Starting a Paintball Field Business

Paintball is one of the most played game today because of the kind of fun it creates among players and enthusiasts. In this kind of game and recreation, did you know that you can earn lots of cash?

In order for you to know how to do it well, the best tip is to read this article.

In accordance with the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association, 5 million American people enjoyed it ever since 2007. The following are some of the things on which paintball players and enthusiasts spend lots of money: attire, paintball pellets, equipments and latest paintball gun models. With this, you can imply that you will be making lots of money simply by opening up your own paintball field business.

Things You Need to Know in Starting a Paintball Field Business

In order for you to know on how your business will operate, what you need to take note is the competition in your area. If there are no paintball field businesses in your area, then you can be the luckiest person in the world because you no longer need to compete just to attract paintball field area.

You also need to select a very ideal location where the paintball field will be built. This will depend upon the specifications stipulated on the business plan which you drafted. Now, what if you are planning to just open up a paintball field indoors? Don’t worry because even al old warehouse would be enough. This is a whole lot affordable as compared to the paintball field. But since more players prefer to play outdoors, your profits in opening up an outdoor paintball field will be more.

Next, you need to conceptualize a financial plan for the business. If you can’t do this well, hiring a CPA can be your last resort. One of the sites which can help you in setting up a start-up cost for this business is In order for you to get additional funding, you can also try to know if you qualify for a small business loan in the Small Business Administration.

You also need to take good care of your red tape. Purchasing insurance for your paintball field business including a liability plan can also be a great way for its protection. You also need to contact the city hall for you to know the zoning requirements needed for the location of your business.

When everything has been settled and the necessary paperwork field, you can already hire construction workers to begin the construction of the paintball field. The building can also be as simple as possible provided that there is enough office space, storage room for the gears and bathroom. But if you think you have more money, you can try to construct a larger building.
After the construction, you need to set up phone lines, power and water as well.


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