Starting a Skydiving Business

A skydiving business is not an ordinary venture to start up. It requires both knowledge and skills to be able to start and operate the business.

You cannot operate this kind of business unless you are not a good and license skydiver.

Nowadays, many adventurous people engage in a competitive sport and recreational activity called skydiving. This is a form of extreme sports that entails risks while jumping off from a plane. However, this is not a dangerous activity as what you have been thinking. Nevertheless, before you engage in the extreme sport you should ensure that you are mentally and physically prepared. For professional skydivers, starting a skydiving business is a good option. Aside from sharing your skills to enthusiasts you can also obtain additional income.

Things to Ponder

Just like starting any other business, a skydiving business also requires all the necessary planning that would serve as your guide. Before anything else, creating a business plan is the foremost thing to consider. In developing the business plan you should include your goals and visions of what you aim for your business. The planning would start from the searching of location where in you can establish your skydiving business. Obviously, you should select a strategic location ideal for skydiving purposes. Make sure that you inquire for the necessary requirements that the state would ask from you before you can operate such business. Moreover, if you are planning to start a skydiving business it is required to hire a skydiving instructor. Anybody is not allowed to do skydiving without obtaining training from professional skydiver. In this kind of business you should offer skydiving class and training where in individuals can apply for certification after completing the course.

Apparently, you cannot start any business without the legal documents needed. If you do not have any idea about securing legal documents you can let your lawyer to secure the documents. In this way you need not worry for any issues to transpire that would hinder the operation of your business. Make sure that you abide all the necessary permits and sanctions in order to avoid charges and penalties. Aside from the licenses and permits, your business would not attract more clients without doing some marketing strategy. Developing a comprehensive marketing plan is as important as the business plan. The difference is that the marketing plan would help you on how you will attract customers and deal with them.

The best thing that you can do in making a marketing plan is to seek advice from people who have been successfully in the same business for long time. In this way you can have the opportunity to obtain useful ideas that you can use in your own business. Likewise, you can identify the good and bad points of running a skydiving business.


  • ziad said on March 11, 2011
    Hello , I am thinking of starting my own skydiving business outside of the US, in Lebanon (Middle east)but I do have to say that I have no experience whatsoever in skydiving, but the thing is that we dont have any skydiving centers or schools not only in Lebanon but in all the middle east, except for one in Dubai (UAE), I think I may be able to establish my own company, and learn along the way, I intend to acquire a Cessna 172 for this purpose and build my own small airfield for take off and landing, I have just the spot with ideal conditions. Needless to say, our operations will be seasonal, but I intend to provide a compatible mix of services along skydiving which just suits my strategic plan. So I am writing you in hope that you would provide me with extra info not mentioned above on how to formulate my plan for this business, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • Sameh Dahroug said on June 9, 2012
    Ziad , please contact me on i'm planning to open the same business in Egypt. I think we can cooperate, I have visited lebanon many times. Best, Sameh
  • Apurve said on August 27, 2012
    Hello Sameh, i'm planning a skydiving business in India, we don't have any skydiving schools here. It would be great if you could guide or share your finding. Best of Luck, Apurve
  • Sameh Dahroug said on September 2, 2012
    @Apurve, why not we get into this business together? please contact me on my contact details above mentioned. Sameh
  • matz said on September 9, 2012
    Hi! I am from Philippines, and I am a student. One of my subjects require us to make a business plan and I am thinking to have a skydiving business. However, I am clueless to the basic requirements to operate such business. Can you help my identity the requirements needed like jumpsuit, size of the area, aircraft and etc.? Hoping for your cooperation. Thank you!
  • Nana said on November 16, 2013
    Hi I'm Nana from Ghana in Africa. There's nothing of this sort here, but I strongly believe the market would positively respond to skydiving. I have no experience whatsoever, but I would still love it if someone could help me establish a business here. thank you!
  • saj said on November 25, 2013
    hi i am from Bangalore and i wanna start a sky diving school in india (bangalore) if anyone interested pls let me know
  • Brandon Bell said on September 8, 2014
    I'm also looking to move to New Zealand in November, once there I'm going to enroll in the dive master school.. I will make sure I get to know how everything is done at that facility.. I will them take my knowledge and start my own/ taking great strategies and implementing them. BB
  • Anshul Agarwal said on January 3, 2015
    Hi SAJ, I have a business plan and everything that is related to it within my reach. You can contact me at
  • John said on April 3, 2016
    This article is toilet paper. It didnt say anything helpful. Heres a breakdown of what i read: 1. Skydiving is not a typical business 2. You need a permit. 3. You cant operate without a permit. 4. You need a good location. 5. You need to do some marketing. What the FU**!!! Tell me something i DONT know.
  • Abdulhaq said on May 14, 2016
    Hi my name is Abdulhaq I am going to establish skydiving club in central Asia but I don't have any experience. Can u give me some advice


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