Starting a SSB Coaching Centre

If you want to become an SSB coach, it is important that you get the needed training certification and license. The SSB is different from other examinations and you need to possess exceptional knowledge and skills.

Get training today and find a facility that you can lease out. Good luck.

Your SSB Coaching Centre

When starting your own coaching centre, you can’t expect immediate success. You will need to receive proper training in your chosen field. With this kind of business, it is important that you learn the skills to help your students in achieving their goals. The methods you use may vary from that of other coaches. However, as long as the method works, you’re free to use it. You need to create an organized plan that will provide support to students that leads to satisfaction on personal growth and career. If you can become a good coach, you can help students in living better lives and improving their work standards.

When it comes to SSB coaching, you should possess relevant knowledge about the Service Selection Board. The SSB is basically an interview process that aims to help candidates when entering the Defense Services of a certain country. SSB is different from other examinations in the government or private sector. The requirements and standards are predetermined and so proper teaching is vital. If you want to start your own SSB coaching center, you will have to contact schools or agencies that have something to do with Defense Services.

What You Should Teach

The leadership qualities of the applicant are being evaluated in the SSB. Originally, the US Army utilized this method but now, India has also adopted the same procedure. The potential candidates will answer questions on subjects like comprehension, general knowledge, English, and mathematics. As the coach, you will need to provide info on the process and in-depth knowledge. You need to teach your students with the different steps and the how’s to get the preferred job or career. You should help students in developing their leadership skills, fitness, decision making, alertness, concentration, planning, cooperation, and the ability to work pressure.

To become a coach, you need to finish your training. This is the only way for you to teach your students about the different stages of the examination which includes the psychological test, group officer testing, personal interview, and medical test. Find and lease out the facility for the coaching center. You can accept limited students at first and as you gain experience, you can now accept more. You have to prove to others and the competing coaches that you’re one of the best. Obtain a certification and license today. This business is a great opportunity in the US and India. Know the requirements for the SSB training and establish connections with defense agencies. Advertise your coaching center to attract more clients.


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