Steps to Become a Ski Instructor

Are you interested in working as a ski instructor for a resort or hotel or tour operator? Would you like to know the steps needed to do so?

Are you worried you are not proficient enough? Our guide has some basic tips on how one can become a ski instructor.

Does the idea of skiing in breathtakingly beautiful mountain appeal to you? How about getting paid to do so? All these and more could be yours by becoming a ski instructor.

First, you must examine your qualifications? Are you skilled enough to get a license as a ski instructor (which will usually be required if you want to apply for work in a ski school)? Another important question is: are you fit enough for the sport?

If you think you still need to improve on your skills, first enrol on ski courses until you can confidently ski on snow of any contour. Go on a skiing holiday as your personal training to prepare you to become a skiing teacher.

Getting a Ski Instructor License

Get a ski instructor license. To do so you may have to enrol in a course that trains people not just how to ski but how to teach others to ski. The ski instructor courses you can take can vary in length from a short rigorous class of less than a week to longer courses of about three months. The basic course could cover only safety instructions and traditional downhill skiing. After you have taken the instructor training course, you can apply for a license to become a ski instructor.

Becoming a Ski Instructor – Rewards and Challenges

Becoming a ski instructor has its rewards. You get to enjoy an activity you like, you can develop your skill, you get pay and freebies like lift passes. But it also means getting up early morning to meet up sites, and having to deal with different personalities of people. In fact, half of what makes a good ski instructor is his ability to relate to his students so that they are able to learn. This is especially applicable when the students are kids. And usually, the pay is not the most attractive part of the job. Ski instructors could be paid only for the actual hour they spent teaching. And whether there will be more people wanting to go skiing will depend much on the weather every day.

If you are ready to enjoy the job and its rewards as well as face the challenge of the work, then you should try applying as an instructor for a ski school, a resort or hotel or tour operator that offers ski classes. If you’ve been in the game for a while, some students might return to you for private classes. This is more rewarding as you can set your own fees. If you want to teach abroad, you should obtain a certification from the International Ski Instructors Association.


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