“Starting Your Own Guest House Business”
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  • Ntomb'k said on July 8, 2010
    I've just moved into a beautiful thatched home that I've bought. It's a double storied with separate kitchen, toilet as well as entrance. I wish to convert a top storey into a self catering. Where should I start
  • Kalala Benoit said on July 10, 2010
    i don't know if i did a good move, because i'm renting a house and transforming it in 14 rooms g.h. the house is located in a good neighborhood in lubumbashi in DRC, i need funds to finish the g.h. i need a business plan for this g.h. As you know Lubumbashi is the economic capital city in DRC, and have a big flow of tourists and investors, the thing is i'm in big need of money to finish the g.h. i even need a partnership if possible. I think i'm luckier to come across your website, don't just throw this message, i need your help please. my contacts: 00243995744983
  • Lynne said on August 3, 2010
    North Wales. I am currently looking into ways of taking over an already established guest house, however I am finding it difficult to obtain the necessary funds. Do you know any ways of obtaining the initial funding required to acquire the property?
  • Christopher said on August 20, 2010
    Hi I would just like to know what is the minimum requirement for a guesthouse and what licenses and documents are required eg. liquor license etc. The guest house will be in Sandton.
  • pulane said on August 30, 2010
    i wanna start a guest house business i will need a business plan on how to start i am currently staying in Pretoria.
  • michael singh said on August 30, 2010
    hi i have 4 bedroom flat in pollockshields glasgow scotland, i want to turn it into a bed and breakfast can you call me on 0786 1788 915 plz
  • mohamed said on September 1, 2010
    am a boy aged 25, i have a guest house and i want build a beautiful one.. am running on loan procedure, could it be good to build from loan?
  • Lidia said on September 13, 2010
    I want to open guest house in Venice, Italy, I need experienced partner.
  • Chris said on September 16, 2010
    I want to start a guesthouse in Harare very close to the city centre. i will start with a 7 roomed guesthouse. I have the house already. What leads can you give me to obtain finance to do the renovations and start running the lodge.?
  • Shannon said on September 21, 2010
    I want to start up a guest house in Pretoria, South Africa. can you please supply me with all the info on how to start and what licenses I will need and where do I apply for them??
  • Hayley said on September 22, 2010
    Hi there, I'd like some advise on buying over an existing guest house. I'm looking at a choice between Gordans Bay and Sea Point, Cape Town. Can anyone tell me which of the two areas are more lucrative and why? Any further advise is welcomed. If you are a potential seller, feel free to contact me as well. ...South Africa
  • Angel & Jenny said on September 25, 2010
    Hello, We live in San Juan, Puerto Rico and we have a dream, The dream of becoming entrepreneurs, by giving the best vacation (service wise) + (destination) at an affordable Price. But we have a few inquiries like from where do we get funds to purchase a Location we already spot it.
  • Joseph Moloto said on October 8, 2010
    Hello.I'd like advices of getting funds to start my own lodge around Burgersfort. My problem is how I'm going to approach Limdef, lipsa and others. Please help in detail of information. Bye
  • Sioned Parry said on October 11, 2010
    Although i am hoping to set up a guest house in North Wales.
  • FIKILE said on October 19, 2010
    The info that i got is very good info but i needed more where exactly do you get a license do i have register the guest house with cipro and the stars how do you get those 3 stars, 4 stars etc. thanks fikile , South Africa
  • Esmeralda said on October 24, 2010
    We are currently building an 8 bedroom lodge in Celina, TN, USA. What are the requirements for registration and licensing of the business? What insurance do we need? How can we protect ourselves from potential "liabilities". What is the best way to charge/bill clients? Is Paypal a good idea?
  • Olive's Cottage - Jenny said on October 25, 2010
    I am currently operating a B&B in Molteno.EC. and would like to build another one in the same area. Please I would like to have advice on financial assistance. Thank you
  • dinnyar said on October 26, 2010
    I am presently working as G M ops in one of the prestigious guest houses in Hyderabad India. Would like to be of help in setting up guest houses any where in the world.Have hands on experience of more then 8 years.Would work on consultancy basis.
  • jagannath said on October 26, 2010
    dear sir, i have buildings near ganga at varanasi, also i have license,just i want to register my guest house at hostel world site for online booking. please give me information that how can i register?
