Starting a Language School Franchise

Starting a language school franchise is an ideal business to put up these days since most people would want to acquire a basic grasp of foreign language, as they plan to travel abroad for leisure, work or school.

They often turn to language schools for group and individual instruction to pronounce phrases both politely and correctly.

As the passion is there to bring the world closer together by means of communication, starting a language school franchise might be a good catch. This kind of business hasn’t stop booming these days since many are interested to learn foreign language. In this article, you can learn some tips for starting a language school franchise.

Identifying Clientele Based on Experiential/ Educational Qualifications

First, you must identify your clientele based on experiential/educational qualifications. For example, is the curriculum will have to target young children? If that is the case, a charter facility must be provided for them to enroll full-time or an after-school program. On the other hand, if you want to teach adults it might fall in the context of accelerated learning for people merely engaged in travel or foreign business. It may be a language school franchise set for learners willing to practice conversational skills among their classmates. Additionally, your custom, history and culture are factors that can contribute in the complexity of the course you want to offer in your language school franchise.

Research the Requirements in Licensing

After you have identified your clientele, the next thing you must do is to research the requirements in licensing within your state to a successful business operation. Similarly, you need to research if the proposed model will qualify for tax exemption, if you want your school be a non-profit entity. Also, research about the necessary steps needed for the accreditation of the Department of Education in the United States. This may take a long process, but it is advised to start it off at the early stage of development. The regulation concerning the operation under K-12 schools may vary from one state to another, therefore, it is crucial to call them for an advice of the things you plan to do.

Writing your Business Plan

Once you’ve already done with your researches, you should now write your business plan. The “Small Business Administration” can help you walk through it as certain elements will be provided on your business plan. The operating budget will be indicated for the first three years, including equipment costs, insurance costs and school supplies. Remember that a more realistic and detailed business plan will have better chances to get funding from a reputable bank or corporate/individual donor.

Undergoing a Community Service Class

If your language school franchise will soon start in the next coming months, you should first have a hand-on experience in the field. Undergoing on a community service class is a great way to teach a foreign language. Discover things you need to develop, especially to accommodate learning styles. Make a survey if there’s a higher interest level in your community to making a language school franchise.

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  • ROB said on November 4, 2015
    I'm in Taichung Taiwan. I have a online language school teaching through Skype. How can I start my business in selling franchises to prospective clients?


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