How to Become Karate Instructor

Are you thinking of a career as karate instructor? Are you wondering whether you are qualified enough? If you are in doubt, are you wondering what you need to do to qualify as one?

If you think you have the necessary qualifications, how can you land a job in this field? These questions will be answered by our guide.

The idea may or may not occur to you, but if you have been practicing karate as sport, or self defense, you can earn a pay from this interest by becoming a karate instructor. Practicing karate doesn’t automatically mean you will be qualified for the job, though. First you must consider where you stand at the moment in terms of skill, knowledge, experience and rank.

While a black belt is not the sole criterion for a career in karate, it usually is being sought for by karate schools. This is so because having that belt color means you have achieved enough mastery of the art. To actually know, the specific skill requirements that karate school want from their teachers, try asking administrators and instructors. Evaluate your qualification against their standard, and work to achieve the skill and knowledge level required to become a teacher.

Training to Become a Karate Instructor

Formal karate ranks are awarded by martial arts schools. To qualify for a rank, one must pass the examination of the school, which could vary but would usually include competent demonstration before a panel of examiners of the various attack and defense postures required for the rank. Students applying for lower ranks are judged on balance and coordination, while those applying for higher ranks are judged, in addition, on the speed and power with which they execute their movements. Aside from taking formal classes, you can enhance your credentials by joining karate organizations and participating in local and international competitions. International karate organizations include The World Karate Federation, and The World Union of Karate-do Organizations.

If you are in the rank that qualifies you to become an instructor, see whether you have the communication, people skills and confidence to successfully deliver the theory behind the art and not just the ability to execute punching and kicking techniques. Also, some schools may prefer to hire someone with proper training in physical education, or sports coaching classes. You can take similar courses to prepare you for a career in this field.

If you think you have the skill, knowledge, communication skill and competence to teach the art, you can start a career in this field by becoming an instructor trainee. Working as a trainee can give you the experience necessary to become a full-fledged karate instructor. One thing you must understand if you want to pursue a career in this discipline is that most instructors are hired on part-time basis. To be able to support yourself as if you have a full-time job, it is well for you to consider getting other forms of employment or employment in more than one school.


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