“Starting Your Own Guest House Business”
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  • Trixi said on January 13, 2012
    Hi, what are the basic administrative hurdles you have to take before opening a guest house and who do you contact, eg. regarding rezoning if house is currently just for residential use, licensing, insurance, membership in associations...? I am planning to convert a residential house in Cape Town to a 4 bedroom guest house. I appreciate your feedback!
  • Pat Rusch said on January 17, 2012
    I already have my self catering unit, with 2 double bedrooms, a lounge and kitchen, furnished and ready for anyone to stay. I did not need a loan for this, therefore my overheads are minimal. However, I would like to know what all the legal requirements are for starting a self catering. do I need the permission of my neighbors, do i need to register a company, is it necessary to have credit card facilities available, etc. I would really appreciate your feedback, as i am wasting a lot of time with this, where I could've possibly earned income by now!
  • Riaan said on January 19, 2012
    Hi, I already have a premises on the East Rand in South Africa to start my Guest house but want to know if I do need to register, permission from neighbors? Also I would like to know what safety and security measures to put in place.
  • fihliza said on January 22, 2012
    I live in muldrift, mogale city in krugersdop. I have a plot to use and position to run a guest house does qualify. The problem is I need to rezone it an license it I think where about I don't know. And how long does rezoning take and licensing. Pls help?
  • Sean Mokotedi said on January 25, 2012
    Hi i wanna start guest house business in south africa, North West, Zeerust , i dont know how to go about it, I have already identified the place! can you pls help me,thanks
  • Bonie Dube said on January 30, 2012
    Would you kindly assist me with guest house plans for a resort place at an area overlooking a lake and has some wild life in the area. I am looking at and executive room, double, family, shared single and single. Thank you.
  • karthik said on February 2, 2012
    Hi,I have a property located at Chennai on the ECR Road . Its Right Across the beach the space is 10,000Sqft. approx. I am from a Hotel Management background. And would like to start constructing a home-stay property. I also do have my finances in place. I would really love it if i could have some guidelines in taking the first step. Please let me know. Thanks, Regards Karthik
  • matsela said on February 7, 2012
    I want to start my own guest house in south africa. I already have a house with three bedrooms. The question is where do I start?
  • TEMBI said on February 9, 2012
    Hi, I'm based in PE, Eastern Cape. I am very interested in running a conference centre business. Does it have to be my property? Can I rent the property and set up my conference centre?
  • Majuma said on February 11, 2012
    Hi,am in Kenya, Kisumu City and want to start a n accommodation business in Maseno area.This is an environment that has maseno University and a the only Medical School in Western Kenya under Moi University has been opened. I have two prime lands and am in need of funds for construction of hostels for students and a lodge with conferencing facilities. these plots are at an approximate distance of about 3kilometres away. Maseno is 25 kilometres from Kisumu city that now has an International Airport having embraced International Investors.Am willing to co operate and see how best if we have an option of lending me capital how best we'll agree on the payback period on the terms of managing at a certain percentage till the loan is cleared. Please contact me on way forward
  • Lucy said on February 11, 2012
    I run a community based organization in Nairobi, Kenya. I would like to open a Guest House in one of the upmarket areas in Nairobi which can accommodate up to 20 Guest at a time. What do I need to start this project? How much money would I need to start this business. I have the building but would want to know what I need to start the business.
  • sonia said on February 15, 2012
    I would like to know what sort of questions should I be asking potential guests to ensure I have all the information I need and how I can best determine there individual needs.
  • mulimbika fabia said on February 17, 2012
    I've plot on which I planning put a guest house. Where can I get help in terms of funding? From: mufulira Zambia
  • Marion said on February 20, 2012
    Looking at buying a guest house at Melkbos just outside of Cape Town. What are the most important factors one should look at with regard to this. Also what are the most important factors that will contribute to a successfully managed guesthouse.
  • linda said on March 3, 2012
    is it a good to start of buying a hotel that cost approximately 4 million and you still have to make some few changes in the building, the building has not been working for almost 4 years now if i buy its gonna costs me over 2million what should i do?
  • Saisundar said on March 11, 2012
    I want to start threestar hotel please guide me I have ready building I can convert suitably to three star standard
  • Maureen Davhana said on March 20, 2012
    I would love to start a guest house from my home, and it is situated in Limpopo. In a town called Thohoyandou. I need to know how i can get funding to start this business. I only have an idea but lack resources to start this business. Please help.
