Starting an Auction House Business

So, you are planning of starting an auction business from home. Many home-based auction businessmen have great success on ebay and other auction sites. They actually do this together with drop shipping.

There are actually no physical products to stock if you are doing drop shipping business. In most cases, doing an online auction from home don’t require business permit. The following is a simple step on how to start your own Home based Auction Business.

  • There are actually a lot of auction sites but we will pick ebay as our official example. To start and join in ebay auction, you must register a free account. Registering in ebay is pretty simple and you can do that in just few clicks.
  • Ebay registration process is comprehensive and self-explanatory. You must give your basic contact details like your name, address, email address, number where you can be reached, and of course your credit card or other payment method you want to use. Charges on ebay come only if you list something or if someone has purchased your item.
  • Most auction sites have specific rules, terms of service, and policies. Print them, familiarize, and study carefully. Full understanding of the rules might save you from bigger problems in the future.
  • Auction sites always operate in credible manner. There is always a feedback system that will guide you to the best people to deal with. Because you are just starting, you may always deal with people who have high ratings. It is difficult to start if you don’t have any rating but it is not impossible to have if you invest more dedication and perseverance.
  • Placing a bid is really simple and easy process. Before you start selling your goods from drop ship sites (if you are working with drop ship), I would better suggest you to buy some few low-cost items first. This is to build a good feedback for your profile.
  • When placing an item for sell, the title of your item must be an “attention grabber”.
  • Make sure to include all necessary details in your item description. Be honest and straightforward. You might get a negative comment if a buyer purchased your item, and expecting that the item is mint but after having it, he would complain because the item is too far behind from what was being described. You don’t want to get negative feedback for this may ruin your business.
  • You can use selling words in your item description like beautiful, pretty, fantastic, high-end, great, fun, dramatic, vintage, wonderful, powerful, elaborate, elegant, quality, and gorgeous. These words always catch buyers’ attention.
  • Aside from EBay’s TOS. You must have your own policies. This includes your shipping details, payment options, return, and other important details about your product.
  • After following the steps above, you may now start buying and selling at Ebay and build your auction empire while you are home.

There are actually a lot of people who are making money buy just selling anything in ebay. Your goal is to make more so you might sell quality products for good prices.


  • maranade said on October 8, 2011
    cleveland ohio, so where do i start, are there any web site that offer this feature like auction zip etc.
  • Cheryl Smith-Brown said on October 8, 2015
    SI am located in St. Louis,MO. Any tips for learning ebay ?


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