What is Good Business Writing

Marketing is a very important aspect. Any business will not be able to generate sales without a great marketing plan. This is where good business writing comes in. You have to ensure that the things you write are readable.

It wouldn’t be good to write sentences that are flowery and complex, instead, you have to be specific and direct to the point.

When writing any business letter or communication, you have to use simple or ordinary words. Don’t use technology or industry-specific words and as much as possible, you should use ‘we’ or ‘I’. When introducing ideas or emphasizing your point, you have to conduct a thorough explanation on the subject; never assume that readers will be able to determine what they should do. There is a need to state your intention and this should be made clear from the very start.

White space should be provided and you can emphasize on the most important aspects through the use of bullet points, list, short paragraphs, and headings. The font types and sizes vary. Avoid making use of fancy fonts, capitals, underline, italics, and bold. Readers will find it hard to decipher the information. Always stick with an active voice. You should be personal when writing any kind of document.

Try using the conversational or informal style. You have to provide details or use metaphors. Concrete, simple, and short sentences are enough to create valuable content. Check your grammar before posting or uploading. There are many tools that you can use to do this. Proofreading is very important to check for misspellings or typos.

Business writing will also cover writing business letters. There are standard formats that you need to follow when writing letter of communication to suppliers, clients, and other important persons. Observe proper writing at all times and follow the tips above.


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