  • Amerika Kalouche said on March 25, 2012
    hi i'm planning to start a guest house in my hometown Philippines. can you please help me? can you please give me every detail about making one and guidelines? thanks!
  • Kegaisamang Bekwa said on March 25, 2012
    Hi, I need to know how i can get funding to start a guest house business in mahikeng, north west province, south africa. I have an idea but i lack resources to start and the funds. Please assist.
  • jacob ceazar said on March 28, 2012
    I am staying in Langebaan in the West Coast. I want to buy a quest house, I need funds to buy the house. What is the steps to follow ? My country is SA
  • Aniah said on April 1, 2012
    I have two plots of land located at an advantageous area in the Bolgatanga Municipality. Guest House business would be more appropriate with more than 100% ROI. Yes, I am very sure. I need a partner(s) from anywhere on earth since the business is huge to partner with me. An extension of the plots are possible with annexes. All documentations are ready. Let me hear from you on aniahkan@gmail.com Thanks for reading
  • moses okonwo said on April 9, 2012
    please i need a plan how to set up 20rooms guest house in one plot of land...thank u very much..
  • kakoli said on April 19, 2012
    Is there an agency or any individual in Goa who can help in getting a guest house license in GOA for a fee?
  • F.B .Ngcobo said on April 30, 2012
    i want to use my house as a place of business because i'll relocating to another place and again i dont have any experience on this kind of business so i'll need some guidance as i like it. my house is in Clayville Olifantsfontein. Midrand Gauteng SA
  • Benita said on May 4, 2012
    Where do I get startup funding for a guesthouse in SA? Have the property, want to improve and add rooms. Have BEE partners.
  • rock said on May 7, 2012
    I am planning to write a business plan for a guest house to be develop. Has any one got one that i can use? Also need to market this property too it is in Maldives the beautiful beaches and crystal white shallow lagoons. Please use the following email to your responses. v692008@rock.com thanks
  • huruma ibrahimu said on May 10, 2012
    I need to know how i can get funding to complete my guest house business in Katavi Region -Tanzania. construction is at final stage, i need assistant to complete and to add other structure such as Social Hall, swimming pool and other related, enough area for is available 1 acre. Please assist.
  • raj kamal said on June 7, 2012
    hi, i have a better land on the way to mehrangarh fort in jodhpur rajasthan , to open my guest house, could you please tell me how can i get i finance for guest house? i have done MBA in tourism so do am i eligible to get finance from govt.? along with that i want to know to about the companies who can help me out to make a project on guest house. regards raj kamal
  • Moeti Richard Mokobo said on July 6, 2012
    I am based in Witbank, Emalahleni, Mpumalanga town. Please help how to get finance to start Guesthouse Business?
  • Vikash lal said on July 14, 2012
    Hi, i have a better land on the way to kadar ghat in Varanasi, uttarpradesh, i want to open my guest house? Along with that i want to know to about the company who can help me out to make a project on guest house . Regard vikash lal
  • cash-man said on July 15, 2012
    please i want total guide on how to open a small size say 7 rooms apartment guest house in outsketch of lagos nigeria for a start.
  • lynda hannam said on July 15, 2012
    I have a small guesthouse and have been running for four years. We were 4* rated by VisitBritain but decided to opt out of their scheme. Trading Standards tell us we cannot self accredit as this gives a misleading implication!@! There are lots of self accredited accommodation advertised but we're told we cannot do it. I'm sure you can but cannot locate anything at all on the web. Can you help?? Many thanks
  • tumelo said on July 19, 2012
    Am from limpopo I. Want to start a guest house business but I have capital and also I dont know how to write a business plan, plz help
  • qamar said on July 20, 2012
    hi, I am from Kashmir India. I want to set up a guest house business but dont know how to write business plan. Please help.
  • Joel Giro said on July 26, 2012
    Hi, I am from San Juan, Puerto Rico and I have a big property as a home. I wonder if I can share my house to make it as a petite guest house with all the amenities a guest house can have. My house is approx. 10 minutes away from the airport and I can offer transportation from the airport to the guest house. Is this ok? thanks for your advice.
