Student Sues Amazon for Deleting Digital Book Copies was sued by a high-school student for allegedly violating its own terms and conditions with users by deleting one of his homework that tackles the danger of totalitarianism.

The said notes were purchased for $0.99 last June and have suddenly disappeared.

 A high-school student that lost his homework in the popular website has sued the company for remotely deleting the digital copies of a book entry, saying that the retail website has violated its own terms and conditions.

“ ate my homework and assignments,” the Justin Gawronski, a student of Michigan said in his complaint.

The said homework vanished when Amazon had deleted digital copies of a book by George Orwell. The digital version of “1984” was retailed to Kindle device’s consumer.

Gawronski has a copy of the book in his device and when Amazon deleted the book, his homework as well as other notes goes along with it.

The complaint was filed last Thursday as the Western District of Washington-US District Court.

It was not the first time that a consumer has filed a case against Amazon for deleted entries in their Kindle device. Another complainant also filed a case against the online retailer, saying that it has no right to deleted documents and other digital files on customers’ devices.

According to their counsels, Amazon has directly violated its own conditions and terms by meddling with the users’ Kindle. The plaintiffs were calling to other victims to surface and file a class-suit against the “abusive” website.


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