How to Start a French Grocery Store

How to start a French grocery store is not an easy task. If you have the passion for French foodies then opening a grocery that specializes in French items might be the business for you.

A French grocery store is like any other grocery store but this particular one sells anything and everything French.

A grocery store is an indispensable part of a community. This is a place where people buy their basic commodities and noticeably there are many who are venturing in this kind of business. If you are somebody who has the passion for French foodies then opening a French grocery store might be the business for you. What sets you apart in this kind of business? You are not competing with the usual grocery stores in your area. You have a specific kind of products that is very different from the usual stuffs found in almost all grocery stores. A French grocery store is a sure treat in your area.

Create a business plan. Hire a business plan specialist. A professional in business plan making will be your partner in the first stages up to the day you are actually opening your French grocery store. You can also brainstorm with family, friends or business partners in creating a business plan. There are ready available templates that you can use instead of starting from scratch.

Get licenses and permit for the operation of your French grocery store. You just have to go to your local business licensing office for the application of business permits and licenses.

Find your space and be sure that the space is big enough to accommodate all the stuffs that you would like to be available in your French grocery store. If you can afford it you can buy a parcel of land where you cane build and establish your grocery store. You can also rent or lease a space where you think it an accessible location for your grocery store. Make sure you read and understand all provisions listed in the contract before signing it.
Make sure that you get a sales tax ID. This is a way to be able to avail discounts on wholesale or retail purchases.

Insurance is another consideration to take. In any business venture it is always best that you get insurance to back you up in case something happens. For some they do not consider insurance an important matter but it is always best to secure your business rather than start all over again in case something bad happens.

Finally, employees and staffs to help you with the daily operations of your French grocery store is one of the many factors to consider. You will need a bookkeeper to keep track of all the daily sales of your grocery stores, accountant and/or auditors to help you out with the financial aspects of your business and sales associates to assist customers and do the stacking and piling of the French merchandise in your French grocery store.

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  • Deepa said on March 23, 2014
    we have an idea to open the grocery store help me out what are the products in french grocery store , how to register, how much we should invest and the guidance.


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