Starting a Vintage Kimono Store

There are many things to attend to when you’re starting a vintage kimono store. It usually starts with passion and if you are highly interested in vintage kimonos, this may be your only chance d conduct a business that you love.

Market your business both in the online and offline market now.

A lot of people, particularly the Japanese, are attracted to the vintage kimono. The attraction is usually derived from the kimono’s technique, design, and textile. The kimono starts with the textile where in among the best choices are cotton, wool, raw silk, and many others. The technique and the design will be based on the textile and this will include selections like embroidery, weave, dye, lacquer, and gold leaf. By simply combining these factors, each vintage kimono becomes unique. Each period has its own taste and trend. Vintage kimonos are well known for their beauty and reveal a great deal about the history.

Knowing the Popular Pieces

If you have passion for vintage kimonos, you might as well start a vintage kimono store. You should be aware that because of the nature of the vintage kimonos, there are times when you can see stains or blots and this is because of the ‘age’. Despite ideal conditions, silk kimonos are quite delicate and can look aged after some time. There are also kimonos that you can get in mint conditions. Among the kimonos that you can see are antique Furisode Layering which was popular during the 1920s, Tomesode (1930s), girl’s maru obi with flowers (1920s), tomesode with natural dye (1920s) vintage Haori with plum, Tomisode with auspicious motif, silk Iro tomesode with kumihimo, silk uchikake with embroidery, tomesode gorgeous pine or the cranes in flowers, etc.

What to Do

To start a store, you will need to decide if you want to put up a local store or an online store. If you want, you can do both. Firstly, you need to pick an idea place for your business. Will you rent it out or will you own a building that is highly accessible in town? Location is a major consideration for every business and you have to ensure that your kimono store will be located in a high traffic area. You will also need to think about capital, assets, furniture, fixtures, vehicles, employees, and many others. Make a business plan so that you won’t miss out a single aspect of the business. It will serve as your guide when making decisions.

Getting a competent and reputable supplier is also vital to your business success. Make sure that you find a supplier and to increase your market audience, you can also design an online store that sells your business to the world. Settle all the legal matters and hire only the best employees. Don’t forget to secure a store license to avoid future problems.

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  • Lucy said on November 9, 2021
    Lam is so much in love with kimonos, l design, and market. However, times are complex. They move slowly and hold my cash. l desire to have a large market where l can supply in bulk. l also mix with African stuff like Kitenges, but my initial idea is to deal with one item so that I major entirely in it.


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