Types of Business Letters

The deed of writing business letters as a formal communication in business operations can be dated back in centuries.

It is considered as an old form of official correspondence.

These are written by assigned personnel in a company for different purposes. Thus, the construction of the different types of business letters was realized. Of course these types of business letters correspond to its purpose or what it aims to communicate.

One of the most commonly used letters in any business dealings is the acknowledgement letter. This type is written to acknowledge or recognize the help of others or their support to you during the dark times of your business operations. To simply put it, this is merely a thank you letter. However, this is important. Acknowledging someone’s help and effort to you will make them do the same if ever you need them again.

Another type of business letter which is usually written in ventures is the apology letter. Basing from its name, it seeks to apologize to someone for failure to do something. For example, you have delivered the expected amount of goods to someone because of certain circumstances. Just by sending this letter represents your out most regret for such failure and your respect to the one who were affected. Another type of letter is the appreciation letter. This should not be confused with the acknowledgement letter. The distinction between the two is that the acknowledgement letter is when you appreciate someone’s assistance. On the other hand, appreciation letter is when you appreciate the performance of your employees. This is usually compared to commendations.

There is also the complaint letter. This is done when an error occurred and directing the one who received it to correct that particular mistake. Another one is the inquiry letter which is written to ask about a certain kind of product or service. Other types of business letters are the order letter and letter of recommendation. All of these letters have the same format or outline but of course, its content will vary according to what type it is and its purpose.


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