Termination of Business Letter

If you want a letter to be more effective, it is very important to write it accordingly.

Learning on how to write a termination of business letter is discussed in this article.

Termination letter is needed in order to fire a certain employee who no longer gives a satisfying service. To be able to terminate him without causing hurt in his part, writing a termination of business letter is very important.

The Heading and the Greeting

In the heading, you must put there the company name as well as the date. Formality of the letter must also be assured. So in writing the greeting, you may start with the word "Dear". Then, it should be followed by the complete name of the person. This should be put after few lines from the information in the header. You may also include some pertinent data such as the address of the receiver and his position in the company.

The Body

In starting the body, you must be straight to the point. Write the information why that employee needs to be terminated. In order not to offend the person, you may state if he has previous warnings regarding absences, unjustifiable behavior and other reasons. Furthermore, you may also add to the body that the company hasn’t seen any effort to change the unwanted behavior of the employee.
In the second paragraph, it is also nice to put the company's expectations to its employee. But you must make sure that you will state those regulations that will be different from the behavior that he displayed. It must also appear in a way that the employee does not meet the standards that you are looking for.

State also that the company conducted delicate decision making with regard to the matter. Again you may state the previous warnings that you have given to him. In ending the body, you must state the effectiveness of the termination. Also, you must not forget the financial matters such as his last salary. This is very much significant in order to make the letter as clear as possible to the employee.
Other Vital Matters

You must also assure that the reasons for his termination will be kept only in the vicinity of the company. You must also guarantee the employee that this will not be made accessible for the public. Moreover, make sure that you have settled other concerns like salary, work date and job title.


In ending the letter, it must appeal to be somehow positive to the recipient. You may achieve this by means of stating concern regarding his future luck and of course the company's wishes. The positivity is also influenced by the right choice of closing statements. Apply a closing that is very professional and will not cause any offense to the employee. Make your signature as clear as possible in order to make it neat.


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