  • AUSTIN CHIHANA said on July 27, 2012
    I am eagerly reading your good facts about turning into guesthouse business. I am eagerly and optimistic to have a starter in Katoto - Mzuzu - Malawi. Through tough funds, your tutorial, Gods guidance, everything shall be possible.
  • Raj Kumar Wali said on August 6, 2012
    I am going to start construction of my future guest house next month in Jammu (J&K). The plan is approved by the Municipality. The funds are arranged. What I am curious to know is what sort of registrations with which departments are required? What kind of taxes/ service taxes are applicable. I want to do everything as per legal official requirements to avoid any problems latter on. Please advise. Thanks and regards. Raj
  • Jacky Phago said on August 11, 2012
    Hi I'm from Hammanskraal, South Africa, I would like to know from which office should I visit to register for a guest house, can I still get the registration forms online?
  • Megha said on August 26, 2012
    I want to open a paying guest for girls in kolkata (India). I came to know that I have to get it registered. so please guide me from where i should get the online forms.
  • Danie Beyleveld said on August 30, 2012
    Rustenburg, North West. Hi, can you help me please, I received a notice from the local Fire Department that I do not comply with Fire and Safety standards and regulations. I got 21 day's to comply. Can you please help me with any spec's or detail. Thanks Danie
  • HON Luka said on September 13, 2012
    Hi There, My name is Hon Ley, call Luka. I am from Cambodia and I am living in Siem Reap where Angkor What is located. I have worked experience more than 5 year in tourist industry. But now I am looking for a partner to run a Guesthouse with me due to I don't have enough capital but I have hospitality skill. I will give all my plan and other detail information regarding to running this business, to make sure you are clear before doing the business. If someone interested on that please contact to my email address (lukahon2@gmail.com) Should you need future information please do not hesitate to contact me. Best regard, Luka
  • devanand thakur said on September 18, 2012
    sir i want to start guest house business at manali i want good partner for its marketing. can i get any person please help me.
  • william moeketsi said on September 18, 2012
  • rajiv said on September 25, 2012
    sir i want to open a guest house business but where will i get the required funds, as for now i am penniless
  • Gadija said on September 30, 2012
    hi i'm from cape town, western cape, south africa. found guesthouses and lodges 4 sale. is there anywhere i can go 4 funds. ur advice is quite helpful. much appreciated. thanx.gadija
  • kathrina said on October 12, 2012
    hi i'm Kathrina stay in windhoek, Namibia. i'm praying you could assist me i'm planning to open a lodge with 14 rooms, restaurant, brand camping area i'm busy doing a business plan but i'm not sure of some points e.g tax regime, foreign exchange, risk reduction, risk retention and lastly the raw materials and costing you could assist me with a business plan that include the above topics!
  • clement mhonda said on October 18, 2012
    Hie, I am Clement Mhonda from Vumba Zimbabwe. May you assist me with information on how I can set up a guest lodge on my farm in Vumba, a tourist attraction area. Vumba is in the same area with the famous Leopard Rock hotel.
  • alice said on October 19, 2012
  • lee said on October 22, 2012
    hi i am looking at starting a b and b in the uk, blackpool, i have relevent experiance, and i know where to get the funding, i know what to do and where to get everything i need to start, but before i can get the finance released i need to show a business plan, i have the business plan templates but was asking if you could send me a business plan sample so i could make sure i get the layout right and dont miss anything out. many thanks
  • charmaine said on October 23, 2012
    i would like to purchase a current running guesthouse in Bloemfontein, but dont have the funds at all. How do i go about this. please assist me
  • Manju Sharma said on November 2, 2012
    Hi, I am located in South delhi, I want to know that what is the procedure for getting a residence flat registered as breakfast & bed.
  • NARESH KAMRA said on November 4, 2012
  • Kay said on November 7, 2012
    I want to start my own guesthouse at a place, close to my home village. i will not be staying there. so is it wise to start a business at a place i'm not staying at? can u please send me a draft for a business plan for a guesthouse so that i may provide when applying for fund. Thank you in advance, looking forward to your positive response.
  • herbert said on November 11, 2012
    Hi There, i need funding to upgrade my property to a guesthouse. Already rooms(9) are in place, its the beds, tv's, bedding and scullery as well as repainting the house. I have the rights(license)to operate. Also advice about business plan with regards to a guesthouse. I'm in WITBANK, SOUTH AFRICA. I thank you.
