Types of Business Processes

One of the basic steps for your business to succeed is by knowing or familiarizing yourself with the types of its process.

It’s just like a hectic schedule where you need to sort it out on your organizer so that your day will be smooth sailing.

Organizing your business by knowing its the different types of process that you need to apply will make you one step closer to success.

Business process is a compilation of interrelated activities and tasks that will produce a certain service as well as products for the expected consumers of your business. It is a chain of tasks and activities in which you can visualize in a flowchart. It has various types. The first type is the management process. This particular type of process is all about the operation of a system. By system, we mean here of your business undertaking. Management processes normally includes the strategic management and the corporate governance as well.

Another type is the operational processes. This is the most essential among all the types of the business process. It generally comprises the core business. It is the heart of the business; it is the one that gives life to the venture. In addition to this, it also generates the primary value stream. Purchasing, sales, manufacturing and marketing are usually included in its operational process. And the third type of business process, which is also the last, is the supporting process. The tasks in this particular process are to give support to the core processes. Recruitment of reliable personnel to increase manpower is one example of the tasks in this specific process. It also includes accounting and technical support.

These three types of business processes have their specific several processes having their own unique attributes. One important pointer regarding business processes is that it must focus on the consumers. You must design it to add value for your customers by meeting their specific demands and needs.

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