Starting a Dog Wash Business

If you want to start a dog wash business, you have to start learning the ways and strategies on how to effectively start-up such business.

Dog washes are the latest craze for pet care enthusiasts as they provide the professional tools and equipment necessary for a thorough and equally professional pet cleaning.

The customer is exposed to all their grooming needs within the shop. This type of self service business allows owners to run the company with minimal to no employee assistance. This is because the customer is provided with a dog wash unit and operates it from start to finish.

Dog cleaning fees can get very expensive, that’s what makes this business an economical alternative. In this type of business the owner is able to maximize profits from the company since there will be little to no employees to pay off. Pet owners need not make appointments as well and everything is offered to the customer in a walk in basis.

It is essential in this kind of business to have the best equipment. The success of your dog wash highly depends upon the durability, quality and performance level of your tools and equipment. These items should be able to stand daily wear and tear and can handle being used at a regular basis by several different other people. It would also be wise to provide other forms of dog services and equipment such as grooming tools, doggie treats and other pet related goodies to attract the attention of your customers and therefore increase sales. Canvass for all your items and be able to compare prices. Make sure to weigh the pros and cons of the products, the prices and of course the supplier himself.

Though it is not always necessary to have several trained professionals at your dog wash, it is always wise to have at least one to oversee the activity in the business. This person should be a certified and trained professional that will be more than happy to assist the customers if and when necessary. Make an estimate of the amount you may be spending on the business and plan accordingly. You may want to consider financial option if the said amount is not readily available. Also some background in general and basic business management will help you handle your business in an overall basis.

Secure all permits, certifications and legal documents to build your credibility. Consult with professionals such as accountants and attorneys to go through all your paperwork and ensure that everything is in order. You will also need to assess the location and make sure that it is fit for all the equipment and tools you will need to set up. Stock it accordingly and prepare everything for opening.

Once you have set up all your tools and equipment in your shop you will need to promote it to get customers flocking to your store. Setting up and internet website will help in garnering the needed audience for your business. Otherwise there is always the option of setting up posters, flyers, magazine and newspaper advertisements and radio or TV announcements to give your business the much needed publicity.


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