  • nokwazi said on November 15, 2012
    The house that I want to convert to guest house is at Umkomaas South Coast Sun Park. I can see it requires an interior and exterior design as well as funding. Tell me how do I get started to this Business it is also not fenced.
  • vinolia morake said on November 20, 2012
    hi, i need a business plan to start a guest house!!!! i dont know how to draft a business plan!!! please help me out!!
  • vinolia morake said on November 20, 2012
    hi, i'm from fochville in Gauteng (South Africa) i really need a help on how to draft a guest house business plan !!
  • Annetta Keijer said on December 3, 2012
    I have had a guest house in Benoni for 4 1/2 years. We started small with 4 rooms but have expanded to 13 rooms. In the beginning I used to do a lot of the work myself but now I would like to just be involved with the admin and cooking. I am not sure what would be an adequate amount of cleaners to have. Would it be advisable to possibly employ 1 person at the front desk for bookings etc and to assist with the checking of the rooms? I do not want to over- or under- employ.
  • retief said on December 6, 2012
    Need info to start a guest house in Rivonia Johannesburg!
  • Happy Motswakhumo said on December 11, 2012
    i live in kasane, in botswana i want to start my own guest house i would luv you to help me out with a business plan.
  • Kagiso said on December 19, 2012
    I want to buy a lodge in Hartebeesportdam and it costs 9 milion where can I get a grant because DTI is no longer assisting with grants there scheme/ grand programme was send to Department of Tourism and they are not ready to issue grands, they promise to run with there scheme after 2014 and it will be too-late by then
  • Portia Jackson said on December 28, 2012
    I live in Francistown, in Botswana i want to open my own guest house at my home village Themashanga its 40 kilometres from Franchise town. I will be happy if u could help me with a business plan. And list all equipments that i will need in a guest house.
  • Kwame said on January 9, 2013
    Please I want more information about how to convince customers to your guest house. My mail:k_boadu@ymail.com
  • dimakatso said on January 24, 2013
    hi i have a house in tzaneen limpopo and would like to turn it to guesthouse i have passion for the guesthouse but lack info on how to start. please email me a solid business plan example that i can apply for finance. and all the info required. thank you
  • D Dias said on January 27, 2013
    i own a place in Goa, India, by the seaside in the north. But the place is bit rural. Is there a potential to get guests staying in my guesthouse? Cause i have no idea about this business. Pls. guide me.
  • KALULU RONALD said on February 6, 2013
    How do i go about starting my own guesthouse? If there is some one who is willing to join hands with me, then i welcome him/her. I have training in hotel and restaurant management which can give me skills but only lacking funds. Thus if some one has funds, i have the required skills.
  • M.L.SRINIVAS SHARMA said on February 7, 2013
    my proposed hospitality industry near sriperumbudur. need capital loan 5 crore without int.long repayment principals .please sms to my mobile no.+919382847447
  • kandavel said on February 8, 2013
    hello, i like to open a guest house consisting of 20 rooms in chennai, i request to inform what are the required certificates to run a guest house, i understand it is from fire and health department, apart from those certificate and license does i have to obtain from any other department like turism, from police clearance, etc.
  • Sam Ndinisa said on February 18, 2013
    Hi, I'm in Phola/Ogies ,2233, Mpumalanga province. want to start a three star guest house with training center facilities as new business. How to start? i'm a register pty ltd company
  • victor said on February 22, 2013
    I like to open guest house please advice me
  • manohar said on March 1, 2013
    I am looking for investor to start a small hotel in south india. I have full knowledge and experience working in 5 star hotels for many years and have a full team to start with. But looking for funds. if anyone is interested please let me know on irodonde@gmail.com
  • May said on March 7, 2013
    Hi. I dont have a business background, just brainstorming what I could do with a piece of land. I've found your page through a general search on google, reading the article and above posts has given me the idea that starting a guesthouse sounds like a good idea especially for my location, I would be starting from scratch (building it, etc). This is what I have; a piece of land which I could approximately put 10x single self-contained b/room (I dont have the exact area measurement on me right now), the location is on a tropical island province(state) - overlooking a cliff, great views of the sea and island opposite to the front and tropical forest to the back, close and accessible to the main road and the airport. I have a trading business licensed certificate from the legal entity in my country, I have other family members who are interested in investing, myself (determined to start a business- people centred, hospitality centred), I have some saving, I have knowledge of people I may employ in this business, I have a vision of what my business would look like starting small and building it up to what my strength can produce, etc... What I need to know is; Is it possible to start off a guesthouse with just a piece of land? What Kind of a business plan could I go to the bank or an organisation with to ask for a loan (I will need a loan)? Could you assist me coming up with a business plan? Is starting with maybe a 4 room Guesthouse really going to work? If I operated a small restaurant there as well, what license would I need? I have other questions I would like to ask if possible by email. Thanks, May... Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea [South Pacific]
  • wilhelm mullis said on March 14, 2013
    waynesboro tn. 38485 i want to build a series of small one room cabins and rent them out to hunters, fisherman and equesterians. any suggestions on how to get started and marketing of this type of business?
