $7.25 per hour since July 2009. This is a labor law of a country. But it is also possible that the states in this country may also have its own labor law related to the minimum wage of workers, which may also be different from the one stated in FLSA.

This act mandates the employers to compensate its employees with at least the set minimum wage with overtime pay of one-and-a-half times of the regular salary of the employee. This may vary for the employee that is not included in the overtime pay provision in this Act. The people that are exempted from the Minimum Wage provision in this act are the young workers who are proven to be younger than the age of twenty. They have higher minimum wage compared to the regular employees. It will change slightly once the worker reaches twenty or after ninety days of employment. The disabled workers are also exempted from the minimum wage law because they have impairments in certain facilities that may be affecting their quality of work. This, they are to be paid of the subminimum wage, which is also below the regular minimum wage per hour. Tipped employees are also exempted from the minimum wage law. They are already receiving a salary directly from their employers, they are also receiving tips from their clients which are not taxed or included in the declared salary of the worker. Student workers are also exempted from the minimum wage because the employers must abide by the law which urges them to fill-up a form from the Department of Labor that they are hiring a student. The law says that a student worker must be compensated not less than 85% of the regular minimum wage. The students will also be working on irregular hours to give way for school works. But once the student graduates, he may already be given the minimum wage. And lastly, the student learners who are under vocational courses yet they are still below 16 years old. They must be compensated not less than 75% of the minimum wage until he graduates from the vocational course.


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