Understanding the Forms of Payments in International Business

Conducting an international business is no joke. Since a lot of business owners are quite skeptical about making payments internationally, it is wise to pick the right form of payment for your business to minimize the costs involved.

You can now choose among ePayment systems, check, wire transfers, and credit card payments.

The Forms of Payment

International business is now more effective and efficient with the help of the internet. The power of the internet can’t be ignored and since there are different forms of payments that business owners can make use, a thorough understanding of these payment options can help them in getting more money into the business. Business transactions are prevalent online and managing payments can be a daunting task. Among these forms of payment are ePayment systems, wire transfer, check, and credit cards.

Understanding Payment Options

Since the charges and amounts in international business are rather large, the payment options are a main concern. Some businesses lose a lot of profits and so many investors fear global commerce. Every business owner desires cost efficiency and since currency transfer has charges, such losses should be kept at a minimum. The most popular is the ePayment system but before you can use this, you will need to open your own account. Among the most popular are PayPal, Orbian, 2checkout.com, and many others. This usually involves 5% charge for transfers.

Wire transfer is another option. This is the transfer of money from one back account to another account. This is an efficient and safe way to transfer money internationally. However, the charges or fees from the banks are a bit high. Try to check the rates for currency transfers. Always deal with legitimate companies only so that you will not lose any money. The use of credit cards can be expensive in the long run and it’s not advisable to use your own credit card for business purposes. If you prefer this form of payment, try to secure a corporate credit card instead. The check is best used if you already have a good relationship with other business companies. This form of payment is seldom used although it involves a low fee for the transaction. This is the best option if the products are not needed immediately. Remember that the check will undergo clearance before the payment is entered into your account.

It always pays to study the options available. Now that you know the different forms of payments you can use for your business, it’s much easier to decide on the right one. The choice will usually be based on the nature of your business. For instance, if you’re selling downloadable software, you will need to settle with ePayment systems. Pick the best payment option now so that you can make more money and avoid unnecessary transaction charges.


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