How to Start an Energy Consulting Firm

Do you have an extensive experience in energy consumption management? Is the conviction to continue saving the environment ever alive in your blood?

If yes, then an energy consulting firm may be the right business for you. Find out how to start an energy consulting firm from our basic guide.

The pressure is on for homeowners, commercial establishments and industries to lower their energy consumption. That thrust comes from many directions. It could come as a personal conviction, a social responsibility and a regulatory obligation. People are becoming more and more conscious about saving the environment by limiting their energy consumption. And governments are implementing stricter regulations as well as incentives to organizations that implement energy saving measures in their operations. With these, comes the demand for energy consulting firms to help homeowners, businesses and manufacturing plants to limit their energy usage or increase efficiency. Would you like to start an energy consulting firm?

Coming up with Energy Consultants

First thing to think is the experts who will be providing energy audits, analyzing energy usage patterns, and recommending better ways or products to maximize efficiency or cut the consumption of energy users. This is the most challenging part of the business planning. The reputation of the business will depend in a very large part on the credentials and qualifications of the people behind it. To be in this field is being in a lifelong crusade to fight environmental damage. People who are ideal to work to provide energy consulting services must have the proper credentials, decades of experience, and conviction to continue saving the environment.

Defining Energy Consulting Service Scope

From the background of the prospective consultants, one will be able to define the kind of energy consulting firm to start. One can start small by specializing on solving the energy problems of a particular niche of industry. Or it can start big by including other industries as well as offer a wide array of services. The size of the business will depend on a large part on the number and qualifications of the experts who will be working for the business.

So the next thing to ask is what are the fields of specializations of the people who will be composing the team of energy consultants for the firm? Is it on the same industry or many industries? Being a niche business is advantageous in that you have the reputation for being specialized. However, it may happen that clients in your area require services that are beyond your scope.

Finding Energy Consumption Management Partners

The “kind” of energy consulting firm also depends on whether one is partnering with energy equipment manufacturers or is acting independently. Another step to take, therefore, in forming an energy consulting firm is to establish a relationship with suppliers and vendors whose services you will be needing or recommending.

Once the team of consultants is composed and business connections established, the firm’s owners may start the legal process of incorporating an energy consulting firm.


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