Steps to Become a Kung Fu Instructor

Are you interested in becoming a kung fu instructor? Are you a beginner in the art and don't know what course to take to fulfill your dream? Or, you are a veteran and think you have enough experience to become a kung fu teacher? Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, our basic guide can help you.

Just like many martial arts, kung fu is a form of self defense but it is also being practiced as a discipline for personal development and as an exercise to keep oneself fit.

Are you just learning kung fu and entertaining the possibility that someday you can teach the art to others? Or you have you been into kung fu for a long time and it is your dream to teach? As usual in the field of martial arts instruction, one doesn't have to have high educational attainment to teach it. You just have to have years of experience in the practice, possibly backed by certifications, awards and trophies. If you are a veteran in kung fu, you may already have these, which makes your dream to teach already reachable. If you are just starting off, you can continue learning all you can and see whether you can carry the interest for the long haul. Meanwhile, join kung fu clubs and martial arts associations to get more “into” the kung fu world.

Preparing to Become a Kung Fu Instructor

However, skill is not the only qualification to become an effective kung fu instructor. You also have to have good communication skills and confidence in leading your class through applications of kung fu movements, explaining the proper attitudes to display when executing them, and demonstrating tactics for effective self defense. One way to determine whether you are the right cut for teaching is to try to apply or volunteer to assist fitness instructors or martial arts instructors. Not only will you get teaching experience, you also get to have contacts with people who can eventually help you pursue a career in teaching. Also, ask local self-defense schools and gyms for the requirements to become an instructor. They might require a teaching certificate. In that line, you might want to enrol in education courses or sports coaching classes and get a certification in teaching. A physical education teaching certificate is an advantage when applying as a kung fu instructor.

Finding Employment as Kung Fu Instructor

You can find employment as kung fu instructor in self-defense schools, health clubs, gyms, recreation centers, and community centers. Usually, you’d be employed as a part-time teacher and get paid by the hour. To support yourself, you should consider getting a main job or find employment in more than one school. Or, if you are brave or popular enough, you can also open your own practice. You can rent a space or studio to hold your classes. This way, though, can be very challenging as it will require that you should not only become a teacher, but an entrepreneur as well.

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