Starting a Mobile Hairdressing Business

If you want to start a mobile hairdressing business, you must begin with a plan. You see, competition is stiff and show your edge to attract new customers. You need to acquire the right training, license, and permits.

With the right advertising skills, you will be able to promote the business effectively.

How to Start Your Own Mobile Hairdressing Business?

Hairdressing is already a very common business and you can find them in almost every street corner. If you’re interested to start this type of business, you have to think of a different strategy. A mobile hairdressing can be a great way to bring your services to the homes of prospects. With the term mobile, you will need a vehicle to travel from one place to another. Before you begin, you will need to draft out a plan. If you need funding, you can prepare a detailed and formal plan that you can use to secure loans from potential lenders.

A van can be an ideal service vehicle because it is large enough to carry some of your equipments, supplies, and other items. If you don’t have one yet, you can purchase a used car as long as it is still in good condition. You can use the internet to find reputed car dealer. Aside from that, you also need to find a supplier for the hairdressing supplies you need. Purchase the needed equipment like blowers, curlers, etc. This can be a bit costly but you can earn profits by providing quality services.

Taking up Classes and Advertising

If you don’t know much about hairdressing, you can take up classes. There are plenty of short courses that you can take up online and locally. There are also DVDs that you can use as instructional materials. After finishing the short course, you will receive certification and you can display it on your service car. You have to meet with the legal requirements. Determine the licenses or permits that you need to obtain from the local government. With so many requirements to comply with, there is a need to start out early. That way, your business is ready on your big day.

Advertising plays a vital role. Without it, you might find it hard to promote the business. You can give away flyers and business cards to potential clients. Another thing that you can do is post ads in the local paper, as well as in the Yellow Pages. With these ads, you can reach your customers with ease. Starting a hairdressing business but with a ‘mobile’ option, is a great way to reach customers. Think of the strategies that you will use in order to earn more money. It can be hard to compete with existing hairdressers but with exceptional skills, your business can stand out. Word of mouth advertising can also help you especially when your initial customers love your work.


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