Starting Decorating Business

What are the different types of decorating business that you can be engaged in? What are the things that you will need to start your decorating business?

Majority of decorators who had undergone formal study programs are self employed.

Having a degree has helped most of the decorators to increase clients, it may be a 2-year certification as a decorator.

As long as you have the skill as a decorator, you are likely capable of starting your own business, it will be depending on you’re specialize area as there are different decorating types you may be expert in such as: interior decorating, events or party decorating and residential or commercial work.

Once you started your business you will find yourself interacting with different potential customer, providing them your services, presenting different styles and decoration. Decorating business provides the proprietor to make money while making use of their artistic skills to help out customer.

To keep away from the cost of rental, proprietors are advised to run their business at home. All you need to do is set an area at home where you can accommodate your client and discuss details about the service.

Requirements for Starting a Decorating Business

  • Has obtained certification in decorating courses. This is essential as clients will be looking in your profile to know what you are capable of.
  • Plan your business. Creating a business plan helps you know where your business is going.
  • Decide what service will be your market. Will it be interior decorating or events decoration and other decoration requirements.
  • Get suppliers. You need to get engaged with manufacturers who can provide you wholesale prices for paints and other furnishing needs.
  • Get insurance. All business needs to be insured, especially if it’s something to do with renovation and basic construction work.
  • Obtain Licensed. Licensed and permits are needed in any business to allow you to operate.
  • Promote your business. It’s important for you to advertise your new business. You may start through family and friends, ask for recommendation as well.

Things you will need before you can start your decoration business.

  • Buy your own office and equipment supplies. A computer, printer, software that will enhance your decorating needs. Purchasing a few folders, envelopes and other office supplies will help as well.
  • Create a sample of your work. Having a collection of your work is a marketing tool that you can show your clients. This will guide your clients on what specific style they would like to have.
  • Before you start the decoration process, make sure that you have finalized the agreement through signing of contract. This will enable you and you client to be protected and secure incase and problem will occur.

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  • Oluwadunsin Babaleye said on December 6, 2013
    i really love this site. i have been looking for piece like this since few years back, when i started nurturing the idea of being a decorator. Ondo state, Nigeria.


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