Text Message Marketing Campaign

Using text messaging which is also known as SMS has been a great new trend all around the world. There are at least 3.5 billion text messages which are sent everywhere every day. Text message marketing is not new to those who are text fanatics.

They receive at least five of these a day. Here’s how to get started with your text message marketing.

No Illegal Please

While text messaging is considered as less plagued than e-mails, there should be bottom feeders. These spammers would usually use dialers which are already automated so that they can easily hack the infrastructure of the text message through the blast out billions of text messages to random cell phone numbers. If you are thinking of hiring firms like these, then end your vision of using text message marketing. You might be struck by penalties if you get caught because of using this text spam and your cell phone carrier will definitely cut you off. Do what you have to do just do not use illegal strategies just to pursue your plans. There are many ways out there than using these illegal text spam firms. They will never do anything good to you. All they have for you is trouble.

The Three Legal Options

When you decide to select a service provider, you should know what you need for your text messaging. You should know your purpose why you want to apply for a service provider. This type of approach has been popular to different establishments like restaurants, boutiques and the like because it costs them cheaper amounts a day. The only thing that it cannot provide you is the cell phone number of the recipient and this is the main reason why there are lots of successful text message marketing campaigns. The next option is the custom approach provided by those distributive networks. All you have to do is to register your own propriety short code, the technical name that is usually used by diallers to have access to text marketing campaigns.

There are advantages and disadvantages for this option. The advantage is you get to customize the code you want so that you will be able to remember it all the time. The down side of it is that it would take you 8 weeks for your registration to the short code gatekeepers to be processed and another is that you will have to spend thousands of money for the licensing, hosting and activation fees that they require. That is why more and more small businesses would prefer the off the shelf platform that allows you to share a short code.

Traditional Marketing

These text message campaigns are being supported by the traditional type of marketing. For example you have a restaurant, you may use you tabletops. You can even make use of the radio and television spots to let the whole nation know about your text messaging campaign. It would really be of big help if you try this traditional marketing strategy to be able to give way for the new text message marketing strategy.


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