Traceability in Manufacturing

Traceability in manufacturing is one thing that must not be neglected since it affects the course of the business in a great deal.

There are several steps that must be followed to assure success of manufacturing.

There are instances when you will feel some devastation when you learn that the product that you have shipped for years and years will only be recalled for the reason that there are quality defects. The initial step to control the damage will be to comprehend the problem’s root cause. Most of the time, this fault lies in some raw materials that were used in manufacturing that product. For this matter, tracing the functionality can make a big difference. Traceability in manufacturing must be something that should be incorporated in the process.

Purchasing and Receiving Raw Materials

The initial step will begin the moment that you purchase and receive the raw materials. This is the time when the lot number of the material’s container will be communicated to your system. There are various forms of this kind of communication for venders can make use of shipping notice, packing slips as well as labels that are bar coded. But, this lot number should follow raw materials until they can be used in the coming level. At some instance, there can also be agreement made with vendors so that customers can get defined labeling to create serialized control. This action will eliminate issues in accuracy and cost of the relabeling in the process of changing the vendor labels that are foreign to the serialized ones.

Separating Lot Numbers

Rely on control system of inventory so that the lot numbers of the material container can be separated properly. This should also be added to the system to for user’s burden to be minimized.

Generating and Assigning Lot Numbers

Third step in the process will be for the system to generate as well as assign the products’ lot numbers. Lot numbers must also be assigned to all product levels which will include the sub-assemblies. Usually, generation of lot number will happen if there an event will take place. Events encompass things such as starting new lot number for the raw material, there is a restart of the machine or the operator is changed. Following the rule, the more often that these lot numbers are being changed, lot traceability in manufacturing can be more granular which will make it easier to identify critical information.

Production Reporting

The last step will be done during the reporting of the production made through

  • Hand scanners
  • Touch screens
  • Automated conveyors
  • Pallet wrappers
  • Input screens

The expected result of reporting will be an inventory transaction that is balanced which will include adding manufactured parts and raw material relieving. When transactions are put in perpetual inventory, they are also logged in transaction log. All the inventory transactions should also be logged without any exception. The log will be the key to the traceability of the lot number.


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    I am a Senior Technician in Spinning Technology.I want to start a New Spinning Mill as my own. Hence please guide me for the above. I want to Construct my Mill at Puttur,Near Tirupati,Chittor(District),Andhra Pradhesh,India.
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    i want to start an admixture manufacturing plant in colombo area. i need to refer a feasibility study for the same product.


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