Starting a Dog Kennel Business

If you want to start a dog kennel business, you will have to begin with a plan. Decide on whether you will start a franchise or from scratch. With the right decision, you can now start addressing the different aspects of the business.

With the right knowledge and skills, you will succeed.

How to Start a Dog Kennel Business

A lot of people these days are too busy with their work schedules and travels. Because of this, boarding has become an excellent opportunity for some individuals to earn great money. If you love pets, you can start a dog kennel business. Pet owners want what’s best for their dogs when they are away from some time. In this type of business, you will need to provide quality kennels to assure clients that they dogs are safe and secured.

You have to decide whether you will start from scratch or a franchise business. Either way, you’re going to make great profits. Each option has advantages and disadvantages that you need to look into before making the final decision. In most cases, most entrepreneurs will want to own the kennel business. Starting from scratch can be a great option but you need to prepare a comprehensive business plan. You can have to consider the scale and the size of the business. Determine if there are zoning restrictions in your local area. You have to pick a location that will not violate any laws. Aside from the zoning, you need to apply for a business license as well. In fact, it would be impossible to manage a legit dog kennel business without a license.

Some Things to Consider

You will need a large space to house the dog kennels. There are some things you need to consider like weather-tight kennels, windows, proper ventilation, and locking doors. The facility should have fences outside. This is a necessity because accidents can happen; if dogs get out accidentally, you can still retrieve them if the fences are secured. Fences should be tall and constructed at least 3ft under the ground. Some breeds tend to dig on the ground; with this design, you can now prevent unwanted escapes.

The facility should be clean and safe all the time. This is to maintain a good reputation that will enhance the visibility of the business. You will need to purchase supplies needed inside the facility like dog beds, soft pads, dish bowls, and many others. With a dog kennel business, you will need to purchase insurance. You also need to hire staffs to help you in caring for the dogs. Start out small and when you get a lot of clients, you can now expand the business. Don’t forget to advertise the dog kennel business. You can post ads on the local newspaper or you can have a listing at the Yellow Pages. Give away business cards and flyers.


  • Dr Sarbjit Singh Dhillon said on August 3, 2010
    Hi , i want start Kennel Business with excellent reputation, You guide me what to do? NARANGWAL KALAN, LUDHIANA Cell No :00919815919955
  • Eyako said on December 9, 2010
    I am living in Accra/ Ghana, West Africa. Want to start German Shepherd dogs kennel business and want you to help me from the start please. Looking forward to reading you very soon. Eyako


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