Tips on Buying Newspaper Advertising

If you want to advertise your business effectively, you will have to buy newspaper advertising. You can get 30% to 70% discounts if you consult state newspaper associations. To take advantage of 80% discount, you will have to ask for remnant space. With a bit of research, you will surely get the best deal.

Maximum exposure is what you can expect from newspaper ads and will also add up to your credibility.

Some Tips on Buying Newspaper Advertising

Many business owners find newspaper ads quite expensive. Well, newspaper ads are definitely expensive but if you make use of these tips on buying newspaper advertising, you will surely find the best deals. For those who want to run statewide classifieds, you can consult with the local newspaper associations because they usually offer discounted rates. With a bit of research, you can find newspaper ads that are 30% to 70% off. You can locate these associations online. Find the ones found in your state and get the names, addresses, as well as the phone numbers.

Another option would be to consult with the local newspaper publisher. If you don’t ASK, you will never get the answer. Getting only one ad will surely cost you, so it would be best to stick with the same newspaper and every time you post an ad, ask for a discount. If you are good in negotiations and you have good credibility, you will be able to get the discount that you deserve. How will you ask for the discount? It’s really easy – you simply have to ask politely. You can ask for two ads by paying only for one ad, a larger for the price of a small ad, buy two ads and get one ad for free, contact rate, multiple insertion rate, mail order rate, etc.

Making a Press Release

When creating your ad, make sure that you also create an effective press release. Newspaper publishers love a properly constructed press release. By providing a press release, you will enhance your business’ credibility and at the same time, expose your products or services even more. Another way to save on buying newspaper ads is by asking for remnant space. There are times when certain part or parts of the newspaper is unsold and this is called remnant space. You can ask the newspaper for this space and you will be able to put an ad on the newspaper at a cheaper rate.

Remnant spaces are cheaper because the newspaper wouldn’t want to have a blank space on their pages. Such space is usually sold at a cheaper rate or it is given to charity. The space is usually sold prior to printing the newspaper. You can get around 80% discounts for remnant space. Proper placement of the ads is also vital. The highest visibility is possible when your ads are placed on top, the front page, or on the right hand side. What are you waiting for? Buy newspaper advertising now.


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