Starting an Animal Slaughtering and Processing Plant

Careful planning must be made when starting an animal slaughtering and processing plant. This is because this business is capital-intensive and directly affects the health of the public. As this sector is under the food industry, meat slaughtering and processing plants are subject to strict regulations.

Get a general idea about this business before starting your business plan.

Planning for an Animal Slaughtering and Processing Plant

Animal growers usually get more money by selling meat directly to customers than by selling produce on the open market. If you are in the business of raising livestock or poultry, you might want to concentrate more in slaughtering and processing rather than direct selling, to increase your profit.

But whether or not you are already raising poultry or livestock, if you want to enter into this business, the first thing you should decide on is the kind of meat plant you want to have. Will it distribute product locally (subject to state inspection) or throughout the country (subject to federal inspection). Then, you should think about where to source your packaging and equipment. This is one business that needs a lot of equipment -- from air tracks, pneumatics sites, elevators, intoxication boxes, skin removers, hair removers, hooks for slaughtering and transport, partitioning lines, sanitary equipment, and transporters.

You also have to think about where to locate the business, how many people to hire, how much it would cost you to construct a plant. And speaking of cost, you should also think about where your financing must come from. And of course, you must consider all sorts of permits from construction to business permits.

Animal Slaughtering and Processing License and Regulations

Since this is a business that could have a major effect on the environment and the health of customers, complying with meat slaughtering and processing regulations by the state or federal government is of utmost importance. Having your meat inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture or an equivalent office of your state certifies that the animal was healthy when it was slaughtered. It also gives you additional benefits. For example, in Minnesota, having the meat inspected during slaughter gives the owner the option to sell the meat wholesale or, process the remainder if only part was sold. The cost of the licensing fee could depend on the capacity of the plant.

If you are planning to add off-farm ingredients like seasonings, then you must obtain a food handler's license to sell the meat. If you are transporting or storing meat, there are other requirements that must be met. Also an important part of selling slaughtered and processed meat is labeling. Labels must contain identifying information, such as the slaughterer’s or the processor's name and address, as well as safety handling statement, among others. The label must obtain the approval of the inspector.


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    Hi, kindly send me a slaughtering plant layout and how can i manage waster.
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    I'm interested in starting a live poultry, goat, cow, slaughtering house. where people will come and buy live animals and I would slaughter these animals for them. would you please tell me how much money involved and how many different type of licenses would I need. location of this business would be in Bronx new York. u.s.a. thank you
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