Starting an IT Consulting Firm

Consulting business is several billion dollar business in the United States alone. And with the growing power of Information Technology running as part of business strategies of companies, starting an IT consulting firm clearly is a viable business to start with. But first setting the important questions to start it right.

It is reported by experts in the business of consulting industry that businesses in United States alone spend a staggering amount of $12 billion just to pay for their consultants.

In relation to this statistics, the emergence of Information Technology as major catalyst if not a major part in almost all the businesses today, the need for IT consulting firm is never been in demand than any other time in business history. Major players in every industry, as it can be observed, use the Internet and all that is available in this tool to be competitive in their business. We can then sum up that starting an IT consulting firm is a viable and profitable business today.

Considering that starting an IT consulting firm is the most, if not an attractive, business to get into during these days, the question that is hanging in the air is how you can start it and how far you are as a businessman can enter this market.

Below are just some of questions needed to be answered by any businessman planning in starting an IT consulting firm:

Are You Qualified in Starting an IT Consulting Firm

Since a consulting firm is understood to be sharing important knowledge and strategies to its client, then the first question is whether one has enough experience and expertise regarding the business. If you have long years experience working in the IT industry and know the ins and outs of its nature, then probably you can say that you are qualified and can now go on starting an IT consulting firm. Knowledge and experience is the secret answer for this question.

The Need to be Organized in Starting an IT Consulting Firm

As it is understood that a work of a consulting firm, especially when starting, should be well-planned, the IT business consultant needs to be organized in its dealing with a client or a group of clients. This calls for good and well-balanced time management.

The Importance of Networking in Starting an IT Consulting Firm

Networking for a starting IT consulting firm or even an old one is very important. Networking gives the business a good starting point in earning and picking up clients from every direction. In regards to IT consulting firm, getting an online site and reading subscribers and even part of social networking sites is a good venue to spread the news that you have just starting an IT consulting firm and earn a deal from a client.


  • Adelpha Englis said on July 6, 2010
    Me and my colleagues want to establish IT Firm in philippines. Any tips or idea?
  • SN .NOORIE said on March 30, 2011
  • Abhishek said on September 9, 2014
    Sir, I have more than 10 yrs of experience in development and production support of Oracle based projects. I wish to start up my own small firm where I could utilize my knowledge. Could you pls guide on how I should approach the market to get the projects? Thanks


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