  • Malebo said on November 30, 2010
    Hi,i want to start a guest house, salon and day spa at a house that i own in Johannesburg (South Africa). I just wanted to find out what are the legal procedures to follow to get my business up an running and where do i need to go for help.
  • Hazel Khumalo said on December 12, 2010
    I am in Crystal Park, Benoni, about 45km from the Tambo Airport. I would like to start a guest house. I have a house with two beautiful cottages. How to go about the license, business plan, and let me know all the requirement to make my house comfortable for the quests.
  • Okito said on December 16, 2010
    I own a property which i want to turn to a guest house with almost 10 rooms in a plot of 60 x 40. in Q/Golf in the city of Lubumbashi,Katanga in the Dem Rep of Congo I would like to start a guest house. Do you know any ways of obtaining the initial funding required to set up the full project? A serious partner is welcomed. I am currently based in Toronto, Canada. Would you also also help with a business plan?
  • bren said on January 2, 2011
    how much deposit and other expenses would i need to fund an up and running guest house
  • sukhameen singh oberoi said on January 9, 2011
    hi i'm indian how can i start a business in singapore and please tell me the procedure to get business visa to open business in singapore like advertising, guest house, securities agency, or any other business plz help me out thanks
  • Laura said on January 18, 2011
    Please send info on getting started & licensed for a lodge and writing a business plan and any other helpful info on setting up & running a lodge. I also need financing for my lodge. I have the land to start with. Thank you in advance!
  • sharon said on January 20, 2011
    i'm married of sri lankan from aluthgama down south of sri lanka and my land is near the beach.i want to have a 4 to 5 cabanas near our home,so is it possible and how to start,how much it will cost for 1 cabanas?pls let me know as soon as possible.tnx & more power to your column,i enjoyed reading,i learned a lot.
  • Micah Mbano said on January 20, 2011
    I would like to built a Country Guest House in Harare Zimbabwe. I need a plan that I can adopt and other necessary items I should include. Best Regards Micah Mbano
  • manmohan said on January 21, 2011
    Hi, we are planning to expand our exiting 4 rooms GH, at Aradhan Enclave, near RK Puram, Delhi.It is being used by company's staff from other cities. We wish to add more locations with a view to increase revenue. Is it a good idea to sell it thru corporate, travel agent with low cost carrier for their pay as a packaged tour. Pls advice on what would be required to expand it to a full fledged company. thanks Manmohan
  • Goitseone Masogo said on February 10, 2011
    We have a piece of land (16 ha)in Rasesa,Mochudi, Botswana. We have surveyed water for borehole.The land is fenced and its current use is for horticulture. We are planing to commercializing the land in which we want: guest house,wedding garden, orchard, planting vegetables (green pepper, onions, carrots, tomatoes, rappe, spinach, cabbage, lettuce) and rearing cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. Now we need a business plan which encompasses all these in one plan so that we can apply for Title Deeds.
  • Tumi said on February 13, 2011
    Johannesburg, South Africa. Hi, I am looking for information on licensing a guest house. I engaged a town planner to assist but no progress was made as my project was not prioritized. Kindly assist with following information:
    1. what steps to follow to get the guesthouse licensed?
    2. do I do a rezoning application or is there an alternative application which is shorter and less complex?
    3. How much should I budget for this process?
    Thanks in advance, Tumi
  • Phumie said on February 13, 2011
    Hi guys. I'm in JHB S. Africa. Really interested in starting a bnb/lodge business, I just dont know where to start. There are plenty of bnb's and lodges for sale, what are the steps to follow?
  • Yolandi said on February 15, 2011
    Hi, It has always been a dream of mine to open a guesthouse and run it. But I have no idea where to get started. What qualifications/knowledge do I need, ex. hospitality, business management, I studied interior decorating, but the business part, could you maybe suggest something I can study that will help me overall understand all aspects of starting up and running my own guesthouse? I am planning to register at UNISA for their 3month small business management course. Do you think that will help me get started? Please guide me in the right direction?
  • Edith Kanyemba said on February 17, 2011
    Thank you for this information. I am interested in starting a guest house here in Lusaka, Zambia. My problem is funds and how to do a bankable business plan. Please help with the business plan and which companies/organizations can help with funds. Thanking you in advance.