  • Gina said on March 17, 2013
    I currently own a family house in Barbados that is right by the sea. I am in the process of turning it into a Guest house. I am in the process of incorporation and drawing up the plans to renovate. At this time I need a tool that will help me with this process. Can you recommend a tool the will help me with the process including but limited to renovation, interior/exterior design,measuring ,buying furniture etc. and the steps for the process. Something like what "comes first the chicken or the egg". Thanks for your help
  • Jinya Linda said on March 19, 2013
    I would like to get a proposal on building a guest house over looking the mountain
  • Abraham Joseph said on March 21, 2013
    I have a 3 bedroom house located in the hearth of Silver Spring Maryland, I would like to offer the house as a guesthouse, who do I start? please contact me at 202 415-0138 for any recommendation. Thanks
  • irma said on March 25, 2013
    georgia, lagodekhi. I own a family house in mountinous region of Georgia. I want to open guest house. I am looking for investor. If anyone interested please let me know. There are well known preserve with many waterfalls. lakes and rivers in this area. There is very fresh air and mild weather.
  • lawrence said on April 1, 2013
    I would like to start a holiday home in south Indian Ooty. I need a marketing plan in term of generating regular revenue & business. Mail: lawrence_a@rediffmail.com
  • Joshua Toge said on April 2, 2013
    how am i going to construct my guest house project and where will i get funds to run my guest house business?
  • Dra. Dumas said on April 2, 2013
    My guest House is located in Panama, Panama. I like info in how to obtain financing in order to expand. i wish you can assist me with a list of private lenders/investors. who could assist me. Thank you
  • pawan said on April 5, 2013
    want more information regarding Guest House Business. Business plans, registration ion regarding Guest House Business. Business plans, registration, license . my land is available in pahar ganj 200 sq yard. and also give me information to open paying guest accommodation in same land.
  • Caroline said on April 8, 2013
    Guest House, Perth, Western Australia. I am wanting to buy a property in a location of interest to partition off as part Guest House & part our family home. Ocean View properties are expensive, but location location location is so important. We would love a large two storey property so that the Guest House would have the best views with a balcony, have large living/dining area, kitchen,ensuit- bathroom with their own Entrance,set of keys, garden & Parking. We want the guest to be self efficient, have their own space & come & go however they please. Can you please advise how to go about funding for the above dream property ?? Kindest Regards, Caroline
  • Gillian said on April 12, 2013
    Alberton, South Africa. I am about to retire but still want to work and have an income. I love the hospitality trade and feel I could succeed. I am going to do all the necessary basics of funding, finding a property etc. but where does one start to find clients? It will be small initially 4 - 5 rooms.
  • Cynthia said on April 15, 2013
    Hi, I have a passion for hospitality and would like to start my own Accommodation and Conference facility. For now to me funding is not an issue, I am much more concerned about putting up a concrete plan to build a real Hospitality Business Brand that I may present to my bank, I would also like to know if it is necessary for me to study a course in Conference, Exhibition and Events Management? Your immediate response in this regard will be highly appreciated. Cynthia (Embalenhle, Mpumalanga, South Africa)
  • Tallisa said on April 17, 2013
    Hi, am running a hostel/bed and breakfast for tourists near Nairobi airport. i wish to get a partner to run the business with me. He/she must be enthusiastic and love the business to be able to achieve. Am looking at upgrading it for better returns. my email is tallisabarbs@yahoo.com
  • khensani said on April 18, 2013
    please help me. I want to take over on the existing guest house business.
