How to Use Flickr for Business

Today, in the invasion of the online world in all forms of transactions the social networking sites are also on the rise. In fact, they have already taken over the online scene when it comes to traffic increase.

If you want to earn money, you can also make use of these different social networking sites such as Flickr.

Are you into photography? Then what you need to know more is how Flickr works. This is an ideal place where you can network with both amateur and professional photographers. Through this, you will be able to gain more insights on how to alter photographs through certain software programs. But if you think that you can sell your photographs or promote your services, you are wrong because Flickr strictly does not allow that. So, in order for you not to get banned in this network, it is so important that you take note of this.

Helpful Tips in Using Flickr for Business

The very first step to have access in Flickr is to have an account. You need to have a unique and interesting screen name which can either be your name or your company’s name. After that, the next thing you need to create is your web address. Make sure that you will just create a short one because a long web address can create more difficulties for the visitors to pass it along to others.

You also need to select a buddy icon. This will be seen by any person who either views your profile or your photographs. This should also be a means of representation of yourself as a photographer or your company so it is very advisable that you use your headshot or company logo. You also need to avoid making use of photos which you have taken of things, people and places.

Your profile must also be well written. Just think of it as an elevator speech to make it more precise and brief. In order for you to attract and interest the audience, you also need to tailor your page. Giving emphasis on what target audience you work for will make your profile more organized and professional-looking. You must also make sure that it creates a very friendly atmosphere so that viewers will be pleased to view your profile. By including your company, this will also serve as the avenue for lead generation.

Your photos must also be shared wisely. You cannot just share any photos on your page. Make sure that it caters to a certain audience so that you and your company will get established in the photo industry. You also need to take note that the photos you share should always match the business’ theme.

Adding captions would also be great to describe your photos even more. Well, don’t worry because Flick also allows including search-friendly texts that will help you promote your photographer knowledge. After that, you can already promote your Flick account to gain more clients for your photography business. Another way that can help your business grow is to join groups.


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