  • gianma said on February 20, 2011
    Hi, It has always been a dream of mine to open a guesthouse and run it. But I have no idea where to get started. What qualifications/knowledge do I need, ex. hospitality, business management etc.. could you maybe suggest something I can study that will help me overall understand all aspects of starting up and running my own guesthouse? Where can i find funds? What about advertising web sites? thanks very much
  • Leena said on February 23, 2011
    I need help in the business plan and also how to get license to start a guest house or hostel. Where to get furniture and info abt the interior. also how to raise fund for the same. Thnx in advance.
  • mayuresh said on March 1, 2011
    i want to start guest house business for at least 15 rooms. pl. help to guide me for where to avail funds? best locations in nasik, maharashtra, india.
  • Raghunath expert adviser said on March 2, 2011
    @mayuresh, any banker will finance you as this project can be accomplished in 40 lacs to 1 crore. You need to have a solid business plan and collateral for the loan.

    Raghunath Natarajan
    Startup Biz Hub - Advisor (Staff)

  • Nthabiseng K said on March 10, 2011
    Please advise on the best way to get finances for a B&B or Guest house in and around Lanseria( Ranburg)Gauteng
  • Bandara said on March 11, 2011
    I have opened my guest house in Bentota sri lanka (3 km from the famous tourist area). My question is, how can I find the guests for my rooms and restaurant? Can you tell me the way of booking from abroad? please
  • Ramesh said on March 14, 2011
    Hi, I am planning to start 15 bedroom guest house in chennai. Kindly let me what is the procedure to get the required licenses. Regards, Ramesh.V 9840108472
  • Oageng said on March 17, 2011
    I am struggling to get a piece of land to build my guest house, how to write a proposal to get a land from municipality
  • daceess said on March 18, 2011
    my business is in nyc and I would like to start a bed and breakfast/guest house with no funds or property are there any programs that will assist with startup.
  • Endy said on March 22, 2011
    I am about writing a business plan for a guest house in Lagos- Nigeria. Can u help with a good business plan that can be adopted?
  • Aung Kumal said on March 24, 2011
    I am interested in setting up a guest house project and need information on how to do a business plan/proposal to secure funding.
  • precious said on March 31, 2011
    i would like to invest on property, my idea is to build townhouses for people to rent...where do i get finance for that.i live in durban.
  • RICARD KIPTUI said on April 3, 2011
    i am a kenyan residing in Eldoret city and want financial help to put up a guest house at kapsabet of 5 classic rooms with ideal sitting room, kitchen and security wall. any willing person or church organisation is welcomed to enable me meet my dream in life. karibu kenya.
  • Carla said on April 5, 2011
    i'm appointed as manager of a new guest house in Bloemfontein, Free State. The guest house is still being renovated, so what i would like to know, where do i find the necessary registration forms in regards to all the licensing that needs to be done? and who do i contact?
  • Mary Ellis said on April 15, 2011
    Sannat, Gozo, Malta. We have a licensed guesthouse and we are already receiving guests. Can you please tell me if you are supposed to clean the rooms, linen,etc. everyday. Please help me, I feel confused. Maria
  • Niraj said on April 25, 2011
    Hi, I have got a house in Wembley, HA9 7HG - 3 bedrooms + 1 box room, living /dinning room, kitchen, utility room, 2 toilets, 1 shower + 1 bathroom + 1 breakfast room + double garage at the rear of the property with a side entrance. I want to turn it into a guest house:
    1. Firstly, where do I start?
    2. How to draw up a bankable business plan for a guest house. Would you please send me a sample business plan - not a business template
    3. Can you provide a list of facilities/amenities that I may require to setup?
    4. Is there any specifications for example what type of beds, bedding etc?
    5. What qualifications/knowledge do I need, ex. hospitality, business management etc.. Could you suggest something I can study that will help me in overall understanding in running my own guesthouse?
    6. Where can I find funds?
    7. What about advertising web sites?
    8. Is is difficult to obtain the license from the council and from where should I download the application forms etc?
    9. Do I need to provide attached shower room and toilet in each bedroom?
    10. Do I need to do lot of internal conversions to meet up with the requirements?
    11. Is the fire/health & Safety Regulations tough for this type of business?
    12. Can me and my wife run this business + 1 other staff?
    13. Normally, how long does it take to get the approval and license from the local council?
    14. Do I need to provide breakfast for the guest in the morning as well, as McDonalds is just 5 mins walk from the property?
