Anatomy Instructor Career

Are you someone with a rare interest in biological sciences? In high school, do you like studying the structure of human cells and their organization into organs and tissues, as well as their functioning? Would you like to teach subjects related to biology or anatomy? Learn how from our basic guide.

Learning about biological sciences can be a challenge, moreso, is teaching them. And so if you want to become an instructor in a related science like anatomy and physiology, you must have a genuine interest in the subject.

Do you have this rare interest? Are you considering becoming an instructor of this subject or course? If you are at this point, you might be asking yourself whether it is the right career choice for you.

Knowing Whether Anatomy Teaching is For You

You will have a general idea whether taking a degree that will lead you to a career in teaching anatomy is for you by examining your interests. Do you love nature, plants and animals? Do you like reading books and articles relating to life processes. In high school, did you like working with microscopes and in laboratories and exploring the world to study life forms? Can you deal with additional math, physics and chemistry subjects in college? Do you have a desire and the skill to share to others the marvels that you discovered through your readings and explorations? If yes, then most likely you’d enjoy a career in teaching anatomy or a subject or course related to biological science.

Studying to Become an Anatomy Teacher

To prepare for a career in teaching anatomy or biology, you can take a B.A. or B.S. degree in Biology for a general program that would instruct you about living organisms and the processes that give them life. As a B.A. student you can specialize in either biomedical or teaching. The latter will give you teaching method courses that will qualify you to teach secondary science courses. You can also take a bachelor's degree in science with a major in Anatomy and Physiology. In this course you will study organ systems and tissue structures, and the cellular components of the body. According to, the top U.S. Colleges with the highest percentage of anatomy among the 2006-2007 graduating class are the Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, University of California-San Diego in La Jolla and Life University in Marietta, Georgia.

When applying for a teaching position, experience in healthcare and in teaching subjects such as zoology, animal physiology, organismal biology is usually an advantage. So is a master’s degree in a related discipline. In college, a master’s degree in biology or any biological science, physiology may be needed. You can start a career in teaching by holding part-time, adjunct or assistant positions. Salary could be commensurate to experience.

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