Starting a Helicopter Business

If you want to start a helicopter business, you should have a good plan. This can serve as your guide during startup and in the management of the business. You should own the helicopter and just lease out the space where you will keep the vehicle.

Take lessons in advance so that you will know what to do. Settle all legal requirements.

If you know how to drive a helicopter, you can start your own business. For many years now, people have been captivated by this mode of transport. You will need a hefty capital, determination, and piloting skills to ensure success. Helicopters can be used for different purposes. You can use it for emergency evacuation, for rescue expeditions, and for luxurious rides. It is important that you get certified as a pilot before you can open this kind of business. Taking lessons can be costly and will take some time but it is very rewarding.

How to Start Your Own Helicopter Business?

Once you posses the required piloting skills, you can now work with different airfields in your area. You should inquire about the requirements to start the business. To succeed, you will need an office space and pay rental fees. Since the existing airfields have their own offerings, you can enhance the through a helicopter business. You will need a business plan to open this business. You need to be aware that helicopters are expensive. Aside from that, you will also incur expenses when maintaining and running the vehicle. It is better that you own the helicopter.

You will need a place to keep the helicopter. You can lease it out together with the office space. When the business is set, you will now have to secure the necessary licenses and permits. To control the extent of liabilities, you have to purchase liability insurance. It is significant that you settle all legal requirements to operate the business with ease. Decorate the office space and purchase office equipment, supplies, furniture, or fixtures. As mentioned earlier, you will need a large a capital. If you opt as the sole owner, you will have access to limited capital. Another option would be partnership and corporation. This will give you higher capital.

You have to pick a target market. The requirements can vary from every state or country. Settle all your obligations. Establish with contacts like hospitals, police, and local companies that need helicopter services. It will also be good if you have a website where clients can access. You have to create a professional site so that you can also promote online. You also have to advertise locally and you can use brochures, fliers, and business cards. Make sure that you start with the marketing and advertising prior to opening. Schedule for the grand opening and think of new ways to attract clients; go out and find local companies and agencies that can benefit from your business.


  • GBOLA AMORE said on June 16, 2011
    I intend to start a helicopter business to service oil companies operating in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.
  • Lemus said on February 18, 2012
    I am looking forward to starting a helicopter business here in arizona to benefit two nations on the rise of tourism and supply and demand like commodity and transportation do you have any suggestions on how to get started?
  • MARVELOUS said on June 28, 2012
  • Tijo Joseph said on November 12, 2012
    I'm from Idukki district, Kerala(India). I would like to start Helicopter Business With a good partner, because right now i have no money but i have got land suitable for a helipad cum Home stay and also it is near to the tourist centres like Thekkady, Chellarkovil, Ramakkalmedu. Anchurali etc.(25 kms)and also Munnar around 80Kms from my area. Seeking good alliance from good partners. With Regards Tijo Joseph
  • thomas limbao said on November 3, 2013
    I wish to start a helicopter company in 2015/16 here in Papua New Guinea probably with two Longranger Bells for the start which will be used in the mining and oil industry. I do not have the money but that is not the question. I just need the necessary information required for a starter, like regular servicing, workshop, number of pilots and engineers for 2 aircrafts, operating costs etc. Thank you. L.Thomas
  • Dr.C.Chandra Sekaran said on February 16, 2014
    I am from Bangalore . I would like to start and facilitate the Helicopter business to my clients in India. Looking for 3000 Helicopter to buy and looking for equity partner with helicopter. Dr.Chandra Sekaran,
  • chris chidiebere said on October 24, 2014
    I intend to start helicopter services here in Nigeria by next year 2015. I need to know where I can buy or lease two helicopters. I'll welcome an international partnership
  • Roberto brako said on January 22, 2015
    I am from Ghana in West Africa and want to open helicopter charter business, the aviation market is booming well. I would like to know where to start calculation for feasibility of this business in my own country. International partnership is welcome. Regards, Roberto
  • MARTIN HARAYA said on October 19, 2015
    I got a dream to buy my first helicopter used bell 407 in February 2017 and am not really sure of the insurance and financial lenders policy.I am from Papua New Guinea.By November 2016 I will have projected Asset Equity on my property investments of USD1.5 million and am concern if a lender will lend me to fund USD 2.5 million Bell 407 Helicopter using my equity on my properties as my down payments.CheersMartin Haraya
  • P.Tony Emmanial said on November 7, 2015
    I am just 18years old.i would like to start helicopter's in telangana.can i get solution for this.
  • vishal said on April 3, 2016
    hi, guys i want to open my own helicopter manufacturing company... so guide and contact me 9462588411
  • KulYdv said on March 7, 2017
    Call me at +91 988 497 0202 for helicopter business related enquirers. Regards, K. Yadav | Airbus Helicopters
  • Naveen said on August 28, 2018
    I want to open my own helicopter company so guide and contact me +919450071640
  • Girisha k said on July 21, 2021
    I have recently started a helicopter manufacturing company and would appreciate your guidance. You can reach me at 7760268331. Thank you.


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