    15. In Wembely area there is actually a big problem for parking space. What should I do to resolve this issue?
    16. Should there be any resilience/opposition from the neighbors if I'm embarking in this project?
    Your help would be highly appreciated. Many thanks.
  • SHADRACKY ABRAHAM said on April 27, 2011
    My name is shadrack am in Tanzania i have a guest house mbeya chunya saza,but there is an opportunity to expand my business because is the mining place and am alone to provide that service but the problem is i have no enough money to start another guest house help me how can i write a proposal for loan and if you wish
  • Clinton Ngobe said on May 2, 2011
    HI I want an accommodation business. A guesthouse is my first project I'm engaging in. What I want to know is exactly what do I need to start a lucrative 5 star Guesthouse & spa. for eg what should it include. Where do I get the quotes for everything. Top class is my vision.
  • Lizzie said on May 3, 2011
    Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. Hi there, I am currently employed as a manager at a hostel and would like to go into partnership with the current owner. Does anyone have any ideas on the best way to go about it?do I need to give him a business plan?if so, where can I get a template or example?also, what is the best way to get some financing? Thanx
  • mthoko said on May 10, 2011
    I need to start my own bed and breakfast at KZN but i dont know what first step should i take*worried*
  • Gilbert Zulu said on May 26, 2011
    I live in Zambia in a town called Kitwe. This town is set in the middle of the Zambian Copper belt business district. I have a 10 room beautiful estate set along the banks of one of the major rivers of Zambia, about 10 minutes drive from the town centre. We have all the trimmings to make a good guest house and a campsite. Am looking for a person, who loves Africa, to join me and make this a best destination for our guests. Any takes!!!
  • Ojo beginner adviser said on May 28, 2011
    The first you need to consider before starting a business I mean any business is to ask your self do I have passion for this kind of business I want to go into. Once you are able to answer this very important question then you can go ahead. Ojo@Naijabizcom
  • Ram said on June 8, 2011
    Hi this is Ram from Chennai. We are planning to set up low budget guest house in AP, Karnataka and Chennai. Please advice me on the statutory process and as well the kind of registers to be maintained in house. You may reach me at 9841038486. I am also looking at venture partners who can help me in sourcing good places in AP and Karnataka. Thanks
  • Nthabiseng said on June 14, 2011
    I'm a young business lady & i want to open my guest house. Please tell the disadvantage of opening afresh. Where people know nothing about my business or me.
  • Herman Bukenya said on June 24, 2011
    Am inquiring whether i can develop a partnership with you to build up sustainable income for our Organization. Hope for a positive response. Regards.
  • Homba Dunga said on June 26, 2011
    I need information/advice on where to get grant funding as assistance on guest house that is operating. Funding will assist on renovations on the establishment, furniture and operational expenses. Mthatha Eastern Cape, South Africa
  • Senthil said on June 28, 2011
    Hi..I have a small land of around 10000 sq ft in a place called auroville which is located near Pondicherry. I wanted construct guest house or we can even call it as pay guest accommodations. with around 10 - 15 rooms. Since this is a little remote area from town and located near a village, this area comes under the panchayat. my queries are, Do i need a license to run a PG. If yes, who is the authority to be approached. If license not required, what are the features that has to be incorporated, to consider my project as a PG accommodation. Please help me...
  • Lwigale Henry M said on June 30, 2011
    I am in Uganda, Northern Region, Lira District. I have identified a plot of land and purchased it. I would like advice on Design for a ten self contained room guest house, Dinning and bar. Henry
  • Sunetra said on June 30, 2011
    I am from Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India. I am planning on starting a Homestay Business but need to know the legalities associated with starting it here. It will be located in my own house as we have 4 rooms to spare.
  • Christa said on July 21, 2011
    I want more information regarding Guesthouse Business, Business plans, about registration and how to get funds. I want to start up but don't have any single cent, is that possible and if yes, where do I get the capital from. regards
  • Ali Abdulla said on July 21, 2011
    I want investors for Guesthouse Business in Maldives, Business plans, about registration and how to get investors. I want to start up we have the land ready for it is that possible and if yes please contact us the interested parties for my email ali_ayya@hotmail.com. Location Maldives island Vaavu Thinadhoo. Rep of Maldives...
