Custom Apparel Manufacturing

Custom apparel manufacturing is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative businesses nowadays and this is not a big surprise considering how people are so into clothes.

However, you still need to be aware of so many pertinent facts about it and this is the most ideal time to learn all of them.

Starting your own clothing related business is definitely one of the most fulfilling things that you can achieve in your life. These days when people are more and more conscious of their physical outlooks, they tend to indulge in different apparels that will better suit their personality. If you really want to be successful in custom apparel manufacturing, you must first be equipped with all the necessary things that are involved in it.

Entering the Apparel Market

Before you start creating your sample product, you should identify first the prospective clients that you have and you will be able to sell your items to them. There are various ways for you to meet potential buyers who will patronize your custom made apparel. Look for sales agents as well as retail buyers, major boutiques and department stores. Converse with them, inquire about the usual types of clothes that they look for and identify if your product and the philosophy in design that they follow fit in some parts. You can also go to several places during market weeks for you to meet more buyers, acquire more ideas and investigate about your competition.

Possible Distribution Channels

When you have already studied your future market landscape, the next thing that you have to do is to decide on how you can best and most effectively distribute your product. Your chosen distribution channel will be able to dictate the quantity, quality as well as costing structure of the custom apparel line that you will establish. You might want to start small and vend the clothes that you have made in the flea markets, in your community or in church fairs during the weekends. The moment people notice the products that you offer and the demand starts to increase, you can already slowly develop your market until you raised a sufficient capital that will allow you to make your venture a full time one.

The Production

Your estimated sales will determine the quantity of the raw materials that you will order and allow you to negotiate with possible contractors that will look into design production in case you opt to subcontract it. Here, the balancing act is needed: ordering a lot of raw materials will mean an unwanted cost that you should avoid at this point in time. Your decision of outsourcing or going for in-house production will be dependent on various factors:

  • The kind of apparel that you will make
  • The quantity of the items
  • The needed equipment
  • Cost
  • Your expertise

Financing Your Business

There were stories about those who started with practically nothing with their apparel business but were able to earn millions in a few years. Unfortunately, these stories are more of exemptions instead of the real norm. There are various factors that will determine how much you will need for starting your clothing line, like if you will be buying or renting the equipment, will have a subcontract production, if you will hire a desire, rent a certain retail store or hire salespersons that will push your products.


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