Starting Your Own Bouncy Castle Business

Looking for a way to augment your income? Do you want to establish a business but do not have a big capital to start with? The bouncy castle business is just right for you. Start your own bouncy castle business today by following these simple tips and guidelines.

Many people today have been looking for viable sources of income, not only to augment their present earnings, but also as a long-term steady source of livelihood.

Accordingly, a bouncy castle business is one of the easiest and most profitable businesses for people having a small capital. Children anywhere simply cannot resist the fun and joy of playing in a bouncy castle. Parents also find this as an affordable means of keeping their children amused. May it be in parks or in a private children’s party, a bouncy castle is a sure hit among children.

In line with this, the following is a bouncy castle business guide to help new entrepreneurs in starting this kind of business.

Make a Bouncy Castle Business Plan

The initial step every entrepreneur should take is planning. This includes determining the startup cost for the bouncy castle business, the number of equipment needed, the existing bouncy castle business competitors, the marketing strategy and more importantly, the target market.

Invest on Good Bouncy Castle Business Equipment

It is important to decide if you want a full time or part-time bouncy castle business, and whether this business will be for a long-term or short-term only. These factors will determine the kind and amount of investment for bouncy castle equipment.

If the business is part-time and for a short-term only, it is advisable to just rent the bouncy castle equipment in order to save money. On the other hand, if planning to run the bouncy castle business for a long time, whether as a part-time or full-time job, it will be better to invest in bouncy castle equipment. This will reduce the overhead spending and will likely bring more profit in the long run.

Advertise Your Bouncy Castle Business

Both offline and online advertising should be utilized to reach the maximum number of potential bouncy castle business clients. Print posters and post them in places where children usually go like parks and toy shops. It is also advisable to have a website where you can announce the details and contact numbers regarding your business.

Ensure Safety in Your Bouncy Castle Biz

Lastly, ensure safety in your bouncy castle biz by periodically maintaining your equipment. Check if there are holes and tears that need repair. Post signage to the bouncy castle indicating precautions such as not bringing any pointed materials or wearing shoes inside the castle. Remind parents also to keep an eye on their children at all times aside from having someone to look after them while playing inside the bouncy castle.


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