  • joseph dizae said on July 26, 2011
    hi! my name is Joseph dizae. i need help .can you please provide me with the business proposal of the guest house?
  • wornseng said on July 29, 2011
    I want to open the guesthouse so what should i have in the room to make people like to stay and come back again, can you give the way reach to the goal.
  • Petronella Jansen van Vuuren said on August 6, 2011
    1) We would like to open a Guest House in Farrarmere Benoni, we would like to know if there is a demand for Guest Houses in the area before we spend a lot of money to upgrade our facility.
    2) How long does it take to get a Guest House registered. Thanking you in advance.
    Best Regards Petronella
  • Mary-ann said on August 8, 2011
    I would like to start a guest house in one of these cities Germiston, Boksburg or Kempton Park. Before doing so I would like to know whether or not these cities would be viably lucrative for such a business? Thank you
  • tebogo said on August 18, 2011
    I want more information regarding Guest House Business, Business plans, guest house building plans, registration, how to get funds, and what licenses I will need and where do I apply for them. I live in South Africa in Northern Cape.
  • Benny said on August 18, 2011
    Hi there, I in living in Bfn.where can i get funds to start up my Guest house,and who can be at my assistance regarding business plan and other needed tools to get me started? thank you
  • Mazi Pepple said on August 18, 2011
    i want to know the A-Z of running a successful guest house because am interested and that apart i want it located in Lagos or Port-harcourt.
  • Tholakele Jabu Mlondo said on August 23, 2011
    Hi i've found some one who is interested in giving me money to start my Guest house Business but i'm not sure where to start cos he wants a business plan. i just dont know if i should write a business plan first with out a place or find a place first and that need money the other thing i don't want to buy a house i want to build it the way i want it
  • Molefi Kamoi said on August 25, 2011
    Hi, I am developing a new houses in a complex, so i need some advices what is the low cost effective power supply i can use for the houses,e.g Solar, gas, electricity, that will accommodate infrastructure.
  • Daniel Maire said on September 1, 2011
    Dear sir, NEED #1., I already have a house that has 10 rooms going for nightly rent but needs more maintenance and things for PGK80,000. I am from Papua New Guinea and my name is Daniel Maire. I need finance very badly and would you help? NEED #2., I have a home for rental in the Nation's capital city. I need PGK2.5MILION to start Real Estate business. Would you help me, please?
  • Saidu Muhammed said on September 8, 2011
    Dear Friends, running a Guest House needs good funding, this is nor a small business. For buying a building in a town or nice location and furnishing say 20 rooms, reception etc. needs minimum 2-3 crores. That's why I said it is not a small business.
  • Simon said on September 11, 2011
    I am thinking of setting up a guest house in rural west of ireland setting. It will be part of my dwelling house but with 2 family sized rooms, dining room and sitting room away from living quarters. Almost all set to go, would appreciate marketing advice. Rooms would really families with children looking for a quiet getaway.
  • Sharon Burrows said on September 12, 2011
    my partner and i would love to start up a bed & breakfast in Wales. We want to know how to go about doing this. Can we buy or can we do a live-in and run it for someone else? As we are both in our mid-fifties would this be a problem if we were to try and buy as we would have no funds available?
  • Kumar Gaurav Singh said on September 13, 2011
    i want to know about the process involved in getting license for opening paying guest accommodation
  • Else said on September 14, 2011
    Is there a formula to establish the BEST number of bedrooms in a new B&B/Hotel?
  • Hemant Jain said on September 15, 2011
    We are start a new residential student hostel but some problem where to Registration in Govt rules. please suggest me. M no 9828559235
  • Manish Kumar said on September 20, 2011
    we are going to start a new guest house, but we r not able to find out govt. fees for guest house license pls help me for same. My M no. is 8802637533.
  • Chris said on September 22, 2011
    I live in Kriel, Mpumalanga and have a house with spare rooms that I want to rent out. What is the requirements for rent a room (self catering). Must it be registered? Please assist.
  • Kobena said on September 25, 2011
    I am from Ghana, West Africa. I have a nine bedroom house( yet to be completed) located in a prime area in Accra, capital of Ghana. Do I have to provide toilet and bath facilities in all the rooms for a guest house. Getting a financial facility here is quite difficult and therefore finding it difficult to complete the project. Is there any available suggestion to get this project completed
  • maria said on September 26, 2011
    i have a guest house in Goa India, could you kindly advise some of the advertising sites i can advertise on. Thank you
  • Lucas said on September 27, 2011
    I have a house in Louis Trichardt, Limpopo, that i want to convert to guest house. How long does it take for rezoning process to be finalized.
