How to Dress Business Casual for Women

If you want to dress appropriately for business purposes, there is a need to know the difference between formal and casual attire. The guidelines tend to vary among companies and this is usually affected by the size of the business.

Follow the pointers below and you can dress professionally.

The good thing about being a female is that you have a wide range of choices when it comes to clothing. This is also true with business attires. There is a need to dress appropriately when you’re in the business environment to establish integrity. You should look professional to gain the trust and confidence of your associates. There are times when you are required to dress business casual. What do this mean? Well, the definition for business casual may differ among companies and you have to consult your immediate superior if you’re not sure about the dress to wear.

Some Pointers to Follow

Aside from maintaining an image of professionalism, there is also a need to consider comfort. There is no point in wearing something that makes you feel uncomfortable. You can make use of these things – skirts, handbags, hats, casual pants, casual tops, shorts, tennis shoes, dresses, and sandals. Meet with your HR official to determine the dress guidelines that is followed by your office. Large companies may see a business casual as wearing skirts or slacks. However, in small businesses, it may refer to floral skirts or cotton sweaters. Some meetings require formal attire so you have to check your planner before wearing the business casual dress.

You should always stick with clothes that are wrinkle-free and clean. If you plan to wear a blouse, you can pair it with a knit skirt. On top of the blouse, you can wear a casual cardigan or blazer. If you want to wear a sleeveless blouse, you have to check with the guidelines as well; in most cases, you need to wear a blazer over it. Aside from picking the right clothes, you also have to use the right shoes. Pick one that complements your dress. Avoid wearing sandals or old shoes. To be on the safe side, you need to wear closed-toed shoes.

Wear light makeup to work. Your natural beauty is enough to make you stand out in a crowd. To create a polished look, you can wear a bracelet or wrap around a silk scarf. Use the right accessories that match your clothes. Make sure that your work wardrobe includes black slacks. Avoid wearing torn clothing or faded shirts to work. If you’re a professional businessperson, you should invest on the right clothes. You wouldn’t be able to go to work without the right dress. Consult your human resource department today and get a copy of the dress guidelines for formal or casual attire.


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