Starting Mobile Pressure Washing Business

If you are considering on establishing a mobile pressure washing business, keep in mind that it will require capital, tools and training for you to use pressure washers. As you know, this business could be profitable enough to your initial investment valuable.

A fully operational mobile pressure washing business could offer services for commercial and residential customers. With proper planning and preparation, even your local government may become your best client.

Market Entry

In every business, target market for your mobile pressure washing business plays an important role either it is residential or commercial markets. Even if residential market is bigger, there are also competition for DIY homeowners and smaller jobs. Commercial markets might need more initial investment as well as contracts are larger.

It is also very important to research the competition within your area. As you know, some mobile pressure washing business is usually franchised, while some other starts from the scratch. It would be helpful to take some time to research on Small Business Association’s online market research course for you to learn your competition for you to do better. You may also need to compare the competitive rates for your chosen niche.

Select the services that you wish to offer. The equipment and labor need is associated to the services that you provide. It is also significant to establish the rates by calculating the cost of providing service within your area.

Establish monthly cash flow, which is based on the following important aspects of a business:

  • maintenance of equipment
  • fuel and transportation
  • workman’s compensation
  • payroll, insurance
  • marketing costs
  • taxes
  • permits and licenses
  • website
  • staffing
  • office setup and
  • the desired profit margin

Inquire regarding sub-contracts and joint ventures. Most commercial painting companies usually subcontract their site preparation such as pressure washing surfaces.

You may also need to bid on federal, state or local contracts together with the proper agencies. Be sure to register in order to get notification for these great opportunities.


Now that you have already arranged the important aspects of starting a mobile pressure washing business, the next thing that you need to consider is purchasing the best pressure washing equipment as well as vehicles that you will need to operate your business. To be sure you can visit Pressure Net website, wherein you can review the needed requirements.

The accounting system should be setup effectively. You can do this by finding samples that you can employ to track your cash on your hand, accounts receivables as well as accounts payable.

Make your own marketing calendar. Employ the sample business plan for mobile pressure washing business plan from the website of Delco Cleaning to reveal some important details of slumps and seasonal surges of this venture.

Hire people that you can trust and offer their services effectively and successfully for your customers. According to, it is very important to give your employees comprehensive training for them to work effectively.


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