  • Eva said on October 1, 2011
    Six years ago my father left me the house where I was born. Many years ago he divided it into 12 rooms to let out. Most of the tenants live there at least from 10-15 years. Most of them have children. Two days ago I received an order from Johannesburg municipality to send out all the tenant before the 25 of October, because the zoning of my property doesn't permit more than one family in my house. My lawyer says we must obey, we can only try to get them time till the end of november. How can I fix things up for the future? I still want to rent out this way because I have Just put the prepaid meters in every room. The property is in Orange Grove Johannesburg
  • Biton said on October 3, 2011
    i need help with advices, i 'm thinking of building a two story flat for rental at my grand parents open stand which it was used for family farming. my problem is that i don't have enough money to complete this project, i don't have a house or car for surety and business plan on hand so i can't acquire funds from banks and other financial institution. please help, with ideas i really want to start a property development business. i remain,
  • Letty Lethuba said on October 3, 2011
    Hi i wanna start guest house business in Nelspruit ,i dont know how to go about it,can you pls help me,thanks
  • Priscilla said on October 8, 2011
    Hi, am a student at the moment, but i wanna start a guest house business in Ghana.can you help me to know how and where to get funds for the business? and also the perfect location to build the guesthouse.thanks.
  • Raghavendra said on October 22, 2011
    I have home with 2 bed room house in tourist place apart 2km from beach. I want to give it on lease base for guest house
  • Cavin Petersen said on October 26, 2011
    I Have a house in kuilsriver, cape town, south africa. The house have 7 bedrooms and i want to turn it into a guest house. How do I go about?
  • jennifer sheftall said on November 4, 2011
    i have a two bed room house and i want to turn it in a guest house how do i start
  • Emmanuel Obafemi (Brand Developer) beginner adviser said on November 16, 2011
    Hi everyone, As much as you desire to start a guest-house business doesn't mean you can manage it properly. Most posts here have shown no concern about a concrete plan to build a real hospitality business brand. One of the most important things is not funding! You need to sit down and be honest with yourself if you truly can provide guests with the comfort, luxury, hospitality, ambiance and ad-hoc services needed 'every single day you open for business'.

    Also if you have no solid collateral, your banker wants to see a clear attention to every detail of how you will spend the money, and most importantly, how you intend to generate new revenue, and sustain profit maximization.

    @Moreso, the business is run by people! Therefore, you have to prove to your banker that you have thoughtfully considered your human resources' skill-level, remunerations, and so on. Most likely, you have to be somewhat ready for the bulk of the financing. So, think about that too! Cheers.
  • AJAY said on November 26, 2011
  • Daisy Nozawa said on December 6, 2011
    I need more in formation regarding how to start a guests house in kyoto . My house is fully furnished.. First floor 1 room with cr. 2nd floor dining room , kitchen and bathroom .. 3rd floor 3 rooms . How do I go about?
  • Charlotte said on December 7, 2011
    Hi! Im Charlotte 4rm witbank in South Africa and i would like to start ma own guest house business. I would lyk it to have 20 bedroom n restaurant n a bar so i would like 2 you 2 send me a business plan sample n will take it 4rm there n thnk 4 the information
  • GS .Chugh said on December 25, 2011
    SAHARANPUR (U.P) INDIA, My queries are, since it's not a hotel but a guest house or Lodge
    a) Do i need to have plan for space passed commercially or it can be passed as a residential unit by local development authority
    b) other legal requirements as NOC from Fire etc.
    Rgds. Chugh
  • Benjamin Adelbai said on December 28, 2011
    Location is so inviting by the beach front. Planing to start small Guest House to house visitors all year round.
  • mona said on December 30, 2011
    how do i get the funds needed to start a guesthouse. i already have the perfect building. also do you have any info on loans for a mother in law house/disabled relative for california. thank you
  • thembinkosi said on January 4, 2012
    I have a house with swimming pool and there are two other guesthouse in the area. I want to build extra rooms then start a guesthouse. How do i get funds and What are the specifications of the buildings. I live in Monclair, Durban sa.


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