Starting Classic Car Retail Business

Whether it is a Cadillac, Spyder, Post-car Bimmer Racer or a 1959 Galaxie all of them are only available to retail businesses that specialize in classic cars.

If you are interested in buying and restoring old classic cars for profit, than this business guideline will help you get started in this classy business deal.

Learn about classic cars

Most classic car retail business owners begin their car retail careers as initially collectors. Some start out because it blossomed from a hobby. And I believe their passion and love for their collection pushes them to go to the next level. And that is to enter the classic car business. Having said that, if you are an enthusiast just beginning this venture would not a difficult job. Because you are coming from an area of strength and great interest, it will be easy to fall in love with what you do. This whole venture energizes you. However if you are a newbie, you can equally do the same. Just catch up by digging deeper to more information. The more information you have, the more knowledgeable you become then the more action you can do. With enough action, excitement can be created and later turn it on into passion as well. Bottom line you got to know what you do to get inspired at doing it.

Work on your business license, funding, and location

Consider consulting a business lawyer to help you with your retail business license. Next consider several options on how you can fund your business. Investing on classic cars can become a considerable amount. Of course in order to operate your business, you would need an initial inventory and a location to display what you have to offer your classic car clients. You may need to file for a bank loan and have collateral. Best if you can find an angel investor. However it is, find a way to raise the capital. By the way you don’t need to have a fleet of cars to start. Just start with one.

Hire a team that can do restoration job

Sometimes, you get a chance to purchase a vintage car like a 1959 Ford Galaxie that needs restoration before you resell it for profit. First of all, you need access to a working space big enough to place the car and still have room around it. You space to see every angle of the car. Have plenty of room on the outside for easy access during the restoration process. Begin the restoration by hiring a team who are skilled at tearing down the vehicle and putting them back together again. Make sure they cover all bases like the interiors as well as the exteriors. Hire a professional detailer as well who can do a spotless job on the classic model.

Develop a website

Take advantage of the internet and use it as your own store. It’s the one store worldwide that is open 24 hours a day with no geographical restrictions and limitations. Advertise your classic car selections in the web so more people can view them giving you a better chance of moving your products to more people. Hire a capable web designer to work on your site professionally. Put in add on features like innovations and design, technology and online blogs, book reviews, and a columnist section.


  • sudatt said on September 12, 2010
    Hello myself Sudatt from goa india. i would like to start up with car rental store i have place n good demand in market. I have done market research also. My 1st doubt is how should i evaluate the pre use car to buy ??? 2nd how much margin i should keep n sell it back in market?? 3rd what name i should keep my store since i'll be stating new pre used car business. Sir pls help
  • Anthony Gamly said on December 8, 2015
    I have a documented track record in the classic car business, as a licensed Texas dealer 1989-95 I bought and sold a verity of cars for admirable profits. I want to get back in the business. I have sold a handful of cars in the past few months for good profits. I need an investment angel that wants to make a fair return on their investment. I know how to locate the right kind automotive inventory and how to get along with people.
  • John Crossley said on April 21, 2016
    Hi Anthony Gamly you say you know where to source classic s dont suppose you can supply me with your overspill , mg midgets or triumph spitfires for light renovation , just a thought , cheers, , im in Leeds.


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