Guide to Afford Health Insurance for a Small Business

The health of your employees is very important and if you want to continue making more money for your small business, you must provide them with an affordable health insurance.

Since small business owners find health insurance a bit pricey, there are ways to reduce the cost involved and all it takes is a bit of negotiation and research.

The Need for Health Insurance

The needs of small businesses differ from the needs of larger companies. Some business owners think that the health insurance is just an additional burden on their part but it comes with additional benefits. The health insurance should not only cover the business owner but also the employees. It may take time and effort before you can find the right health insurance but it’s worth the wait. Your first task is to gather all pertinent information about your employees including the age, occupation, workplace, tobacco usage, and current health condition. Most insurance companies provide the quotes once you’ve given all the info. Your business will be at an advantage if all your employees are in excellent health. This can significantly drop the insurance cost.

You also need to determine the coverage of the policy. For instance, the health insurance may cover vision and dental coverage. You may opt for minimum to maximum coverage. The decision will depend on the business owner. It’s also up to you if you will pay more on the premiums just as long as you don’t go below the required percentage set by the state where you live in. You also need to consider the average amount that your employees can pay for the premiums. It would help a lot if you can arrange a meeting with your employees and discuss such matter. If the employees can’t afford the premiums, you have another option and that is to obtain a group rate. This will entail negotiations with other small businesses in your area. If you can get other business owners to join your group, then you can get better and more affordable deals.

Group Rates

Once you’ve organized the group or your employees have agreed to pay their share on the premiums, you can now talk with insurance agents in your state. Check out what the popular and established companies have to offer in terms of health insurance. You’re quite lucky if you can find an insurance provider that is willing to negotiate the cost of the insurance.

You can get quotes from various insurance providers. A broker may be of help to you because he or she can provide the needed advice as to the appropriate insurance. Always calculate the costs involved; the more employees you have, the higher the cost. This is a very important decision that you should make so try to work things out with your employees. Health insurance can motivate your employees to work better and it also shows them that you care.


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