Teens Starting Their Own Business

In today’s society, teens feel more and more driven to start their own businesses so early on in life.

Civilizations and economies have become more geared into instilling goals, dreams and aspirations into today’s youth.

It is a proven fact that the teenagers of today are more driven to find their own sense of financial independence and stability as compared to the teens in previous generations. The youth of today are more goal-oriented and constantly find ways in which to establish not only a sense of entrepreneurship but also accomplish such in a unique and original manner.

These aspiring youngsters however are not always met heads on by their adult peers. This is why it is important to have society view this determination in the youth in a more positive way and encourage more of the same kind so as to establish a strong driving force that will promote to the success of the nations future.

There are several ways to go about starting your business as a teen, one of which is to first identify your passion. As a teen it is certain that you may have many interests and hobbies but when you plan on starting your own business it is important to start one in which you have a concrete interest in. Determine what it is you really want and plan out what you want to achieve once you start your business. List all your goals be it long or short term to map out your thoughts. It is always a good idea to put everything in writing as you may use these notes as reference in the future. It is only after you know what you want and are certain of what you want to achieve that you can actually start pursuing your goals and acting upon them.

Once you have determined what you want to start you may now plan on how to get your goals done. If you are planning on doing some small scale job like babysitting, some gardening, errands for friends or neighbors, computer work for offices like typing or encoding jobs that you are efficient in, etc., make sure to have a list of your target audience. There are many people in which to go to first and in starting your own business it is always best to go to someone lenient initially and expand further once you learn the ropes.

It is also a good idea to try and get a mentor to supervise over the work that you do so as to determine whether or not what you are doing is worth garnering you more credibility. As a teen though you may think you can very well handle things on your own it is always best to get some advice from someone that is already out in the real world and earning, more particularly one that has professional relevance to the type of business that you plan on starting. You will not only get to learn the basics and other aspects of your business but also the rates at which you can set your charges to. It is always best to compare to similar small scale businesses and start at the lowest profitable amount not forgetting to not go below your expenditure price. As you gain more popularity as well as credibility can you then think you increasing your prices. Until then keep in mind that all great things start from small beginnings. Learn out what you should, execute what you can and continually educate yourself whenever possible and you will soon reap the success you deserve.

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  • CT said on July 10, 2015
    Hi, I am 17 and I have decided to start an airsoft business in Florida. I almost completed my business plan, but there is one question I have. How can you find the profit and loss statements of a business?


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