Available Youth Business Loans

Supporting the youth sector on enriching their business-mindedness, business loans are also made available for them.

Learn to minimize the risk and select the appropriate program and lending institution and be ready for the success of your business career.

Youth business loans are financial program established to provide business loans for young entrepreneurs. It is one way of boosting the interest and skills of young people to business management. It is also aimed at strengthening small business units and providing equal opportunity to the youth to be part of the proprietor industry.

Business loans provide start-up capital for new businesses with feasible business plan or provide capital for existing businesses that are planning for expansion. Further, business loans are not for private purposes.

There are many kinds of terms for youth business loans and they largely depend as per lending institution. Lending institutions, government or not, offer either a secured or an unsecured business loan. The difference is that in a secured business loan, if you fail to pay the debt according to the terms, the lender has the right to take some monetarily valued possession and sell property given the security. As with the unsecured loan, the only power of the lender is on recovering the debt.

There are also lending institutions that offer an interest only loan or a principal and interest loan. An interest loan only is loan where in principal is not repaid during the term while in a principal and interest loan there is a regular payment of principal made through the term. This must be thought of thoroughly. See where you can take more advantage and benefit.

Some institution, on the other hand, requires a guarantor. The guarantor will serve as their assurance that you will pay the loan. Usually, interest rate is composed of the cost of money, a margin to cover cost for the lender, profit, and risk margin.

Be prepared also with the financial obligation during the term. When taking out a loan, be very definite with your purpose and ensure the integrity of the lender. And always prefer those with minimum risk.

There are also micro lending run by governments aimed at strengthening cottage industries. They mostly apply the same basic principles that other lender use; difference is that they have lower interest rate.

Some of the lending institutions supporting business loans for the youth are Business Start Program (BSP), Skill Development for Young Entrepreneurs and Young Entrepreneurs Program.

Business Start Program provides access to funding business start-ups with strong business plan through a loan guarantee. Skill Development for Young Entrepreneurs and Young Entrepreneurs Program are, on the other hand, example of institutions lending in a specific are that encourage young people to have an initiative on putting up their own business.

There may be one in your community and it just takes some courage to grab the opportunity and reveal the businessperson in you.


  • George said on March 7, 2010
    Hi i'm George from South Afica looking for funding. i run a transportation company with main focus at shuttle service and travel and tourism. now the company is growing very fast we need to increase our bus fleet to 150. we need standard commuter buses, luxury and semi luxury couches i would like any one interested in financing my business or even a strong partnership to email georgebaloyi@gmail.com
  • Raghu said on April 18, 2011
    Hi, i'm raghu 20yrs old from middle class family. I'd completed my diploma in EEE and much interested to start a business because i want myself to become a great person in society. My parents cant help me financially. I'm willing to start a Confectionery in coimbatore, tamilnadu. Dont know where to get loan please help me please:-( plz mail me at raghu_158@yahoo.com
  • varsha bansal said on December 20, 2012
    i'm varsha want to start my own coffee day but not have fund and dont know how so please help me
  • Curtis said on May 6, 2014
    Hi, am Curtis from Zambia, am studying cima, I want to start up a game station store of which I have a plan but I need capital. I know a business must be designed to go on forever, please help. #email curtissmilez@gmail.com


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