How to Find a Life Coach

If you find it hard to be in control of your life, you will benefit greatly from a life coach. Finding the right professional can be hard but if you know the three considerations, you can choose an ideal life coach.

Make sure that you invest time and effort in locating the perfect match to help you with your needs.

Finding a Life Coach

Before you start looking for a life coach, it is vital that you know what this profession is all about. Basically, a life coach can address specific personal issues or projects, transitions, general conditions, and business successes. The professional will look into a person’s life, career, and relationships by examining the things that are currently happening. He or she is capable of finding out the potential obstacles or challenges that the person can encounter and will choose the right action to take in order to attain goals. When looking for the right life coach, you have to consider three things – certification, references, and the perfect match.

You have to look for experienced and certified life coaches in your area. These professionals were able to get their certificates from accredited school. This is a very important factor because the life coaching requires conduct standards, specific skills, and training foundation. If you find life coaches that did not receive formal training, move on to the best choice on your list. You have to conduct some form of background check. As much as possible, the life coach should receive training from a school that is accredited by the ICF or International Coach Federation.

Certification, Chemistry, and Match

A life coach will usually have to undergo rigorous training for 300 hours and it already includes live training. You can ask references from friends or relatives who have hired life coaches in the past. When you get references, make sure that you check them out one by one. With the internet, it’s quite easy to check their profile and find out their past clients. You have to check with past clients to determine if they were able to receive quality coaching that truly works.

Personal chemistry is very important when choosing a life coach. If by some reason you feel uncomfortable with the life coach, it’s best to look for another one. You have to find the perfect match, a person who can win your trust and confidence. Most life coaches provide sample sessions and you can take advantage of them. That way, you can easily tell if you’re comfortable with the professional or not. Now that you know how to find the right life coach, you can begin your search today. If you need any form of assistance from a professional to guide in your business or other aspects of life, you will have to stick with a certified life coach. In due time, you will be in control of your life.


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