Starting a Japanese Store

It’s both fun and profitable to start a Japanese store! Learn more about this business by reading this article right now.

Starting a Japanese store is surely an excellent business idea.

Opening a Japanese store is a great decision – especially if you are aware of the fact that there is always a huge demand for many different kinds of Japanese products everywhere. Numerous online searches for Japanese products would illustrate this point. The logic that follows, of course, is that it is mostly true that anything people search for on the web, they also want to find offline. As you can probably observe, there are now many online stores that offer various Japanese products. Now if you can establish your own Japanese store and also maintain your own website, then this can lead to more customers and increased earnings.

Of course, starting a Japanese store is never as easy as some may think. For once, you would have to do your best to find many different items you would need to sell such as foods, clothes, health goods, wall art, beauty supplies, kitchen utensils, pen and paper, movies, books, manga and many others. This could really take a lot of hard work and even long hours of research but once you have made many contacts, then things could be easier for you the next time around. Once you have the necessary items, then that would be the perfect time for you to start spreading the word and exposing your business to thousands of possible clients, both online and offline.

Another thing that you should never forget is to hire someone who is knowledgeable about Japanese culture, services, products and about the country in general. This is critical especially because your employee will mostly handle your clients and if he or she doesn’t know how to answer customer inquiries properly then many of your clients will be turned off. As an owner, it would be difficult for you to always be at the store. That means the person you get should be up for the task. If your employee can also speak Japanese or could at least understand the language, then that’s another advantage for your store. Also, train all your staff members to be really respectful with everyone just like the Japanese themselves are accustomed to.

Make sure that your store is always clean, well organized and clutter-free. Actually, this advice is applicable for many different types of businesses. The reminder here is that you should make a powerful impression among those who walk into your store for the first time. If they liked what they saw, then there’s always the chance that they will come back at a later time.

In addition to native Japanese people who frequent these stores, another target market that awaits you as you start your business are the people from different nationalities who are also passionate about Japanese culture.

As you get your business going, it also helps if you could pass around questionnaires or encourage your clients to take short surveys so you will be more familiar with your customers’ needs and get more ideas about how you can improve your business in the long run.


  • Daniel Ssekiboobo said on December 25, 2009
    hello, i live in Kampala Uganda and i have also lived in Japan, i need to establish this business. please advise.
  • bittu said on August 3, 2014
    I start a wholesale business in 2 lac please guide-mob 8083569931


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