  • Giehaan Loonat said on April 18, 2013
    Hi my name is Giehaan. I am wanting to start my own guest house. I do have the property and the location. i need to find a financial institute that will fund me the finances. I also need a good business plan that will help me to start up this business. It is one of my passions to be a owner or entrepreneur of a guest house. I have the drive and the energy to run a business to the best of my abilities. I am also creating job opportunities to those who need work. Give them the necessary skills and development in order for them to be business owners one day. Please assist me in order to follow my dreams and to those who need help in order for them to follow there dreams. I live in Port Elizabeth. The Friendly City. Your Promote Response Would be Most Appreciated. Regards Giehaan Loonat
  • ahmed said on April 24, 2013
    i'm from maldives. how i can get a partner who can do guest house business in here maldives..
  • RVT said on April 25, 2013
    I am looking for a institution that would be willing to finance a start up guest house. I have contacted the bank(s), various small business loan companies and feel that I have nearly exhausted all of my avenues as I have been looking for weeks already. I am based in Western Cape, have a small deposit to put down on the guest house lots of drive to make it successful yet my biggest hurdle is finance.
  • Elotu Mary said on April 27, 2013
    I live in Uganda and would like to start a guest house up country. Kindly guide me on how to get started. I have five single rooms and a family room. My business location is 30 miles along Lira Highway in a place called Otuboi in Kabermaido District.
  • N.K.SINHA said on May 7, 2013
    sir, i want to start small guest house business in my residence i have six room with attach latrin bathroom water, electric facility good location for this business and also scope to extend the more room what type of license and no objection is required for smooth business kindly help me my city is GAYA State BIHAR CountryINDIA
  • Vinod S Paliwal said on May 10, 2013
    Hi Sir, My Self Vinod Paliwal and i am interested to start the guest house business, can you please help on following points
    1. Government Rules & Regulation in India Maharsahtra state
    2. Can Govt/Bank is providing fund or loan to start the business for womans
    3. What will the action points or steps for this business
    4. Fund Requirement
    5. Can this business start with rented premises will be profitable.
  • Susan said on May 14, 2013
    My professional Tourism and Hospitality Management, I really have a passion to begin my own business some day, either a small guest House, Bed and breakfast or a Tour Company. Currently I work with an ICT Company I want to start saving for Capital which is one of my greatest limitation as am not paid highly. But my passion and heart desires is to engage into the above 2 Business. Any one with great ideas are welcome or even whom we can partner with will be greatly welcome. Am 28 year lady from Kenya, my contacts are email; syoniz2006@yahoo.com or mobile +254714470452
  • Agnes said on May 16, 2013
    Hi I'm building a guesthouse at Burgersfort and I am booking for an institution that will assist me with finance the place is next to the river and beautiful mountains
  • Henry said on May 17, 2013
    Pretoria. Hi. I just want to ask. A house became available that was already used as a guest house. Now, my thinking is to try to buy the house and then to run a guest house from it, as it is my wifes' dream to always have a guest house, and she will be brilliant in the marketing and catering of the house. Now, my name is not good at the banks, so, do you may have advise on who we can turn to, to maybe get finance to be able to buy the house as a business and start a very good guesthouse. Where would we need to start. Please help, thank you.
  • sourav said on May 22, 2013
    I have purchased guesthouse at purl(orissa), please guide me where to give the add for booking.
  • Mientjie said on May 29, 2013
    I need to know, where do I get forms to register a overnight accommodation or guesthouse. What is the criteria in running such establishment and do I have to register if I only have 4 rooms to rent out?
  • Davis Kizito said on May 29, 2013
    I own a small guest house with club activity as well. It is located 10 Kilometers from Entebbe Airport on Kampala/Entebbe road just 300 meters off main road. The setup is wall fenced; has ample parking and security. How best can I boost my place?
  • kiggundu stephen said on June 4, 2013
    Hi , i would like to know whether its in order to have guesthouse and club at the same time on the same premises. I would rather think that the two cannot be together, i want your advise. In the near future i plan to have a guest house
  • Mohamed said on June 5, 2013
    I want to start a guest house business, i would like to get a simple proposal with the investment, income, forecast and also including all the expenses and breakdowns. So i look frwd of yr mail. email: fath_they@hotmail.com


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